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  1. While AP tests happened this past spring. My older kids have been completely unable to sit for CLEP exams (which should be much easier to administer, as they are already computerized). But, the testing centers have been closed. The only one that is open in our area is offering ONE test to ONE person each day. Five tests per week. First come, first served. Why? I have no earthly idea. I can't imagine it's that difficult to Social Distance in the testing center, let alone disinfect. My rising junior and my 13 year old are taking the PSAT in the fall. Which reminds me, I need to follow up with the school again, and pay the money. None of my younger children are taking AP exams this year. I may not have any APs until my 13 year old takes hers (she's planning on a couple of Art APs).
  2. I have my 3rd 11th grader this year (only two more to go). He won't start this schedule until October, though. He's focusing on PSAT/SAT Prep, and finishing up some things from last year. He's narrowed his college path to three schools, so we're tailoring to those school's degree path. He's interested in Computer Engineering and possibly video game design, so using ABET Computer Engineering and interests to guide what comes next. Math -- Precalculus (this is mostly a review, looking for any potential gaps), Starting Calculus 1 (going to stretch this over 2 years, mostly don't want to lose the math skills, he'll be retaking Calculus in college), Statistics, and Intro to Discrete Math are the main courses this year (AoPS Number Theory books and Counting & Probability). English -- Textword Press American Literature, Killgallon, Abeka Grammar V (CLEP exam) Economics (Economics in One Lesson, Penny Candy, etc.) CLEP study/exams for both Macro and Micro Chemistry (BJU) Philosophy (Consequences of Ideas, Everything Philosophy make up the bulk of this course) (CLEP exam) Mandarin (Udemy/EdX) Technical Literacy (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher); He'll probably do a computer animation course after these, as these most likely won't take him more than a semester. Computer Science Courses (Intro to Programming, Intro to Operating Systems, Database, Python, C, C++, Java, Programming in R, Intro to Linux, basically, just taking one after the other.)
  3. We are taking legal action to attempt to stop the nonsense.
  4. Wish it were a comedy. More like a horror flick. Sitting down with a lawyer, but apparently we need one in Alaska. Please pray for us. Each time she spirals, it gets so much worse.
  5. My daughter has really been enjoying the Self-Paced Omnibus course, but it looks like those end after 9th grade. How have you taught this for 10-12? I don't believe we will be able to afford the live online courses, which means I'd have to "teach" it (but I work full time). Looking for any BTDT experience with the 10-12 grade versions. Thank you! Lisa
  6. Udemy has what looks like a number of good courses along these lines.
  7. My oldest two both did AP courses. The courses fit with the student's goals and the college goals. My graduated senior didn't take a single AP exam this year (she wound up not needing them, and didn't want to deal with the hassle it became due to COVID-19). Since she's a math major, she wanted to start with Calc 1 again anyway (she could have started with Calc 3). She was very happy that her AP Physics C exam meant no science in college 😉 (she did AP Bio, but University Physics was required in her major). DS only tested out of about 15 credit hours, DD will still be taking CLEP for a few courses during the next two years (she has to be careful about hours until she gets into the Honors program this fall, she already has 27 credit hours). My middle two may wind up not doing any. It is highly unlikely that PokeMan will, at any rate (not because he *can't* but because he isn't sure he wants to study that hard for courses that are foundational courses in his major he would want to retake anyway. He can use CLEP at the two schools he is most interested in, and those are much more straightforward exams. Blondie starts high school this year, and I think the only APs she's considering are the Art ones. She will CLEP most of her GenEds as well. We just don't AP for the sake of AP. These two would rather spend the required extra study/prep time to get a part-time job. Jury is still out on Boo.
  8. Updating on Ponygirl ... A "yes" from Macalester (hoping to see more financial aid in 11 days, thus far just one of their top academic scholarships...but not close to being enough). "No" from Swarthmore (but, she also didn't do her part in communicating with the swim coach there -- and it was a swim school). She really, really wants USCGA, but feeling like that's less and less likely with each passing day (most of her friends from last summer have all been notified, and either accepted there or USNA). She does have one full-ride offer, but it doesn't include swim, so she's on the fence there. For all intents and purposes, her senior swim year is over.
