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  1. I was told at 31 after a tubal reversal that I would likely have perimenopause symptoms early, as I ovaries were shrunken. I noticed the first signs, looking back, right after my daughter was born when I was 39. Nine years later I have almost stopped menstruating, only one this year. I thought I had hot flashes for the last few years if I did they were nothing compared to these evil things from the last 6 weeks. OMG !! I may not survive this long without blowing a gasket, I live in south Texas, it isn't even hot yet.
  2. I purchase for the upcoming year when we get our income tax return, and smaller things as needed through the year.
  3. I didn't know he was working on more advanced stuff, awesome.
  4. Where to go after Hoffman, we are blazing through this and I am already looking to what could be next. Private lessons are out of our range in our area. Anything else like Hoffman at the next level? ETA: I don't mean free, we paid for Hoffman.
  5. Emma decided to do this, she tested out of every book I have and started doing placements. I giggled so hard, and decided to just let her go. She has finished test 8 on Saxon 8/7 already, more tomorrow.
  6. She has not approved of anything else except Life of Fred and Saxon so far so we will see how it goes. I will not assign AOPs it is on the shelf so she can explore as she wishes. ;-) I can see this reaction from her, totally.
  7. This is the path I am hoping for, so far she enjoys and has been the one to request Saxon. I have purchased AOPS Pre-Algrebra and Algebra so she can use them too as she wishes.
  8. We have Life of Fred, and she does Khan for fun. Saxon appeals to her, for the straight forward way it teaches. She does her own thing and prefers Saxon for her sit down work and explores on her own. I have bookmarked the sights suggested so she can check them out. She has looked at AOPS and we will be purchasing them very soon. I don't know where she is headed, she is leading while I follow. hehe
  9. She devours math books, literally. I don't know where this is going, but I am kicking and screaming along the way. She is going to start AOPS this year, she has requested it. She spends her free time on Youtube or math sights searching for new stuff. I am exhausted. Mostly, I wanted to know I wasn't alone.
  10. Just wondering at what age your child started Algebra, the earliest.
  11. From their website. Why are you discontinuing the PDF version of your student textbook/workbook? Essentials in Writing is growing and expanding. We are in the process of moving our PDF version to an online digital version, so the transition has begun. Also, with the addition of our new line, Essentials in Literature, we were unable to offer the PDF version for that line. To remain consistent across the curriculum, Essentials in Writing student textbook/workbooks will be offered in print form only. What if I have more than one child using the curriculum? You may purchase an additional student textbook/workbooks for each additional child.
  12. We get enough screen time, writing won't be one of them.
  13. StartingOver says it all. Mine are 8, 10, 26, 28, 29. I would also love a link.
  14. We have purchased our last EIW. I prefer the PDF's. Especially as we are working towards downsizing to travel full time soon.
  15. Saxon Math 7/6 - Khan Academy IEW SICC - Writing With Skill 1 Cursive Handwriting - Spencerian Typing Geography - Memoria Press History - A History of US, movies, various literature. Elemental Biology Latin Prep Getting Started with French - First Start French, soon (Adding) Easy Spanish Step by Step Poetry memorization Piano - Hoffman Academy Teaching the Classics And tons of literature Snake and Fox for Logic
  16. Saxon math Algebra 1/2 - AOPS Latin Prep Easy Spanish Step by Step IEW (ALL when it comes out) Memoria Press Geography Elemental Biology History of US and tons of literature Spencerian Cursive Typing Piano - Hoffman Academy Tons of literature
  17. The printables have everything you need. IMO ! He has changed unit 1 and 2 at least with the 2.0 upgrade, which was an issue for me as I own the printables and just purchased them in Dec. So he said I could just go to Youtube for my lessons, which are in line with the printable or upgrade. All of the audio files are downloadable with the printable package. So it is complete. Now the upgraded 2.0 gives step by step daily practice instructions, you check off as you complete, that you could design on your own, and so far 1 game we haven't played. I had to sign up for a month of 2.0 to see what I was missing. Now mind you my kids are 8 & 10, I feel that 2.0 would not benefit us really, but would add a bit of variation and play for the kids. I don't care for that enough to continue past this month I have paid for.
  18. We have also done tons of Latin and I have purchased more that we didn't complete or even start. On a budget the best path, in my opinion, would be Getting Started With Latin ( about $ 10 on Kindle ) then / or Latin book 1 & 2 free online with yahoo groups that has all the books and answer keys. Since you have a working knowledge of Latin. A bit more money and I would do GSWL as above and First Form Latin 1 & 2 along with Latin book 1 & 2 for extra practice or Wheelock's of an older child. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Latinbk1/info
  19. I start young, as mine ask questions I guide them to where they can find the answers. Later I just refuse to answer and tell them to figure it out and come tell me about it. It works for me. They get to form an opinion that we will then discuss as I take the other side. It leads to wonderful conversations.
  20. Mine are a bit older, 8 and 10. I purchased the package to have the lessons with the videos. I thought about the new upgrade, but just not sure we need it. I have a year of Violin in Elementary and choir for years. It has been super simple so far. Beginning Unit two with the kids tomorrow I am in unit three. I don't think we will ever be able to afford lessons, so will just learn to read and by ear. I am good with that.
  21. IEW is an amazing fit for us too, after WWE 3.
  22. It took me years to purchase IEW. I really love it, but I wouldn't trade it for our time with WWE 1-3 at all. IEW is what I have been searching for, forever. WWE is the gentlest approach to writing, and an awesome start for young kids. None of my kids were ready to put out large amounts of writing. It was more important to give them time.
  23. We usually stick to 1 they want, 1 they need, 1 to wear, and several to read. Beyond that they usually get one big thing combined. Last year was bikes for the whole family, this year a trampoline. We are among the lucky that get a holiday bonus. We also have 18 grandchildren. So $200 for our two little ones would be about perfect here.
  24. We call this Crack at my house, everyone is addicted. LOL
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