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    DS23 in the Marines. DS20 Special Needs - has another semester of high school to go.
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  1. I have a Malinois X, a cross between a Belgian Malinois and a GSD. They are supposed to shed less than a GSD, but I've always had dachshunds before, so it seems like a lot to me. I have a Roomba, but it can't do the whole house at one time, so I use a Swiffer, too. A lot. I'm in the Orlando area and the heat hasn't seemed to bother him. We usually walk for an hour or so and he's good with that. We don't walk in the middle of the day, though. He's great with other dogs and the neighborhood kids, but I don't know whether that's just him or the whole breed. He's been really easy to train for the most part. The only issue is that he goes nuts when he sees lizards and the leash training goes out the window.. And those lizards are everywhere!
  2. It was five years ago, but I still remember that feeling. Very weird! He survived, though.
  3. That's the closest airport to me and it's very small, so he shouldn't have any problems navigating it. There is only one escalator down to baggage claim, so you can't get lost. There is an information booth very near baggage claim in case he needs help.
  4. My Shingles vaccine was free to me at the pharmacy with Cigna. That's the only one I've had other than flu shots.
  5. Trim Healthy Mama S meals are LCHF. There are a lot of blogs with THM meal plans that might help. Just Google THM S meals. You don't want the E meals, though; those are the opposite - HCLF.
  6. My stockings were exactly like this! And my parents were born in the 20s, too.
  7. My Marine son is in Kuwait this year and I wanted to send a couple of things from Man Crates for Christmas. Their website said they ship to APO/FPO addresses, but I couldn't get the order form to take the address. When I called customer service, I found out that this was a glitch in some new software and they couldn't even get the address in. They knew it was an issue, but said that they could ship it directly from the warehouse at no charge. I thought they meant no shipping charge, but they didn't even charge for the items themselves, which were over $150. The customer service rep said they were doing this for all of the military shipments until they got the software problem fixed. I was blown away.
  8. The Fall of Rome - my favorite Freakonomics Stuff You Should Know Trim Healthy Podcast
  9. No stores around here had sand bags or sand. I even tried ordering bags online, but couldn't get them in time. The counties and towns around here set up distribution sites, but limit each resident to 10 or so bags. It was 12 in my town, but that's not enough to even bother with. You have to bring a shovel and fill your bags from the piles of sand at the distribution sites. The lines to get those 10 bags were also ridiculous. People were waiting in line for hours with temperatures in the 90s. I just did without, but I'm not in a flood prone area. I can understand why your friend resorted to that, but I wouldn't have posted it on social media.
  10. My older son is 22 and in the military, so I've kept him on my Verizon plan, mainly because he doesn't get paid much. I have no idea how long I'll keep him on it, but not forever. My younger son is 19 and has some FASD related issues(still in high school.) I have him on a prepaid plan so that I can cut him off if he's misusing it or if his behavior gets out of control. I haven't had to do it, but just the threat has seemed to help him follow the household rules.
  11. I wear slippers all of the time in the house. I started wearing Vionic slippers (orthaheel) and the pain went away. They took some getting used to - kind of like walking on a tennis ball, but I love them now. I also make sure I wear shoes with arch support - Dansko, Clarks, or Vionic usually.
  12. Ticket seller at Walt Disney World the summer I graduated from high school. I worked there all through college.
  13. My younger ds turned 18 in January, but we early voted, so it wasn't a big deal. I probably should have waited until yesterday, though, so he could get the whole experience. When my older son voted for the first time in 2012, the poll workers would yell, "First time voter!" and the whole place would cheer and clap whenever a new voter showed up. My son was really embarrassed at first, but after he saw it happening with other people, he thought it was cool.
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