  9. Like mine ... I received wonderful news in that my NCAA forms were good to send in. Whew. I was all kinds of dreading copying it into a new format. Although, I didn't receive an answer as to them wanting outlines of Drawing 1 and Drawing 2, health & P.E. and things of that nature ... they are trying to determine the academic rigor of the homeschool. But, that doesn't stifle my happiness at NOT having to do more forms!!!
  10. Mom - sorry about your kitty. I still miss mine, and it's been about 7 years. I keep telling my husband that once we're moved in, I'm getting another one. Maybe that's why moving in is taking longer than it should... 😏 Swimming & Reading Failed at making Daikon Radish Chips... trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the daikon. I may just shred it and try to make "hash browns" Work...I'll be logged in. Work is pretty quiet at the moment. Unpack some new storage things (already put the papers and magazines inside them, moved my dish towels to new baskets in the kitchen). Clean off my desk Clean up the other things in the office area I want to eliminate Move my swimming books back downstairs to my office Unpack some more books, clear off a table Laundry ... because I leave tomorrow. Swimming & Coaching on deck. BED
  11. Swimming (Yawn) Household chores (laundry, unpack something) College Swimming stuff with PonyGirl Work (can I say that, if my only requirement is to log-in? I alternate between relishing and hating weeks like this. I don't mind the down time as much as I hate the 2 weeks at the end of the month when I suddenly have so much writing to do that I'm putting in 70 hour weeks) Conference Call School check-ins with my no longer babies. Swimming Again I'll work in a nap somewhere ...
  12. About a month ago, I thought we were done with college applications. Well, I knew USNA wasn't complete, but based upon the non-response from one Senator, the rejection from the 2nd, and PonyGirl's impressions of her interview, she didn't think she would get a nomination. I tried to tell her to complete it anyway, she never knew what could happen ... but as the weeks passed when she was supposed to have been notified, she just felt like it was a waste. Well, 31 January -- at 6pm, a letter arrives in the mail from our Congressman's Office. I tell PonyGirl that her "we're sorry" letter is here, and she came down to open it. Then you hear, "Oh No!" -- I spin around and say in mixed shock and horror -- "You got the nomination?" She replies, yes, to USNA AND USMMA! USNA's application closes at 11:59 on 31 January, and USMMA's closes on 1 February. While most things are done, she hasn't completed her Personal Statement, her CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment) OR her BGO (Blue & Gold Officer) interview. (Her DodMRB (Medical) was done for USCGA). I shoot off a message to an old friend of mine (USNA '92), and he's like -- she's still got 5 hours... tick-tok! I'm like -- not sure how that's going to work, she still has her CFA and BGO interview. He asks, if she could get those done tonight, would she? Yes, of course...which led to a flurry of texts, phone calls and flying out of our home at 8pm to meet up with her BGO officer at ODU (where my oldest son works), to complete her CFA and her interview. Keep in mind, the child (and I) have been up since 0315 in the morning. She's already had two full workouts that day. She begins the fitness assessment at 8:45pm. Basketball Throw (oldest son teaches her how to do it), Pitches it 30 feet (a little below average -- but not too bad). Pull-ups -- 1 (she normally does 3, but 1 isn't bad apparently) Shuttle Run -- 12.5 seconds (kinda obvious from her turns that she's not a basketball player) Sit-ups -- 89 Push-ups -- 52 Mile Run -- 7'23" Then, it's interview time. We bolt out of the ODU gym at 11:00pm -- arriving home with 10 minutes for her to finish her personal statement (she had been working on it in the car on the way to/from meeting the BGO officer. All submitted by 11:59pm. All this to say, if your child is hoping to go to a service academy -- complete everything that is within your control. I have it on good authority that if your child is someone they WANT, they won't let something like not getting a nomination get in their way. Just complete the process. (I have no idea what will happen with USMMA, as it wasn't a nomination she requested, or was expecting -- we have the feeling someone else turned theirs down and they sent everything to PonyGirl at the last moment. King's Point was showing her nomination was received, but USNA was not). Thankfully, I will not go through this with PokeMan or Blondie. I don't expect it for Boo -- but she's got a few years left and could surprise me.
