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    Mother to dd12, dd11, 2 ds 10, dd7, and 2 dd4.
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    Love to scrapbook and take pictures, and I lave elephants.
  1. This morning my 12 year old asked me if she could start a blog. Would you let a 12 year old start a blog? She is very mature and responsible. If you would can you tell me a free way to start one.
  2. This morning my dd12 asked me if she could make a blog. Would you let a 12 year-old start a blog? She is very mature and responsible. If you would, can you tell me a free way to start a blog.
  3. If he is moody cancel anything fun he was going to do that day. If you were going to take him to a Cub Scout meeting, don't. If anyone asks why your child wasn't at an activity tell them he was having a bad day. Give him one warning. It may seem harsh, but it will probably be the last time he does it.
  4. Well, one reason is because back then there weren't any computors or vaccums to stop working.
  5. My children play Wizard 101, Pixie Hollow, and Clubpenguin. They are free to play, but you can do more things if you get a membership. My children say they like Clubpenguin the best.
  6. I would expept an almost 6 year old to clean up without being told. A 3 year, maybe, but I would expect a 3 year old to clean when told The best way to get a young child to do a chore is to turn it into a game. For example, time them to see how fast they can put away the blocks.
  7. What age did your girls stop playing with dolls? I'm asking because my dd11 and dd12 still get out their little dollhouse and one day they were at the park talking about it. A girl who looked about 12 overheard them and told her friends quite loudly, "Look! Those babies play with dolls!"
  8. My oldest (now 12) found the "santa presents" I had hidden when she was 9. My second oldest child stop believing at age 10. My other children still believe. They all know the real reason why we celebrate Christmas, they just believe in Santa too. Littlemother
  9. Can someone tell me how to put polls in threads I start?
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