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  1. So you are telling me we can just read books and do whatever related 'project' or 'activity' strikes our fancy?! Listening to books on CD has been the best teaching tool I've discovered for my DS. Our library storytime hour has been the next best thing.
  2. 6 year old DS is bored out of his mind with Heart of Dakota's Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. I'm looking for something fun for him to do without knowing he is 'doing school' and easy for me to prep for. What would you suggest?
  3. Made them but never used them. We do all our lessons on the couch using a white board.
  4. Based on that part of your post, I myself have a question. We are using Math Mammoth, my son is 6 and we are at the last part of chapter1 in 1A. No matter how hard I try to get him to do a problem 7+3, where you have 7 and 3 more after 7 is 10, he still will line up 7 dots/objects and 3 and count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7...8,9,10. I have wondered if Miquon would be something to try.
  5. http://potterfamilyarrows.blogspot.com/ Our birthday weekend!
  6. http://potterfamilyarrows.blogspot.com/ Here is ours! Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory and Little Hands to Heaven. (my blog is still a work in progress, I'll figure it out someday)
  7. We started OPG last year (Kindy) with a newly 5 year old. It was horrible! So I went back to the basics. I did a letter a day (The first 26 lesson in the book) and we did something fun with that letter. A we made stamps with apples, D went took a trip to Krispy Kreme donuts, Z we went to the zoo. I put everything we did in a binder, Krispy Kreme hats, zoo maps, pictures of them and all. Then continuing on we struggled in lessons 27-40 and he still didn't 'get it'. We pretty much stopped OPG and just played with the alphabet and went to our local libraries storytimes. He would cry if he even sa
  8. We are doing Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory and Little Hands to Heaven! I have a 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old participating. (Then you have the 1 year old and baby growing in my belly as well). We are starting Unit 5 in each tomorrow. Loving it! I have a blog started (1 post from our first day) but it's still a work in progress. Maybe someday it'll be one of those real blogs!
  9. This is what we started with! We then went onto Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, Saxon Math K and A Reason for Handwriting K.
  10. My son just finished his Kindergarten year. We kept it simple. OPGTR up to lesson 40 All of Saxon K first 12 pages of Math Mammoth 1A All of A Reason for Handwriting K and lots and lots of library books For 1st grade we are going for Heart of Dakota's Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory...I hope. I plan on continuing OPG through the summer...here's the but... BUT, he hates OPG. It was a struggle to get to lesson 40 and he still isn't really 'getting' it. What should I do? He will be 6 in September, btw.
  11. Ok scratch the co op. Do I want open and go were there are actiites my K4er could easily join in? Or focus more on my 1st grader and do what I really want for him (option B)? I still really do like HOD and still really like the idea of holding off heavy language arts and 4 year history cycle for early elementary. Can anyone tell me by my post/responses which one I'm leaning more towards? Because I still don't know which way I want to go.:tongue_smilie:
  12. Honestly my biggest concern is my co-op options. I really don't like any of them. It's just that my oldest needs to get out some energy! Plus I'd like him to learn to follow direction from others. I myself like option B but I don't know if I can make it fun enough. Plus, I've proven that getting school done every day a difficult task.
  13. Good call on the audio cd! We almost always have a book going on in the van and they are listening to a book every night to bed. (no tv rule and my husband and i listen to books every night too)
  14. First you need to know I have 4 children and my oldest is 5. With that being said here are my options for next year: A. HOD's BLHFHG (w/ MM instead of Singapore math) local co-op science local art academy YMCA programs (if we don't get into the local co-op that I want: CC or Homeschooler's Academy) B. MM Light Blue Series FLL1 WWE1 SWO A Emerging Readers/Library time/Read Alouds SOTW 1 w/ activity book (I think I could add a co-op with this too) local co-op science local art academy YMCA programs NOTE: we are still on a waiting list for the co-op that I like the
  15. Hmmm...good point! I really think now the hands on part was for me:tongue_smilie:. He hates writing so I was alternating the hands on part on days where he has to write. But he really like math workbooks. I have rods...and I also think an abacus would be helpful. I've used things like stacking blocks and m&m's too. We just started 1A and are on page 23. Learn Symbols + and =. He can just look at it and know the answer with out counting each thing. I guess I wanted to make sure he understood it. Thanks :)
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