  13. I sit here, in the lobby of an athletic center. Waiting for the head age group swim coach to descend upon me to "talk." About what, I have no idea -- but being the type of person I am, I dread it. Questions roll through my head, "What did I do wrong?" "Has she decided to fire me?" "I guess it's serious, as it couldn't wait until I saw her tonight", "Maybe she just wants to talk through some other things and doesn't want to be distracted by the kids swimming." UGH. Adjusting to coaching here has been rather difficult. A sea of unknown expectations. I am frustrated. Moving, my jobs, my family -- it's all be complicated. Today -- I have: Swim practice (4:30-6:30) Meeting (6:30=?) Regular job (work from home) mixed in with about 3 loads of laundry, and unpacking some more books, getting rid of more stuff, and if I remember, signing up for the HEAV convention. UPDATE: Well, I unleashed my frustrations at this morning's meeting -- which was welcomed by, "well, this was the conversation I was hoping to have 2 weeks ago." Okay...lol But, someone gave them the idea that I had complained about the team to USAS! On a forum no less!! Good flipping grief. Not my worst fears. I feel better. I hope they do, too.
  14. PonyGirl has an interview with USCGA this week (tomorrow or Friday -- exact time TBD). She's already been there for both AIM and an athlete candidate "cadet for a day" programs. She has outstanding scores -- but we weren't able to get an outside teacher recommendation (I did two, dh did one, and a USNA grad/family friend did a 4th). When we were there for the candidate program, I was told that interviews were for "helping fill in blanks" about the candidate. I know her PFE was just okay (had planned to retake it in Dec at the special program, but it was canceled due to snow). I know a lot of kids (especially those who graduated from Naples Middle High School -- where she did some of her work) are offered the Prep program -- but with so many APs (mostly 4's a couple 5's) and 1550 on the SAT/35 ACT, I don't think they are really questioning her academic preparation -- so kinda looking for other things they might be inquisitive about (I'm thinking the grit/determination/overcoming struggles)? Or might there be something else? Thank you!
  15. PonyGirl -- Virginia Wesleyan (Swimming, Honors College, Academic Scholarship); Liberty University (Honors College, Academic Scholarship -- Swimming TBD) Two down, 5 more to complete (we should hear from VMI and have an idea about the two Service Academies next... and Ivies are all RD, so awhile to wait there).
  16. My oldest daughter has never really had an issue with acne -- barring the occasional hormone-related pimple here and there. However, in the past 5 months, she has developed quite a bit of acne that doesn't seem to clear up. The last time she had acne this badly, it was firmly rooted in her diet, she had gone vegetarian and her milk/whey/sugar consumption went way up. A year ago, she went vegan. She is a highly competitive athlete, so her nutrition is carefully monitored to make sure she's getting a full complement of bio-accessible micro-nutrients (and the macros). She has strong food sensitivities to tree nuts. She can (and does) consume pine nuts, seeds, almonds and peanuts. She uses Almond/Flax milk and pea protein powder, and then eats quite a bit of Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan. My first thought was this could be dietary again. The only change she had made in her diet was switching brands of pea protein powder. She did notice that the new brand seemed to upset her stomach. She switched back and those issues resolved, but the acne remains. **full disclosure, I am extremely sensitive to peas and pea protein even today, although I can now tolerate peanuts -- which I really couldn't eat as a child** DD only responds to cashews the way I did to peas. DD does not consume much bread or sugar** We've already tested and ruled out anything that she's putting on her face, and she did recently grow an inch... could have another inch hiding in there somewhere I suppose. The changes we made all had some minimal impact -- but she still has quite a bit of acne on her forehead. The acne on her cheeks seemed to clear up when we switched her wash cloth (to a Norwex one, and just uses water). I'm guessing I need to take her to an allergist and have a full compliment of testing done again. DD knows we need to do this, but a part of her is dreading it, because if dietary issues do come up, she will be very upset. Maintaining her lifestyle has been fairly difficult already with the limitations she's had due to the known food sensitivities. -- in the meantime, is there anything else I should look into?
  17. Today is my first day of full time employment in 10 years... Swim Practice Write (and get paid for it) College application stuff for PonyGirl Dental Appointments (attempt to make) Window Replacement Kids' School check-in/oversight/planning Clean out Refrigerator (check food status) Work on some online coach training Leave for more swimming & coaching; do some additional work after I'm done GO TO BED. GET SLEEP.
