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  1. College gymnastics has better dancing. The way the scoring works at the elite levels you have to stuff the routine with so many difficult stunts there isn't time for real choreography. I recently read an interview with a former National team gymnast who is now in college and she says it's so much more fun now. She'd almost burned out on gymnastics but her college choreographer helped restore her joy in the sport.
  2. Danae

    Workplace equality?

    We have no indication that it was brought up in the interview. From the OP the candidate just said she would prefer less travel. One of the interviewers, in discussion about the various candidates, brought up the possible reason of having small children. That interviewer is single and childless. We don't know the marital status or parenting status of the candidate. I think some posters read the statement that the female interviewer was single and mis-interpreted/misremembered that as the candidate being a single mom.
  3. Danae

    High School paper dilemma

    Is he the type of young man who is going to attribute all criticism to the teacher disagreeing with his position? That's my fear from what you've described. A good teacher should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an argument whether she agrees or disagrees with it, but a certain type of young author is always going to think "you don't find my argument persuasive because you're biased" rather than accepting that they're making a weak argument or are communicating it poorly. And I think sometimes those students purposely (or subconsciously) pick controversial topics so they have that excuse.
  4. Danae

    Workplace equality?

    I agree that you can't assume every man already has a suit for non-work events. But it is true that men can wear pretty much the same thing to a wedding, out to a nice restaurant and a concert/play, and to work. Whereas the dress a woman would wear to a wedding (as a guest, not a bridesmaid) or an evening out is unlikely to be a business suit.
  5. Danae

    Workplace equality?

    If I'm understanding this correctly it was the interviewer, not the candidate who offered the "small children" rationale. The candidate just stated that she preferred not to travel frequently? Job responsibilities and requirements can be negotiated, just like salary and benefits, during a hiring process. It would not be wrong for the committee to say, "this position requires travel, if you cannot commit to that we cannot hire you." It also would not be wrong for the committee to decide that this candidate is desirable enough for other reasons that they can accommodate her request for less travel. This is true regardless of the gender or parenting status of the candidate.
  6. Danae

    more celiac questions

    If you want another cookie to make once you get your Kitchen Aid cleaned or replaced, macarons and zimtsterne are both made with almond meal mixed into meringue.
  7. That's an idea. Once the pot on the stove got up to a simmer I turned off the stove and stuck the sous vide circulator in it. Also less energy and safer. I think we're catching up.
  8. We're at -20 F actual temp right now. The furnace is doing okay keeping up, but the humidifiers are not keeping up with the furnace. We were down to 16% humidity. I've got a big pot of water simmering on the stove and a crockpot of mulled cider on warm with the lid cracked, we ran the dishwasher and took steamy showers, and I'm making lunch in the instant pot. If it's not above 25% by then I might just keep cycling the instant pot up to pressure and releasing steam.
  9. I have a placement question re: Clover Valley Honors Chem. Should a student who will have completed a public school Algebra 1 class with a near perfect score but will be switching to AOPS for math and starting with their Intro to Algebra book wait until the following year (when he will have finished AOPS Intro to Algebra A & B), or would he be okay to take honors chemistry concurrent with AOPS Algebra?
  10. Prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, virtual hugs, all headed your way. Are your in-laws still there? Can you put the burden of worrying about your partner on them so you can concentrate on your son? That's what I'd want, as a parent, if I were the one hospitalized with a child in crisis.
  11. Danae

    Kids movies I hate

    Zing. And in #3 he finds out that you can zing again.
  12. Lots of finger licking. Also reusing tasting spoons, which surprised me since she's a professional chef. When I worked in a restaurant kitchen I got in the habit of using the stirring spoon to drop food onto my tasting spoon, or using a new spoon each time. Although I don't always do it that way at home, I sure would if I were being filmed!
  13. I would have no problem with that.
  14. Danae

    What is your take on this?

    If sister #2 agreed to store the books and did not say "if you don't take these books by x date I will be disposing of them" then she is in the wrong. Sister #3's thoughtlessness does not change that.
  15. I wonder if she felt put on the defensive when you said "I guess I'm not allowed to watch."
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