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  1. You keep calling me to tell me this is my LAST chance to consolidate my student loans, and that if I don't respond in 48 hours, the offer will be withdrawn. Well, Karen, I haven't had a student loan payment since I was 24. My husband never had a student loan, and my son doesn't have a student loan. I'm not interested in a lower payment plan (unless you would like to give me money instead). And, for the record, my 48 hours has been up for months. Please stop calling me.
  2. Bionicles.. oh the Bionicles... we have the movies on our media server...the song is on my spotify account... my DOG is named after a Bionicle.
  3. You'll have to pry LEGOManiac's out of his cold, dead hands. He still plays with his... My husband was upset his mom got rid of his. I'm not sure how PokeMan will feel. My girls would also be horrified if I got rid of theirs. So -- I will be keeping all of our LEGOs, at every age (Mega Blocks -- the big ones for the Toddler crowd; Duplos; and the small, foot-killing things that have littered my house for nearly 15 years.
  4. School Swim Laundry, Pack & Clean... about a month to go until we're in VA again! Working on Concession Binder for the team Work on Swim Camp for the team
  5. We were notified by the school here where she took the test. Online, it looks like anyone who had a score of 212 or better should be in the Commended range (compass prep article). We are 99.9% certain PonyGirl won't advance (probably needs a 222-223 in our area, has a 220)
  6. We wore whatever was comfy, although tried to dress on the better side (no ripped jeans, holy t-s, short-shorts... etc.). Most of our tours involve a LOT of walking, comfortable shoes and clothes were a must (plus, we went in the heat of the summer... lightweight clothing was also a must!). I could see dressing differently if there were going to be interviews, smaller group, specialized tour or something (my kids did dress a bit more nicely when they were meeting with department chairs, or honors program advisers -- but we knew about those meetings in advance).
  7. TWTMA offers a course that does portions of WWS1, 2 and 3 over the course of a year. It was excellent for my oldest son (All of my others have gone through 1-2-3 in 7th-9th). I'd say it's good that way, or 8-10th, too. If you're trying to get them to a particular place, you could continue WWS through the summer and consolidate the time as well.
  8. We're finished with AP math and sciences. DD knows she will do AP Eng. Lit. We're trying to decide on the others (Gov't, Econ, Psych and German). Unfortunately, we know we have to decide much earlier (which is a real pain). We were hoping to see how things go and once she has a better idea of which school she'd be going to deciding on CLEP or AP at that point. Her math courses won't be altered (she's taking two not sure if it's DiffyQ or Linear Algebra or Discrete Math), but I also wanted her to have a bit of an easier load after this year, and have some more "fun" electives. We are absolutely done with science. I don't think any of the APs we might do are necessarily difficult ones, but it's more the whole process of preparing and studying. I think we are both burned out on APs at the moment (I do think she's going to crush all of them this year! About 4 weeks to test days!)
  9. My daughter took it as a sophomore. If a student has the science and math background, and is motivated and interested, I could see doing it younger.
  10. Congratulations to anyone who found out today they were among the top 50,000. Wishing they didn't make us wait until September to find out if we're commended or semi-finalists!
  11. School Complete online certification for coaching (done) Swim Laundry & Packing/Cleaning Work on turnover project for concessions tonight Assist DD on 5 emails to follow up with coaches.
  12. For get it done - US History Detective workbooks with some videos (history channel type, and some actual movies) have been what we've done with PokeMan. We did BOTH books (one, 1st semester and one 2nd semester). He's been pretty happy with it overall. I'm happy it's getting done.
  13. We signed my oldest son up for this course: He enjoyed it, and was well prepared for high school writing (and college writing) afterwards. I don't have a lot of other experience with online English courses...
  14. Thinks I'm keeping: Math Chalkdust Foerster's Jacob's AoPS Life of Fred Equate Game Hands On Equations Integers Game English Mosdos Press (grades 5-8) Textword Press (grades 9-12) 100 EZ Lessons Writing with Skill 1-3 MCT Literature Series Story Cubes Story Starters Killgallon Books Science Magic School Bus Picture Readers Science "Encyclopedias" (mostly just a bit more in depth picture books) I'm not keeping any middle/high school or college level textbooks, unless someone can give me a good reason why -- I feel like the more in depth areas of science are changing a lot, while the general knowledge lower elementary is staying mostly the same) History History of US Story of the World K12 Middle/High School Series Spielvolgel Western Civ (and study guides) US History by Paul Johnson (and study guides) Match Games I have other books related to these subject areas (not curriculum), that I intend to keep. A LOT of classic literature (most of which I'm hoping to replace with nicer, hard-bound editions).
  15. Thus far, I can't really recommend 39dollarglasses. I placed my order a week ago, realized as soon as I hit submit that my reading script was wrong, emailed/contacted immediately, received an email back a day or two later asking if my distance prescription was correct (I had sent in my actual prescription), I replied, and again asked about my READING prescription (again telling them what was input incorrectly and telling them the correct distance, a few days later they contact me and say they see my reading prescription should be +1.5 (NO -- that's my husband's prescription), so I email back again, call (sit on hold for nearly 10 minutes, before leaving a message), then get on live chat (sat waiting there for over 20 minutes), went through the whole issue and 20 minutes later got an order confirmation with the WRONG prescription again (although it was corrected in their system). I got back on live chat -- and have been assured that the script will be processed correctly. The customer service end has been really slow, it's been over 2 weeks and my glasses haven't been processed or shipped. Our Zenni order, on the other hand, shipped within 3 days of placing the order. My glasses are a bit more complicated -- so maybe that has something to do with the long time frame in processing -- but if you order from them, email reply times (and telephone) seem to be pretty horrible response times.