  18. I'm struggling today. Spent the weekend in NC helping out (and not getting much sleep). So, my Monday is off to a bit of a tired start. 5am Swim practice, where I work on video coaching job Home, do more video coach training Work at getting set up (email/programs) for my REAL job (I was offered and accepted an incredible opportunity -- first day is tomorrow) 45 minute power napish (yeah, I know it should be 30 minutes... 45 it was) Pack up to leave, packing up writing projects that are due Weds, and I need to get started on) Unboxed NORWEX stuff, did a quick video with the girls showing them clean the windows with water (err...clean BUTTER off the windows with water -- what sorcery is this??) Heading out to coach now -- and do a bit of writing work. Have a great day everyone!
  19. My oldest grandparents were born in 1910. All of my grandparents were born in the U.S. On my dad's side, my grandfather was 1st generation American citizen, my grandma was 2nd. On my mom's side... pretty much that is a hodge-podge of way-way back, came on the boat and met the boat and everything in between. My husband's side, both were 2nd generation US citizens, with a strong dose of native Americans (confirmed by DNA and family genealogical record -- but apparently they never joined the rolls and all descendants are ineligible)
  20. Thank you -- this job is like my life coming full circle -- a return to what I left mostly behind 17 years ago when PonyGirl was born. Virtual office that only cares that work gets done, not about sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day "working." It almost sounds too good to be true -- but it's a very well respected agency (Fortune 5000), with retirement/profit sharing/training opportunities, etc. Pay-wise, it will bring me to roughly 70% of what my husband makes (not as much as I could make freelancing -- which would be about 1.5 times what DH makes), but without the stress of having to actually beat down doors to find the work -- which is the stressful part).
  21. Leaving town today... Swim Practice Class 2nd interview with agency (am actual job that would allow me to STOP trying to cobble together a bunch of PT work, and ease a lot of financial/mental stress on my part) Pack/clean up Leave a "to-do" list for the men and PonyGirl Spend the evening with my parents -- maybe actually get a good night's sleep for the first time in 2 weeks.
  22. Well, today is the day -- Warner's packet is due. We've received one letter. Letters from Italy and CO apparently are delayed by mail system. DD will call later today to tell them why she can't complete the packet in the manner requested. Still time for others. Trying to encourage her, but like being on the wrong side of a breakup, it's still kind of sucks. Funny thing is... we wound up NOT waiting on the Biology teacher's rec. He never replied to DD, but the letters just showed up at our house one day. The NROTC contact got back to us -- and said that I could write her math recommendation, but the school's academic adviser would need to write the counselor letter (which I wrote). I can only write one of the three letters (she has one from a different swim coach) -- but they keep giving her alternatives that all equal me. I get the feeling this guy doesn't understand homeschooling. DD did wind up getting the ACT score she needed for the full-tuition scholarship (YAY). Moving forward on this the best we can.
  23. Life is pretty crazy. Still getting used to the 5am practices every morning -- getting home at 8:45 at night and trying desperately to sleep and not nap during the day is a hard adjustment. I've also been really pursuing more freelance work (or a job), which has kept me a bit busier in the midst of school and unpacking. FWIW, we did find our silverware last weekend (only took two weeks and an unknown quantity of boxes... they were packed with 2 jars of powdered peanut butter, 1/12 of my large soup/salad bowls; a bag of my husband's books for work, 2 empty back packs and doll bed bedding...basically random items from around the house like so many other boxes we're opening (making things take that much longer!!) Today: 5AM practice AP Testing followup Calls (for work) Freelance job that came in last night College application work for Ponygirl reading (for work) prep for coaching tonight make carne asada (freeze half for later) -- we now have carne asada and shredded adobo chicken for "make your own quesadillas" (everyone in my house is at an age they can self-serve this during lunch... clean out the fridge three loads of laundry get ready to head to NC DO NOT, under any circumstances, fall asleep.
  24. I've really been up since 4am... the late shower/reading in bed for an hour notwithstanding. Now, I'm either enjoying 2nd breakfast or 1st lunch...not sure how that goes yet. Swim Practice (5-7), complete with 2 cups of coffee Work on freelance job (finished & turned in) Shower/Read Computer time with 2nd breakfast (more caffeine) Apply for jobs. Follow up on leads. Unpack/sort more boxes (believe it or not, I am making progress on this) Menuplan for next week Prep for Swim Practice (coaching) tonight Coach BED
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