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  1. I've just got to mention our little Yorkie-Poo - Yorkshire/Poodle, LOL I see virtually no shedding - she gets brushed only once in a while! As far as training, I'll take blame for that:D It was not good timing to get a puppy in our home when we did; it was a purchase on impulse after only a few discussions on dog criteria - totally out of character for us, but we did it. And we survived! Anyway, good luck!
  2. whole heartedly. I'm glad to see your follow-up thus far; I encourage you to see it through. It doesn't sound as though it would be your decision as to whether she is asked to step out of that position or not. Before you now is an opportunity to discuss this w/your priest and "hold fast" to the truth (maybe hard to do when you know said teacher seems repentant and broken up) and gravity of the situation as you present it to him.
  3. could she perform something from that sound track? Or something sort of similar? No auditioning experience in our family so this is nothing more than a thought. Good luck to her :)
  4. in the large mouth, so I bought all silver. I used a label maker to label with names - original labels still on them! I never purchased sleeves for them and suppose I'm glad I didn't. They're fine "naked" :D
  5. At the same time, I'd try to remind myself of the home/family we're building together.... and focus on the the things that are lasting - like the investing of your life into the lives of your husband and children. I wish I had time & money to belong to a gym (I don't right now!) so I do what I can for now. There is a time in my life when I would have done the whole gym-body thing but now even if I did go to a gym, that would not be my goal. It would take too much time away from more important things. I have a feeling you could console yourself along similar vein....
  6. but I am planning to switch us to *raw* cow's milk. If you are lactose intolerant, raw milk (if I understand this correctly) won't affect that intolerance. Maybe someone else can explain this better - or, if need be, set me straight. But this is what I've been told/read.
  7. Years ago, I began insisting to the dr/nurse to be present while needle was being prepared. (They used to like preparing it in the back room, etc; not sure how they do things nowadays.) I wanted to make sure it was NEW and sterile. They didn't much like this, but.... After hearing of the foolish practice of more than one nurse (this was years ago) reusing needles for unsuspecting patients, this became my choice. Re: vaccinations if you're going to do them, I agree w/the first couple posters - space them out at your pace. You can be on your own timetable.
  8. activities and the foundation for having that closeness within a family. BUT I don't think hs alone can "make it happen". Like you, I hate to oversimplify things.... All I'm trying to say is I no longer put such stock in hsing but use the time we have together to work hard at cultivating (and helping my dc learn to cultivate) our relationships. Also, it's hard to tell what a "successful" family looks like - b/c we all want to "appear" to be this, don't we? But things are not always as they appear. To bring perspective, I often remind myself of this and utter a prayer when I become aware of
  9. :iagree:This is a great idea. Maybe some munchables for the car ride and ta-da! Good to go. Sorry for your loss(es) :grouphug: Cheryl
  10. Definitely be praying for your son. Awww. Hang in there.:grouphug: Cheryl
  11. my understanding of it, along with scriptures that help me: "....He who abides in Me and I in Him, He bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing". (John 15:5) ...With God all things are possible.(Matthew 19:26) Think of when Peter walked on the water - when his eyes were on Christ, not on the 'situation', he was able. Just trying to give my opinion and thoughts - not saying I've got it locked down. Thanks be to God, I have grown in patience and self-control but fall short quite a bit, too!
  12. ckn pox (as I recall) can be serious if they get inside the body and wreak havoc on the organs. I would definitely go have the eye checked out by a doc - and I'm not one to go to a dr. for much. Fwiw, we don't vaccinate either so I've tried to be aware of all symptoms and "red flags". Said a prayer for you & your dc.
  13. this and would add to it: I would put myself between my dc and the offending child and maybe even ready my hands to stop hers - gently, but enough to make sure her fists stop swinging! I would not want my dc to think they should "politely' stand there and allow this from anyone. I also liked Joanne's pov about the transition time. Perhaps coaching the mom with that info will give her what she needs to work with her daughter so that unacceptable behavior stops. If it continues, however, I would assertively (tell them exactly why) drop the family from my babysitting roster. Good l
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