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  1. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Christmas duck?

    We rotisserie ours, with potatoes that cook in the drippings...
  2. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Swimming in Italy?

    Each program is going to be a bit different. The club we were at had my two youngest in bonafide lessons, my middle did train a bit more, they had my oldest two in a weird program that wasn't really training and wasn't really lessons -- I think there was a misunderstanding -- not long after, they were moved to the more competitive kids, but there wasn't much technique, just a lot of fast swimming. Other swim clubs in our area seem to be somewhat different. The major thing I've heard about all of them is that the kids tend to specialize. We have a friend who has a phenominal 11 year old (swims mid/distance free, but is really a stellar all around swimmer). Her club won't let her compete in breast. Locally, the national Greek swimmer was pigeon-holed as a backstroker (his technique has gotten worse since moving here, but he's actually a very strong flyer -- something that's been overlooked). He is 16 and had NEVER swum anything over a 400 (no 800 or 1500). His younger brother is 13 and is truly an IMer, but has gotten pigeon holed into backstroke as well. I have 3 swimmers down south in the heel of the boat who just hate training there -- they joined us for a swim camp I put together and it really helped them feel more connected to the sport again. She can join the FIN (will need special clearance from a local doctor, including an EKG), B/BB times are a great place to start -- sounds like she's well on her way. The European Forces Swim League competes all around Europe (Long Distance Championships will be in Brugge, BE again next year, and Short Distance Champs will be in Eindhoven). It sounds like your DD will fit in nicely there. It would be a great way to meet and hang out with other kids from the US.
  3. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Swimming in Italy?

    Well, no driving until she's 18 here... The closest EFSL team (if you are DoD/Civilian working for the Gov't/NATO) is going to be Vicenza. Beyond that, you have local clubs -- here is a list for the Ferrara area: The green squares have swimming schools/competitive swimming -- you'll need to visit in person. We haven't had much luck swimming "on the economy" as it's called. The Italian system specializes early (9-10-11 year olds are "specialists" and not allowed to swim or compete in other strokes, train very hard, very fast, and once you acheive a certain level, technique is often ignored (granted, we're in southern Italy, and most people I know are in clubs in southern Italy). Most clubs stateside tend to train all four strokes, you swim everything (even if you're a nationally ranked breaststroker or butterflier...ha!). We've had more success with kids in the learn to swim program than the competitive system (unless you are just a rock star, but I do know a Greek National swimmer who has been stationed here and a French swimmer who have had less than ideal experiences). It's just very different. If you can manage to train in town and compete within the EFSL a bit, it will really help. HtH! Lisa
  4. LisaK in VA is in IT

    At what point do you include a kid's bf/gf...?

    My daughter has been dating a boy for nearly a year... I haven't met his parents since I evaluated him for the swim team 18 months ago (he decided to run cross country). I can't imagine sending a card out with him on it. I barely take photos of my kids with their gf/bf -- mostly because it seems like the harbinger of doom. Took photos of DS and his 1st gf... they broke up the next day. Took photos of DS and his 2nd gf (for prom), they broke up the next day... he's on gf #3, took photos of her and she moved to Alaska (lol -- she was moving anyway, she seems to be sticking, much to my surprise). I don't think I'd include them in a family holiday card unless they are engaged, or an engagement seems on the horizon.
  5. LisaK in VA is in IT

    How upset would you be if a family member

    Honestly, it would probably depend upon the individual. Past history with individuals being the main difference to how I reacted. If I've gone to great lengths to plan a meal and individuals are supposed to bring things to the meal -- I usually know what they are bringing, as I've asked. If they go off script without telling/asking me I'd be annoyed (especially if they were supposed to bring dessert, and brought another main course instead). If it was just extra food, I'd be less irked and more like "whatever."
  6. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Swimming in Italy?

    I'm here... where are you heading?
  7. LisaK in VA is in IT

    SAT Score Improvement

    My daughter took the PSAT 8/9 two years ago with no preparation -- however, she had already completed Algebra 2 and Geometry. Her scores were: 580 Math / 650 Verbal -- we looked over what she missed and why. (-4 Reading; -4 Writing; -9 Math) In 10th grade (still no extra test preparation other than some minor review of math concepts) her scores were: 680 Math / 680 Verbal -- we did look over exactly what she missed and why, and linked her PSAT to Khan Academy (these scores were -2 Reading; -10 writing; - 8 math) We added the blue books for Crtical Reading & Grammar, Khan Academy Math Review, and took about 4 practice tests over the following year (DD did NOT review the math portions as diligently as I had planned she should -- which did hurt her a bit, as she actually froze in the math sections). Her 11th grade scores were: 750 Verbal; 700 Math (she missed 2 Reading, 1 writing and 5 math). She then did a 6 week fast-track preparation for the 1 December SAT (mostly taking the last four tests reviewing what she would miss, why and then going over relevant sections in the blue books/PWN the SAT and an SAT prep course I had purchased (online). Her SAT scores on 1 December were: 770 Verbal (-2 Reading, -1 Writing) and 780 Math (-1) for a total of 1550. DD had a strong reading background and math background (and, as you can see by what she missed, how much one "loses" for a missed question can vary wildly from test to test!). In short, it's definitely possible to raise scores from 9th to 11th grade (or summer before senior year) from mid-500s to mid-700s. It does take work -- but planning out the work over time makes it much easier to digest, review and improve.
  8. LisaK in VA is in IT

