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  1. Thank you all for your experiences and recommendations. My DD has decided to go with the AOPS class instead of WTMA. She read all of your posts and is going in with an open mindset - she will begin this summer so she can focus solely on math. Thank you again!
  2. Sorry about the age confusion, DD is actually 15. I thought my update had worked a while back - thanks will try again.
  3. Thank you all for your experiences, feedback and recommendations - extremely helpful! Do you all think the class is doable concurrently with AP Chem, AP world history, Russian (DE), - or is it better to go with the slower pace AOPS Geometry through well trained mind academy. My daughter is on the fence about it - she doesn't want to be bored with the slower pace but is a bit nervous about it in general...any thoughts??
  4. How to prepare for the "most challenging in the intro series"? My DD is currently in AOPS AlgB and there have been several weeks that have been quite challenging. She is really thriving mathematically and enjoying the class. What makes AOPS Geometry the most challenging? Any recommendations on how to prepare for this challenge? What did you wish you knew prior to your DC taking this course? Thanks!
  5. Thank you for sharing! So inspirational!!!
  6. I highly recommend OnlineG3 - they have an american lit course. They have weekly live classes (great discussions) and they read A LOT! They read Great Expectations in three weeks. For an additional fee you can also add the writing component where they are doing lit analysis. Brave writer is another option.
  7. Happy New Year!!! I am going to join you, or at least try:). Over Xmas I read Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth and was unable to put it down - it left me wanting more. I will begin with A Suitable Boy - am interested in reading more by Indian authors. Will be at library when it opens tomorrow as there is one available copy:)
  8. Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing and wise moms!! Thank u so much for all of your thoughts and words...Your words are giving me the courage to do what I believe is the right thing, not sending her and making sure that I continue forging ahead with relationships and groups that she can be a part of. You are right Farrar that she is playing my uncertainty... Again, thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm so glad I reached out, it is often so hard to seek advice when people are not homeschooling.
  9. Thanks one step at a time. We actually started a monthly book club just for that same reason, wanting to develop deeper rships. We have two girls and a sibling and they are one year younger than Dd. We've been running it for over one year. It's been okay, not great. Dd seems bored with it. We've tried forming other groups in order to meet people and develop rships but have had no luck. The schools in the area are ok, we live in a fairly big city with large (1000+) to medium (750) size middle schools. They all have the standard curriculum and it is also by lottery, so at this point who knows where DD would get sent. We also have a 3day option at a private school, but it is 15k for 3 days - that sounds crazy to me. She has two more years till high school would it be so terrible if we continue with what we already do? Or is this preteen social desire something that I really need to address or I will be in trouble.....???
  10. I need some feedback so I am hoping some will respond. Dd12 is very social and has asked to try public school for 7grade. She wants peer interaction every day. She's been doing two full day program for homeschoolers and is quite happy, however says she wants more. I am reluctant to send her bc of class size, curriculum and the nonsense that goes on in middle school, esp 7th grade. However, I don't want her unhappy at home. Getting her social needs has been a challenge - God knows I have tried. I drive her all over the place for classes, programs, you name it. She also does several online classes. However, she says she wants a change and wants to try public school in preparation for high school. I told her we would explore high school when the time came, but that she would remain homeschooled for middle school. Wwyd? I want to make the decision as the parent, however I am second guessing myself since she has asked and has been talking about it nonstop for months.
  11. We are also enjoying Attuneup. Amy's feedback is excellent and I like that she sends a ruberic with the papers. My DD is enjoying the readings and she is writing, writing and writing. Final papers are due this week!
  12. Penguin, can you share a little about about the Harvey Center course. Is it faith based? Pace, exams, rigor? My DD takes Latin 1A with The Potter School and although it is going well it can be a bit religious for us - prayer at the commencement of every class along with religious comments at times...I'd like secular if at all possible.
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