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  1. OLD ? Dick and Jane ( don't remember where I saw them ) or check out oldfashionededucation.com for other suggestions.
  2. I have one son, that just couldn't get spelling. For a long time we struggled and tried everything. For him it was a See, Say, Do that worked. He would see the word on a list, say the word, then say each letter as he wrote it ( not just with paper and pencil, he wrote it with his finger on sand paper. ) Don't ask me why maybe it is just the way we are wired. I unconsciously do this myself. When I want to write a word, I find myself writing it with my finger on what ever is handy, the desk, wall, table, etc.
  3. My step dad has worked his whole life. He had insurance for many many years on his family. As he got a bit older and the work slowed down a bit, he couldn't keep his private self employment insurance. At age 61 he had to have a triple heart bypass. My mother died in 2007 with cancer. These two things left my dad with more bills than he could ever pay. I worked very hard to get the majority of them written off. I know I paid their bills, but you did also. We all paid in higher premiums, and bigger deductions. Where do you draw the line? How much more can we continue to pay for those that don't have insurance. I know my rates went from $250 a month premium and $25 copays to the Dr. for my family of 4. To $625 a month this year ( Through a very large insurance company ), with copays of $50 each visit, and a $5000 up front deductable per person x 3 ( they won't insure my son ). What about my son that was born with a heart condition and asthma? He is now uninsurable, simply because my husbands employer sold his company. There was a lapse in coverage, and since he is high risk with a pre existing condition, no one wants to take him on? How am I supposed to afford the $ 726 a month in medications, and the $180 per pediatrician visit? My family hasn't made bad choices. No one asked for cancer, a heart condition or asthma? I dont' know if Obama's national insurance thing is the answer, but there has to be one. I can't afford to keep my children insured, and pay for everyone elses too. Not in this economy !
  4. I have to agree on the Leap Frog Letter Factory. We also have all the other DVD's and the fridge magnets. My son got the set at 2.5 and knows all his letters, upper and lower case. The sounds of all the letters. His numbers from Math Circus. He is blending words already at age 3.1 . ( Although we do some white board work now .)
  5. The Get Set For School on the inside cover states... If this book has been purchased for a child, the author and HWT give limited permission to copy pages for additional practice or homework for that child. No copied pages from this book can be given to another person without written permission from HWT.
  6. I never really chose to accelerate or not. I never kept track of grade levels. When we finish one thing, we just move on to the next.
  7. I have guns in my home, but they have trigger locks and are locked in a lock box. They are not accessible to my children or anyone elses. I would not allow my children to play in someone's home that didn't have guns under lock and key. Now saying that my older children have all handled guns, and these two little ones will too. Under adult supervision, with proper respect and training. But even at that, I don't trust even them with an unsecured gun !!!
  8. I am not a Christian. Am am Apatheist. I do try to live a good life, helping anyone I can along the way. Treading light on this earth. But I am in NO WAY SUBMISSIVE ! My husband and I have a 50 / 50 marriage. The only difference is that I work in the home, and he works outside. We both tend to children, home and family. I dont' think I know anyone that is submissive, whether Christian of not. But maybe that is just how we are in Texas ;-).
  9. Ok, that is different. He wasn't using an Alaska homeschool ( public or private ) or parent led homeschooling. Don't know what to call that :D My older children attended college ( for up to 5 classes ) in their highschool years. I still identified myself as homeschooling them. Alaska does have lax laws, just as Texas does. No reporting nothing. I know someone had some $$$ to use the Brigham Young University :lol: ( I don't think I can call that homeschooling at all. Now I will have to see if I can find out more about Bristol.... Curiosity killed the cat.
  10. I would like to see that article, got a link ? Alaska has distance schooling for those who don't live near a school. Living in Wasilla like they do, if this was where they were when she was homeschooled. Most likely it wouldn't have been the same. There are many programs in Alaska that pay for supplies, and have a "teacher" watch over a child. But the parents are still required to teach. The " teacher" just makes sure you cover everything when purchasing for a year, helps with any problems, and arranges the Bench Mark tests. ( Sorry I have been in Texas for 5 years the state tests could be called something else now). I was with one of these schools at one time, I quickly learned I didn't care for it. And went away from it. All three of my older children were enrolled with I.D.E.A, when it was in it's infancy. Within 2 years the rules change signifigantly. But we were still required to teach ! I don't know which she was enrolled in, but would love to read the article. ( P.S. in most areas of Alaska, teen pregnancy is such a problem, that this might have been a choice for her then ??? ) I feel homeschooling is educating your child outside of an organized school, whether public or private. Whether you use tutors, dual enrollment, their grandmother, mother, cousin, nanny etc teaches them. Homeschooling in my mind is having control over what and how your child is taught. And no I am not rich, or famous...... :D
  11. I have had teachers cards in 3 states. Alaska and Montana were no problem, I just asked for one and recieved it. Now Texas is another matter, atleast in my area. They wouldn't give me one, so I called corporate. They explained the requirements to me, and then to the local store. They can require a homeschool ID ( yeah ok, we all have these LOL ), or your school info on letterhead. This was the easiest for me to do. I just made letterhead and promptly recieved my card.
  12. I homeschooled my 3 olders through highschool. I plan to school these 2 younger children also. For my family, I think it is a mistake to send them off when hormones are raging. Into a peer driven world. I personally think Highschool in Public school does nothing to prepare children for real live situations. I think it has much more of a chance of steering them into very bad situations. If you want to send your children to public school, do it when they are young. Bring them home when they are older. Just my two cents.
  13. I bought the spray can of chalk board paint. Love it.
  14. We made our own. I got Chalk Board paint from Ace Hardware for $12, and a board 8 X 4 of smooth wood. Hubby bought 2 pieces of base board and made a chalk holder rail for the bottom. Cheap Cheap Cheap. Cost about $35
  15. We used it many years ago, other than the first chapter there is very little.
  16. I am a bit late to this discussion. But I have to agree. After 20 years of homeschooling, I have noticed this recently. Years ago we felt we really had to prove ourselves as we weren't the norm. As homeschooling becomes more mainstream, I see the lax attitude too. I will homeschool these younger children, just as I did the olders. Rigorously.
  17. I have three older children and 2 youngers. My DD 21 learned to read at 6, DS 19 learned to read at 8. Ds 17 learned to read at 4. My DH and I have two together DS 2.9, and DD almost 1. DS 2 can read simple cvc words now. He started pointing out letters on everything, saying thier sounds ( from Leap Frog DVD Letter Factory ). His Dad was messing around on the white board.... ( he was shocked ). He went through all the letters, giving thier sounds. So Dad picked up a book and DS read a lot of it. DH is still in shock, it may take him a while to get over it. I will just roll with the flow. When he is interested we do school. When he isn't we play LOL I don't want to push.... he will progress in his own sweet time. But I will not stiffle his interest either. Just as I didn't with his older siblings. It really is possible.
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