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  1. What about wearing them with a pair of longer tight shorts (bike shorts) underneath? I saw a pair the other day that was actually the two types sewn together -- dark purple bike shorts with shorter lavender shorts like the ones you linked.
  2. Large shoe size doesn't mean she's going to keep growing. I have a relative who wears a size 13 and she's only 5'5". People aren't puppies that you can how big we'll be by the size of our paws. (Is that even really true for puppies? I have no idea.)
  3. Whatever curriculum you decide to use I think taking some time to teach the skill of working through a multi-step problem carefully will not be time wasted. When my son was having similar issues with AOPS I cut way back on the number of problems I expected him to do per day. We started with one problem and I explicitly told him "this is the only problem you have to do today, but you have to do it carefully and if you get the wrong answer you have to go back and find where you made the mistake and fix it." I also pointed out that the people who crashed the Mars orbiter also understood the concepts. The universe didn't care that it was "just" a unit conversion error. Math is about learning concepts and skills. Careful work is a skill. If you understand the concept perfectly but can't work through a problem you don't know the math.
  4. We always bring our own food, go off property, or bring in carryout. Or some combination of those three.
  5. I've been to the Wisconsin one at least 15 times. Happy to answer questions.
  6. I'm wondering if every person here who thinks the parents should be warned because they themselves were abused as a child warns the parents of children they interact with. Because, yes, statistically someone who has been abused is more likely to abuse. And that means you are a statistically higher risk than other people.
  7. I don't find it at all unlikely that, once he realized he wasn't going to be able to buy his way out of trouble this time he looked for another out. And if he was blackmailing a lot of powerful men, as seems likely, he would have been an idiot not to have set up some sort of data dump in the event of his untimely death. His testimony would not have been what convicted anyone anyway. I'm not saying it's impossible he was killed. But I don't think it's self-evident or even the most likely scenario.
  8. The pissy way some Southerners react to "yes please" and "no, thank you" combined with their absolute inability to accept that "m'am" and "sir" are not universally considered good manners makes it very clear that, for them at least, it's about conformity, not politeness.
  9. First names. My MIL does sign thing addressed to my husband and I together, like anniversary cards, "Mom,"but my birthday card she signs her first name.
  10. All of the day camps my kids have done have been 9-3 or 9-4. I think that would be hard on working parents. If we both had to work full time I'd enroll them in a child care program that had better hours.
  11. I'll be the exception -- I test drove both and bought the Highlander. Hated the Pilot.
  12. How did I miss this thread the first time around? We also have stacks of games that we don't rotate through. And some in the back of the game closet that the kids weren't old enough for when DH and I played them regularly but they are now. Spreadsheet time!
  13. The issue with changing a tire is not inadequate strength but inadequate tools. Specifically the dinky little cross shaped lug wrenches. With a long handled wrench that gives proper leverage it's much easier.
  14. Danae


    I would not give a religious book about death/heaven to a child unless you know a lot more about the specifics of the family's beliefs. There's just too much potential for what seems comforting to one person being heresy to another. I would send/bring the daughter a thoughtful non-death related gift and leave the decisions about how to frame death and grief to her mom. edit: you say you know what books you would give a child that age. I suggest asking your cousin if she'd like recommendations for books about grief/death for her daughter. If you can give a brief description of the perspective of each book you recommend she might find that very helpful.
  15. In addition to exploiting their victims' social capital to sell things MLM companies use their victim's social status/connection as cover for their predatory business model. People don't want to call it the scam that it is because their cousin/coworker/friend who hawks it is a nice person. Yes, there are nice people in MLMs. Some of them even manage to keep their own conduct ethical. But the model itself is rotten.
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