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  1. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestant - 100% :) I had no doubt that is what it would show up as.
  2. I've been a Brownie co-leader for 3 years. The troop was not homeschooled or affiliated with a church or school, just a troop made up of girls from various schools, etc. This year I have started a homeschool Junior troop. We just had a parent meeting last week. I told all the moms that they had to be registered Scouts so they would be covered under our insurance for activities and told them that I expect them to participate. Almost of us all also have younger siblings that will be at activities and several moms offered to help out with them during meetings. I did luck out and have a m
  3. We chose the umbrella school as well. The one we're using is free- I just turn in attendance once a month. :)
  4. What editor are you using to blog- the compose view or the edit html view?
  5. We just purchased it and are beginning it next month. It looks really great and my girls are looking forward to it.
  6. Yes, my moms best friend- she has a daughter my age(31) and a daughter my oldest's age(9)!
  7. That is us. My 7 year old has the sounds down, she just has a really hard time getting them together. And she is really bad at sight words or remembering words from one sentence to another. It's what we're gong to be focusing on for awhile.
  8. Wow. I've never heard of them calling anyone. What county are you in?
  9. I have them ordered for my son who is just about 4. My daughter used them when she was 4 and we both really liked them.
  10. I used to watch kids in my home. I watched a 3 year old boy and his infant sister and was paid $240 a week. They arrived at 7:15am and were picked up at 5:45-6pm. She brought diapers, formula, wipes, and breakfast. I supplied lunch, snacks, and water/juice. It was a lot of work- but I miss them a lot! I watched the older boy from the time he was 10 months until a month before he was 4. And his sister was here from the day she was 4 weeks until she was one.
  11. I second the Little Jewel books. We really enjoy them.
  12. I use it quite often. I've never had any problems with it at all. :)
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