  16. School Swim Clean/Pack & Laundry in between messing around on my new computer...
  17. Practice Test; Review what is missed; Practice Test; Review what is missed... repeat! My dd took the ACT in 8th grade, but we've focused exclusively on SAT for NMSQT in high school She took the SAT in December (one and done), and she wants to take the ACT this Sept to see if she can get a perfect score. We won't start prepping for it until June, though. I have some ACT prep books. All practice tests will be in "testing conditions" meaning, printed exams, with timers set for each section and breaks as outlined. I will probably have my 9th grader do the same things, and have him take that test as well... (we need one for dual enrollment sophomore year). After that, he'll start studying for the PSAT/SAT instead (pretty sure -- his scores have tracked like his sister's, so he should at least try).
  18. School Swim Continue with laundry (only mountain is of CLEAN clothes at the moment, but blech). Packing (we start on TOY Area today... 2 hours each day sorting/cleaning/packing/selling until gone) -- we need to be ready to do the clothing this weekend!!
  19. Your FB on your phone just might be a stored version... mine won't refresh with anything new. Instagram & Twitter are also down.
  20. Home church Some cooking for the week Clean out pantry (bad) food items, so they can go out with the organic trash tomorrow. List more items for sale Deliver Treadmill to SS (the one I sold yesterday) Tape up boxes from yesterday (with additional tape purchased today) Kids work on sorting toy area for 2 hours. Pack up remainder of the books. Wash shelves (oldest son & husband take them apart and flat-pack them for delivery as they are sold) Get ready for tomorrow.
  21. I think that's why I'm afraid to be too ruthless. There are books I lost during a move years ago (over 20) that I still miss, they are out of print, and I cannot replace them. But, I still remember many of the titles. As I've gone through every one of our books during the packing, I've got books from when I was a child, and books we read to my kids (again and again), most of them are classics (older and newer). I don't want to part with books that I have a feeling I'd like to have again, because they do go out of print and are hard to find. Blondie is currently reading a book that was my mother's when she was a tween-ager, that I enjoyed... there are also books like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm that was my Grandma's favorite book as a girl, that I read and loved, and that I've shared with all 3 of my girls...I also kept some books that will need to be tossed (they are beyond repair), because I want to make sure I remember to go re-purchase them for my library. I hope to have a small selection of Board Books, a large selection of picture books and a strong selection of classic literature (classic to me, anyhow). I am not sure at this point if I will keep all of my historical fiction, or if much of it will be replaced by electronic versions allowing me to donate the rest. I suppose it comes down to how my girls react to the various series. If it becomes a part of them... I'll hold onto the books to pass on to the girls for their families.
  22. Well, it appears that my oldest may be having children before my youngest is gone.... so how many books I actually keep/get rid of changes. I am getting rid of quite a bit (for me anyhow) in this move (at least one large Billy Shelf full). But, Italy isn't exactly a great place to get rid of American books 😉 We're going to try to sell some, but the rest may go home with me and get sold/given away at the convention used book sale in 2020 (I may get rid of more at that time). There are books I purchased to go with curriculum. Some are series favorites I intend to keep... Billy & Blaze, Nate the Great, Amelia Bedlelia, My Dr. Seuss and Disney picture books, my MATH curriculum (I'm keeping all of my Fred, AoPS, Foerster, Jacobs and Larson Texts (and the videos - which are currently on thumb drives). I'm keeping my WTM Writing with Ease, Teach Your Kids to Read books, my K12 readers (we really enjoyed these), my Mosdos and my Textword Press (mostly because they are freaking expensive, and I'd rather loan them to people who need them and keep them just in case). My art series (Look at Me), my kid's science readers (not text books), lots of picture books, etc. I have a great wide middle I will probably eliminate of old used books we picked up to fit a need. What I'd like to do is replace some of my thrifty paperbacks with more library quality books...
  23. Laundry (I am essentially caught up -- just the stuff hanging outside (raining hard today, so it's not going to be dry). Pack up the remaining empty boxes (once those are done... I can't do any more until we buy more!) Trip to the dump (getting rid of some major trash) Kids continue cleaning up the toy area (sorting all of the bins of things we've collected that weren't put away the first time) Bathroom Cleaning Send off NCAA paperwork (done) Get some of the furniture sent to it's new homes! ETA: Ran out of packing tape... surprised my hubby by selling our European Treadmill for $250 in less than 10 minutes (he wanted to sell it for $50). My goal is to sell off about $3,000 worth of stuff (I am giving some away free, and haven't yet touched the school and miscellaneous books, and we haven't gotten to the toys or camping gear, either. Still so much to go!!) By next week, most of my downstairs furniture that is being sold will be gone. I still have a long way to go, though.
  24. 12 more boxes packed. At this rate, I'll be mostly done with my books tomorrow.
  25. I think I'm opting out of Friday...well, I'd like to any how. Laundry Clean & Pack (we have people coming to buy furniture, so I kind of have to keep packing). Help DD with some college follow-up emails (proof read, help prioritize -- she has to write them, poor girl). Follow up with kids on school and chores. I already made lunch, and planned the weekend meals, and sent the shopping list to my husband...pray with me that he doesn't bring home DOUBLE the items we need. Spending time on my knees right now. We have two weeks to either get our rental approved or go through the pre-approval process on a mortgage and buy based upon what we can see online (a realtor would walk through the 4 properties for us on FB live feed, but still... I won't have seen it/walked through it/opened everything, etc.)
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