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  1. I think if you feel okay with her being there, it is fine. 15 years old is old enough to handle witnessing a birth, IMO. If it develops into a situation where a c-section is needed, she will just be moved to the waiting room area while you go to the OR. It sounds like she is mature enough to handle it. The only issue I have that would effect me, personally, is that I cherish that time with just my dh. I don't know that I would want to share that with anyone. In the past, I have only wanted dh and no one else. But that may not be an issue for you. Just something to consider.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think I was doing everything right, so maybe it is just a glitch. I will try again at a later date.
  3. I am adding a picture, but it is not showing up. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  4. No sleepovers here. All the fun they need to have can be done before 10pm. Then, home to bed. It works for us.
  5. I would find another doctor. Without hesitation. What a jerk! He doesn't even have the gonads to call and discuss this with you himself, but instead, sends in his bulldog...no thanks.
  6. You could make a muffalata (probably just jacked up that spelling). I always think of New Orleans and mardi gras when I have that. For a desert, you could make beignets. Yummmmmm! I know there is a mix you can buy to make them. And you can serve them in a paper bag, filled with powdered sugar. (Or maybe not...I may be the only weird one that likes my beignets out of a paper sack. :). ) As for what to wear, I can't think of anything besides beads and crowns. Good luck. Sounds like fun!
  7. She is really pretty! Have you had a mare before? I caution you, as it has been my experience that mares aren't ever very snuggly and warm. In all of my experience with horses, I have found gelding to always be wanting attention and love, but mares are pretty standoffish. I am sure there are wonderful examples of great relationships with mares, but in my experience, mares just tolerate me. :). Sorry to be a downer, but wanted to give honest info.
  8. Just to throw another thought out there, could you go ahead and get her an actual saddle (one that fits her little self) and a saddle stand? It is something that she will eventually truly need if you are going to get a horse one day and will give her something to play with. They make saddle stands that are pretty sturdy so she could hop up on her saddle and pretend all day. Then you wouldn't have lost any money. You could find a kids saddle for about $75-$100. You could even build a sturdy saddle stand yourself for pretty cheap. Just thought I would throw that idea out to you.
  9. I think it is cute, but it wouldn't be practical for me. I probably would not spend money on it. Sorry, though. I wish you the best of luck, if you decide to open your shop.
  10. Could you find a local pottery store or something unique to your area? Depending on where we have lived, we have given handmade bird feeders, spiced pistachios, handcrafted paintbrushes. I want to make homemade vanilla and put in a pretty little jar, but I haven't done it yet. I have made specialty breads, cookies, fudge and other types of things for a little basket. Good luck!
  11. I would go with hope. You get through the fear with hope. Hope that you will survive, you could say.
  12. I love it the way it is! It looks so warm and inviting. I am having a hard time imagining what it would look like with other colors. Good luck trying to figure it out.
  13. When my kiddos had their braces first put on, they purposefully left just a little extra wire to allow for the big adjustments that the teeth will make at first. I wouldn't clip it right now, if i were you. I would try to cover it with wax as much as possible and then go in to see if they wanted to clip it or leave it.
  14. I know all of you out there are striving so diligently to raise these boys into honorable young men and I want to thank you! We have only girls and as I think/ponder who their mates will be, I am heartened when I think of all of you out there fighting the fight for these kids. My girls have created a "prayer list" for their husbands to be and they pray for the boy that will be their mate every day. So, to all you moms of boys in the weeds every day, thank you.
  15. We are on a tight budget for Christmas this year, too. The way we have managed to stay in line this year and in years past was to follow the rhyme... Something you want Something you need Something to read. So, our kids get three decent gifts and a couple small stocking stuffers. That is it. My goal for this year is approx. $75.00 per child. We give very small family gifts to our extended family that is around $25.00 per family.
  16. Having someone to come in to take care of the kids, organize my stuff, AND put all the Christmas decorations up for me sounds almost heavenly. I do understand if it frustates you, but maybe offer your parents/inlaws some grace since they put their lives on hold to come help you. Just understand that this will be a different season and be thankful for the support.
  17. I am so sorry for your loss! :grouphug::grouphug: I am wracking my brain trying to think of what it could be, but you said all of the things I was thinking, you were able to rule out. So, I am at a loss too. Maybe someone else here will have an idea. Keep us posted, if you determine a cause. How scary!
  18. Yes, I can understand that. My sister does seem to think something is not quite right with her dd, but she chalks it up to her just being a difficult child and "just like her father." What constitutes out-of-control? My niece seems to be out of control, to me. This is their first child and have always had a difficult time keeping up with her - we have always joked that it is M's show and she is just letting us play in it. But, it is really not a joke. All is well when she deems it to be, but woe unto the one that changes her plan. It really has become that they don't ask much of her...no sitting to eat, no bedtime, nothing that could cause conflict. How do you know when it is more than a strong-will and normal activities of a toddler?
  19. I am worried about my 3yo niece and have a question for those with any experience with ADHD. As a backstory, my niece is an EXTREMELY active child and is literally never still, unless she is asleep. And she doesn't sleep much. She goes to bed around 11:00pm and is awake again by 6am, with fitful times throughout the night. She simply doesn't rest well. She is on the move all.the.time. Will not sit down at all and doesn't stop to eat. She will take a bite of something, then be off again until her mother reminds her to come back. Then, she may or may not come back to get another bite. Also, part of the back story is that my sister and her dh (niece's father) are not very gentle with M. They have never treated her tenderly or gently; and, in fact, the dad roughhouses with her to an extreme, but that is just how they communicate, I think. She laughs and gives as good as she gets, even at three years old. They are not abusive, really, and do love her very much, but just parent her very abrasively. So, my question is...how do you know if the child is just acting wild because that is how he/she is being raised or if there is an underlying issue that should be addressed? Also, I just want to clarify that I am not, in any way, thinking that someone makes a child have ADHD by how they parent.
  20. Were you thinking she stole the wig? If you thought she was shoplifting, then yes, you should have said something to her or to the store workers. Otherwise, I think Bolt's suggestion was a very polite way to go.
  21. I didn't think I had any issues before I read your post, but suddenly every one of those are freaking me out a bit :lol:
  22. I am interested in getting a couple of rabbits. I would like to spin the wool and eventually knit it into something. Do any of you have info or advice to share? We are leaning more toward the French or Satin angora.
  23. Garage sales. Seriously, I have found some very, very nice rugs at yard sales for practically nothing. The most expensive one I bought was for $40.00 and it was huge and in excellent condition. You have to be particular - check for no pets, no smoking, etc. but really good deals are out there.
  24. The high blood pressure caused from your intense pain is not good for the baby, either. You did the right thing. Try to get some rest now.
  25. Could you create a bunk house, using two twin-over-full size bunk beds? It would accommodate a large family, as well as singles, or married couples. Lots of different options.
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