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  1. I don't have experience with TENS but was thinking that maybe the baby just exhausted herself after being so active for that stretch of time and slept for a while. Could she call the chiro and see what they say?
  2. We were at one of those drive thru zoos in TX and an ostrich put his head through the sunroof of our car. That was a little intense!
  3. I would tell her that since she acted like a baby, she gets to stay home with the baby. Then I would take the child that wants to go and would have a great time. When I got home, I would tell her what a lovely time it was. Nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. I really appreciate the kind words and reassurances. I am starting to feel slightly better (I can climb up the stairs without having to lay on the floor at the top, at least, so that is improvement :) ). All of our girls are feeling better, too and seem to be snapping back from this much faster than I am. No one is running fever anymore, but the cough and weakness is lingering for us all. I am feeling calmer now about the baby. I am just such a worrier about these things. My dh is working out of state right now and when I spoke to him today, he reminded me that I had a similar illness with our oldest and alas, she is perfect :). So, I have to let the fear go and believe that everything is okay. Thanks again to you all!
  5. Some of you may remember my worries about my dd11 and trying to decide to take her to the doc. I did take her and she had a virus (the doctor said it could be the flu but either way, the treatment is rest, lots of fluid, and Tylenol). So, now, that virus has passed through us all. Shakes, fever, chills, all of it. It is terrible. I have been pushing the vitamins for us all and I have tried very hard to stay on top of the fever with regular Tylenol, but I am so worried about the little baby I am carrying. Please tell me that he/she will be fine and is not affected by this illness.
  6. Thank you all for your concern. I took her in to my inlaws family doctor earlier this afternoon. He was very thorough in his exam of her and said she just has a virus that has to run its course. She feels terrible, but her fever has gone down significantly so I am hopeful it is almost over. The bad news is that my dd14 is now complaining of the same symptoms. :(. Not looking forward to the next few days. I am thankful I took her in, though, for the reassurance that she is okay. It is nighttime now and I know I would be sick with worry if I had not taken her in. Thanks again!
  7. Could it be your sinuses clearing? Something like this happens to me, but it is usually my sinuses clearing and it is so loud that I swear the person next to me should be able to hear it. It happens to my dad, also and I have actually heard it. Just throwing my experience out there.
  8. I am taking her in. I had her move her head all around and down to her chest and it hurt. Her appt is at 1:45. Thanks to you all!
  9. I appreciate all of your responses. I am a worrier by nature and my dh has to talk me off the fence quite regularly and naturally, he is now out of town while I deal with our sick baby alone. And he is not here to be the voice of reason. My nephew is home from college, sick with something. She was at their house on Sunday :( before we knew he was sick. He has a severe sore throat and has been to the doc twice and they have ruled out strep (though that doesn't mean it's not). I am just afraid I am missing something and she should be in the ER (irrational, I know). On top of that, I am really stressing because we just found out last week that I am pregnant with our 5th (completely unexpected and should be a whole 'nuther thread) and here I am worried about our big baby and this new one coming. Again, thanks for your help. I have a call into a pediatrician friend (from where we used to live) and hopefully, she will get back to me soon.
  10. My dd11 woke up yesterday with a headache and a fever of 101.6. She doesn't have any other symptoms except for a slight, occasional cough. She did say that the back of her neck hurts a little, but not bad. Through the night, her fever got up to 102.6. I have given her lots of vitamins and raw garlic, but I have not given her Tylenol or other meds, in the hope that the fever and vitamin boosts would do the job. She is resting on the couch and drinking plenty, eating a little. Should I take her to the doctor? We have just moved here and I have any doctors established for our family yet. Does anything I have said scream "worrisome" to you? Is this something she would need to be treated for? Help me decide if I should take her in or not.
  11. It doesn't want you to go to bed? Sorry, I have no other ideas....it would creep me out and the puzzle would probably go to the goodwill.
  12. Think about how you would feel if someone were treating your child the way you are being treated. Then, do what you would want your child to do.
  13. You don't happen to live in NW Florida, do you? I just had this very same issue at our local Subway. We won't be patronizing their establishment ever again, due to the music they were playing.
  14. There is a new electric poultry wire fencing that is about 200 sq ft that you could put around your coop to try to keep out any predators. It keeps out the predators and keeps the chickens in. I love it.
  15. Sinkholes. Although, it doesn't seem like this is too irrational, given what happened in FL recently.
  16. My plan was to get Apple TV and use my IPad as the computer....whatever is showing on my iPad is being shown on the big screen. So, if we watch Netflix, it shows on the TV. If we play video games that we have downloaded, it shows on the TV. We do not have this yet. We don't even have a TV right now, but when we do get one, I think this is the plan. I will be watching this thread to see if there is a better plan.
  17. If it involves other people, I usually regret it. Animals, I can do. People, not so much. Sadly, that is the truth.
  18. I agree and some of the scalpel cutting should start with the ones making these decisions!
  19. All.the.flipping.time!!!! I swear, it feels nonstop. In reality, I do run it about three times per day. We cook all our meals at home and there are six of us. Also, I have a little dishwasher in our rental. That makes a difference. The only thing that doesn't go in the dishwasher is items too large...like, pans and skillets.
  20. Did you get a fair price for your items? How do you even find out what is a good price or not? Would i need to spend the money to have it appraised? I feel so uneducated on this matter that I am sure I will be taken advantage of. But I would like to get some money for these pieces.
  21. You all have given good advice. For some reason, it didn't even occur to me to try a real jeweler. I guess I thought they would not want to deal with me on used jewelry, but I will definetly talk to someone about what I have. Thanks so much!
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