    College Visit Report - St. Olaf, Carleton, and Macalester

    So... did you take a class with my Uncle? Professor Leming? Sociology...
  9. Ours were up at 1pm Italian time (about 7am EST). I hope you all have yours now!!
  10. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    Thank you -- one and done is what we were aiming for. She won't take it again. She should get commended, she'll miss National Merit. But, should still qualify for the scholarship she wanted.
  11. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    Well, based upon scores -1 math = 780; -1 writing = 380 and -2 reading = 390 = 1550. Great score, but really could have used 10 more points from either math or writing for the automatic merit scholarship she was after. Math curve wasn't abysmal, but when paired with the same kinda harsh curve on writing... blech. Still, not as bad as the 10/24 PSAT curve!!
  12. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    I don't know about the US version of the test... DD took the international version, which is supposed to be like the US Oct "school day" test, where -1 Math = 770, - 2 = 750; the reading curve was apparently fairly brutal as well. My DD will be opting for the ACT as well. If she weren't so close her sophomore year to the NMSQT cut, I wouldn't have even bothered, but she finished about where they predicted she would (DD is kicking herself because she didn't review the math as closely as she should have. Every math question she missed was something she knew, but forgot how to do efficiently. 8 practice exams later, DD was acing the reading and the writing (maybe missing 1 total from one or the other sections). Math? She almost always missed 3 or 4 between the two sections (usually misreading a question, or inputting a wrong number, sometimes a bubble-in mistake -- always careless errors, not errors of not knowing or remembering). She at least has had a sense of humor about prepping for the SAT. On the one hand, they tell you "NEVER ASSUME" -- then in the answers (usually one of those "BEST" answer ones), they will say, "If you ASSUME..." kills me. The other thing that screws her up, is that on science related passages they will use non-scientific logic to create the answer. So, if you are actually good at science you can mess up those parts, too. She used to be worried about the time constraints, but now having about 20 minutes left on the SAT in sections to go over her work, she's not concerned anymore. I think she'd do better on it because the test is a bit less about "tricks" and more straightforward (and the fact that when she took them in the 9th grade, her ACT score was comparatively better).
  13. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    It's based upon chatter because one test (international, which is what we believe dd took) is supposedly similar/same as to a school day test from October. It's all guesswork, but that is the chatter. DD said the math portion was incredibly easy -- very few advanced concepts taught. Said the math on PSAT in October was more difficult. ETA -- apparently the school day Oct SAT had a -1=770 for the math section. College Panda's score estimates range from 1440-1570 for dd's "worst case" and what she feels she actually might have missed. This child tends to be overly critical (so when she does bad, it's not nearly as bad as she thinks. I have another child who thinks he aces things and that is usually a bad sign).
  14. LisaK in VA is in IT

    Compass Prep's NMF discussion

    I'm sorry -- this is beyond ridiculous. We're facing a similar problem for the December SAT (we've heard that curve will be brutal as well). DD really prepped and was testing really well (bubble-in practice tests, not computer), she was ready to score 1560+ Now, she's just hoping to score 1450 😞 If DD has to take another college test for academic $$, it will probably be the ACT (since she does better on it anyway).
  15. LisaK in VA is in IT

    PSAT scores out

    DD has been dreading the score release. She is pretty happy. NMSQT index of 220. Will most likely miss the cut-off for Virginia, but should be commended. December SAT release later this week is also dreaded, mostly because she's afraid the curve will be bad. She thinks she only missed one math question and maybe 1-2 reading, but is upset that the math wasn't more challenging. Based upon the SAT scores, we'll see if she is done, re-takes the SAT or just goes for the ACT (when we compared her scores before, she actually favors the ACT). She's going for a 1560, and has tested (practices) as high as 1580. One down, one to go -- and God willing, after this summer no more of these tests. Just want to move on to college applications and a lighter senior year! (Heha...light for her... no science, but will have Diff. Calc, linear algebra, advanced statistics and discrete math...hahaha).
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