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  1. 😄 I actually had a savory crab cheesecake once in New Orleans. And I think I bought a cookbook at that restaurant . . . I'll have to go look. Edit: here it is
  2. Thanks for the help so far! To be clear, I have the basic list of pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes, etc. But Easter dinner is a big deal in our family and I want to make something special -- he's going to be eating applesauce and pudding for weeks. I don't want to get into details of the medical issue, but it's more complicated than wisdom teeth and the doctor said nothing harder than a banana for 6 weeks. And it's both sides, so chewing on the other side isn't an option.
  3. One of my guests for Easter dinner will be on a soft foods diet. I need suggestions for a main/protein. So far I've thought of switching to brunch and doing scrambled eggs or quiche. Or else ham/chicken salad. I normally put almonds in my ham salad and pecans in my chicken salad, but I could leave them out. I'm not thrilled with either of these options, though. Help me brainstorm! Edit: to clarify, I'm trying to get fancier than quiche or chicken salad. And I'm a confident and adventurous cook, so no idea is too wild. I just need more ideas. Nothing harder than a banana, by doctors orders.
  4. I made the roulade last night. It was absolutely delicious, but I would not make the meringue the night before, nor would I pre-roll it the way you do with a cake-based roulade. It's much softer. And delicious. Did I mention delicious?
  5. I bring Brie and crackers. 😁 Also fruit.
  6. Yes and yes. I can think of several topics of study where not reading it would be negligent. Study at an advanced level, I mean, where one is mainly reading primary sources and a textbook summary would be inappropriate.
  7. "Because I can't do the supper dishes until after supper is over. Duh." You could leave the last bit off, if you were feeling generous.
  8. You bribe the proctor to give you the exam materials, let you leave with them, and put your completed exam in with the others when you bring it back.
  9. Make lemon curd. Eat some fresh, freeze some to eat like ice cream.
  10. But you weren't in the ICU at the time. I think there's an expectation of access to doctors that comes with being in the actual hospital.
  11. I think the word "robot" is a distraction from the actual issue. It wouldn't have made a difference if the video call was on an iPad or a wall-mounted screen. It's a bad policy. Edit: although I could see having a person other than the doctor be the in-person presence and the doctor available by video to answer questions.
  12. Seven Wonders is much easier to learn by having someone who already knows how to play teaching you. It's really not that complicated, but reading the directions can certainly be overwhelming. When we get new games I figure out the directions in advance and teach the rest of the family.
  13. Tenzi, No Thanks, Forbidden Desert/Island, Seven Wonders, Castle Panic, Pandemic, Love Letter, Dragonstone Mine.
  14. I have a few friends that I know hand out compliments like Catwoman. And I know that the meaning of their statement, whatever the actual words, is "Have a warm fuzzy!" Which is nice. I like to get warm fuzzies from my friends. I have other friends that I know if they compliment my dress or hair or whatever it means that they think it looks good. This is also nice, and it makes me feel good about the dress or hair as well as our friendship. If the first set of friends ever actually thinks I look good I'll never know.
  15. If I had a relative that actually listened when I said I wanted something and went to the effort to get me that specific thing I would want to reinforce that behavior by showing how much I appreciated it. There is no way I would exchange it for something I saw that I liked better, because that suggests that paying attention and seeking something I want is pointless. You can just give me any old thing and I'll exchange it for what I want anyway.
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