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  1. Hoping someone who posted in this thread can help us. My son got access to this physics class tonight, but we can't find the labs anywhere. The syllabus lists them, but where are they? I checked the videos, workbook, assignments, and test links. Please help!
  2. You could use essentials in writing 9. It’s a stand alone program. We do one lesson per day and it’s pretty fast. You could easily do more each day to get it done in a semester. It’s video lessons and then a workbook for the writing assignments. I’ve heard they offer a grading service now, but we’ve never used it.
  3. We use essentials in literature and essentials in writing for one English unit. Two separate programs, but not too much together.
  4. OMG, yes!!! Explode the Code was exactly the same for us when DS was younger. Those questions always came with a "well he could if..." I had forgotten all about that.
  5. Can I ask why? I was just looking at this class last night for my son for next year or the year after.
  6. My boys are both competitive gymnasts at a highly regarded gym and I work there as well. What you described is pretty typical of spotting at all the levels. The coach will set up stations to have the kids rotate through and will be spotting at the most difficult one. They may not be able to complete every skill at the stations they are working on alone, but they continue to try. The coaches do keep an eye on the other stations and will sometimes pause with the student they are working with and correct or help another child if they need a reminder of how to do a skill or just a small boost
  7. My son is taking Derek Owens Algebra 1 right now. I'm not following the schedule the way it's set up. He is doing one full lesson and hw assignment per day. The number of videos varies for each lesson, but the homework worksheet is always single sided around 10 problems. Usually the questions are exactly like the examples shown in the videos. All together it's usually around 45 min to 1 hour. If we were doing the schedule as written it would be about half that time per day.
  8. I'm a former teacher and still sub in our local districts. I've NEVER heard of anything like this. Yes I've bought some supplies out of pocket, but nothing was ever required and if it was furniture it was for myself like bookshelves or storage and I took when I left.
  9. Real Sceince Odyssey, Essentials in Literature, Essentials in Writing, Write Shop
  10. Thank you for all the replies. I talked to my kids and they really wanted all the traditional thanksgiving, so off to the grocery store I went. I already have enough guilt that they are growing up without extended family and traditions that I figured I could muster up this meal :) I did ask if either boy would help me with the cooking and my 10 year old happily agreed and wants to help with all of it. That may be the beginning of a great tradition. I'd love to have him help every year :)
  11. It's just us and my mother in law who lives with us. I cook dinner all the time. We eat as a family all the time. I started a nights and weekend job recently (off this week) and am just tired and really I just want to order a pizza. But I feel like I'm cheating my kids out of a traditional Thanksgiving like I grew up with, but... we had aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc, who came over.
  12. Mine is 10 and a half (but already dealing with hormones!) and already like this! Everyday!! So does this mean there is no light at the end of the tunnel :( Ugh!
  13. Saxon. My son reads the lesson himself and only comes to me if he has questions. Then I grade the lesson problems and any he gets wrong he redoes and we can do together if it's something more then a simple mistake.
  14. My son is taking the astronomy class through this ASU program right now. He just finished week one and did very well and seems to be learning a lot. I chose just to do the free version. His plans are to attend ASU in the future, but this is his first college level class and I thought a no pressure approach was good. (He is young still). This is our first Edx class, so I'm wondering if this is how they all work? Lesson quizzes, midterms, finals, labs...? Is this how other classes are too (from other colleges)? Also, how would I list this on his high school transcript? As an Edx clas
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