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  1. Dd finished with 1st semester of Grad school!! On her way home in 3 days! Whoopee!!

  2. Do you mean Hunger Games?? I loved the book...and so did my 15 y/o son. It was pretty intense at times and had a few kissing scenes between the protagonists. Parts were also a bit gory. I am not sure if I would read it aloud. Depends on how Dad will handle the kissy scenes. LOL. Maybe Farenheit 451 might work better as a read aloud in that genre.



  3. THANK YOU!!! I didn't know about these...and I actually have Biblioplan for this year. I am going to check it out! Thanks again!


  4. Oh, I am definitely moving all of them kiddoes into CLE LA. It looks like the very besxt of R&S/ A Beka combined...I wish I had these materials with my older kids....

  5. Nope...I haven't seen the sample...and I am so tempted to sell all my BJU math and set my boys up from the start with CLE. I really like BJU Math...and still think its thorough...but after this year with CLE math, I am not sure. Of course, I had to go and buy 2 new workbooks for each set because they came out with new editions and I didn't want to have all my materials with no workbooks....OY VEY!!!! I would hate to lose that bundle of money....sigh....


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