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    I have a used, older edition combined set that was purchased used, not directly from chalkdust though it is the correct text and complete DVD set with Dana Mosley teaching. (the same materials are available as college text books and supplemental dvds.) The DVD set has all lectures for Algebra 1 (also called Elementary Algebra), Algebra 2 (also called Intermediate Algebra), and a combined course book called Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. This last book has 12 chapters, the first 10 that are exactly the same as the elementary algebra book. A bit confusing, but I have the textbook and solutions manual for the Elementary and Intermediate Algebra book (used only the first 10 chapters to consider it Algebra 1), and I also have the textbook and solutions manual for the Algebra 2 book, titled Intermediate Algebra. Then I have the full DVD set that contains the lectures for all of the above. Offering this full package for $100ppd Please let me know if you have questions. This one was a bit tricky to explain.


    Forest Grove, Oregon - US


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    Complete set. Geometry textbook, solutions manual and DVD set. Used but in great shape. $100ppd


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    I accidentally ordered two of these. I have a brand new notebooking journal for the apologia elementary program titled Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. Paid $19.95. Asking $13ppd.


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  4. The Chalk Dust site says there are 10 dvds. Why does your set only have 6?
  5. :-) It's always reassuring to find others doing the same thing, isn't it? Yes, change/adjustments can be hard. But in the end, if the adjustments improve the flow and productivity of your homeschool and make it work for your family, it's a good thing! :001_smile:
  6. I work from home and it usually isn't full time, so that's a little different. But this winter and spring my demand at work has really gone up so it's been a struggle to keep up with everything. I have found that the more organized I am, and the more things I have "set up" in advance, the better. I've noticed that as I've gotten busier with work over the course of the school year, the things I planned really well last summer, and printed, and had ready to go, are the things that still happen and get done. Anything that I left for myself to do on Sunday eves or during the week, can totally
  7. I was just explaining this to a friend who will be starting PR 3 in the fall. There are a couple of things. First of all, for the first half of PR 3 you have spelling words, framing codes, and literature. (Pretty similar to PR 2). However this time you read a whole book in the first half. The framing codes got a little tiring but then part way through for the framing codes portion of lessons, the student begins going through her spelling words and marking what parts of speech that word can be (N, V, Adj, etc.) using the dictionary. The nice thing here is, that can be independent, so it gi
  8. Hi Shannon- Yeah, I feel ya. It is an important part of our job as teachers/parents to do our best to provide the best for our kids- a big part of that is doing what we can to keep their love for learning alive! :001_smile: So I see your concern there in wanting to insure you don't kill any possible love for language arts. I also would agree that, finding a way to keep incorporating the spalding method is sufficient and cheaper. I have heard that all other spalding programs are even dryer and more boring. (Not sure, I've never looked at one.) But perhaps like you said, taking the rule tu
  9. Hello- I was just commenting on another PR thread about the fact that I was a little blindsided by the second half of PR 3 this year. Then it occurred to me; I should use this wonderful WTM resource to get some words of wisdom on what to expect in year 4. I've never started a thread so it was a moment of enlightenment! :tongue_smilie: How does year 4 differ from year 3? Is there a larger jump in work load (than say from y2-y3)? Do you find it reasonable to go through at the normal 34 week pace or do you spread it out over an entire year or maybe two school years? I would love to hear
  10. Anybody mind if I join in this conversation REALLY late? :-) I've been out of the loop on WTM for the last few months but hopping back in. We are to the last 4 weeks of PR 3 with my dd and PR 1 with my ds. I understand the "lack of love" in the second half of PR3. I think I just wasn't warned that the pace really changes in the second half. I think if I was mentally prepared, I wouldn't have felt so blindsided. If I know what I'm in for it really helps me or at least I could make modifications in advance. Oh well, we're just pushing through it and looking forward to a break! I'm def
  11. Have you considered a classical science curriculum that works for all elementary ages, like Apologia? So simple to just get the book/subject of your choice and go for it. Just wondering.
  12. Good input from everyone. I agree, you're the parent and knows what's best for your child better than she does at 6. I also wonder if you're questioning your judgment or your situation with her because she's your first child to homeschool from the start. Like you said you wonder if she doesn't know what she's missing, etc. I think that's only because that's what you're familiar with since that's how it worked for your older two. While that was their experience and they know why they prefer homeschool, many other kids who homeschool never had that experience to compare to and they do just
  13. When I first started homeschooling, I was scared and unprepared and signed us up for a virtual charter school- Connections Academy. For kinder and 1st grade they used mostly Calvert materials which were great. When we got to 2nd grade, almost everything was Scott Foresman. What I mainly remember was Science and Math. Couldn't stand them. Science was just very typical ps agenda, very spiral, and textbooky and boring. Wasn't the worst ever, but not my favorite. The math however, was horrid! My daughter was gifted and skipped a grade, in fact even while doing this math, always got A's on
  14. :iagree: I was thinking maybe many who commented didn't read the question closely and misinterpreted it. Anyway, I would guess at least 5th grade. I will have to take the poll. Do we find out after we respond? Guess I will find out.
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