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  1. My parents use Air BNB to rent out their second home. They’ve had a wonderful experience with it & lovely people rent their home from all over the world. I’ve never personally used Air BNB, but in my early twenties I only used hostels when traveling in different areas of Europe. A few were less than desirable, but the majority were amazing. I would totally recommend either.
  2. This is the same for me. My mom is the person that I talk to about everything, and my sisters come in third. My husband takes the cake though. OP, I have friends & people that I really enjoy. But we’ve moved quite a bit in our marriage, so I don’t have lifelong friendships or people that just really know me well (that tends to happens over years of doing life together imo). Friendships, for me, are based on deep trust and understanding, and I just don’t really have that outside of my husband and family. I’m fine with that, and the friends I do have, we really connect on many levels. But.. if I need to cry or get really vulnerable, or act my silliest, or complain loudly... that’s all going to be with my husband. I certainly understand that spouses don’t have to be best friends. Marriages look different because people are different.
  3. My daughter attends public high school & is almost 17. I would not want her teachers cursing at her or around her. I think both are inappropriate. In your specific examples I think the teacher is out of line and it would definitely bother me too. Would I say something? No, probably not. I would honor my teen’s wish to stay quiet & stand behind their decision. But we would definitely be having conversations on the sidelines & learning from it all.
  4. Yes, my absolute favorite person and best friend.
  5. Absolutely. I would treat myself!
  6. We have an American Express card that gives 3% back on groceries and 2% back on gas. We only use it for gas and groceries, but we have quite a bit saved up already. We will get it at the end of the year and put it toward Christmas.
  7. My son just turned 14 & is in 8th grade. He attends co-op one day a week for 5 hours & we do no other school on that day. The other 4 days I’d say school takes on average 4 hours a day. Longer if he takes breaks or dilly dally’s.
  8. Us too! And fortunately it’s right about where we liveðŸ‘🻠And if we want a little more hustle, we can drive to Panama City or Tallahassee. We really like the panhandle!
  9. We live in the panhandle of Florida. Overall, I really love it here. Homeschooling is very easy. We used to send in our notice of intent, but currently we homeschool under an umbrella school. This is our first year going this route so I don’t have an opinion yet. The homeschooling laws here are really wonderful though! We have access to many options through the school and DE. As for weather, even in north FL we definitely do not experience the four seasons here. For us, it’s really either hot or cold, rainy or dry. We also have lovebugs here, which was a whole other culture shock in and of itself. Lovebug season is twice a year & I dread it. I can’t speak specifically to the community in Lakeland or things to do there, but I imagine all of FL has its own beautiful parks and rivers and fun places to visit.
  10. In total agreement. It wasn’t her record to destroy. I’m sorry that happened. People can be jerks.
  11. When I was a teen, I remember my mom freaking out when I was listening to Blasphemous Rumors by Depeche Mode. I wasn’t even raised in a family that went to church, but I guess that song just was too much for her. I can also remember my dad changing the radio station because Huey Lewis & the News were singing, “I want a new drug...â€. That one still makes me laugh thinking about it. I remember trying to tell him it was love, but he wouldn’t hear any of it. OP, as for my kids, we listen to all types of music. My 14 year old son’s favorite singer is Billy Joel. But today in the car when we were flipping through the radio & a female artist was singing about how someone wants her sex... just No. I don’t want to listen to it and I don’t want my kids listening to it. It’s just smut to me. My almost 17 year old changed it (and always does) without me needing to ask her. She doesn’t want to listen to it either. We listen to a lot of Christian music, but we all have preferences outside of that genre. But all of us try to listen to songs that aren’t lyrically offensive.
  12. I liked Billy Graham. My husband & I attended one of his crusades in Nashville many years ago & enjoyed it. I am happy he was able to live such a long life and have such an amazing impact on so many people. He did a lot more good than bad, and I can only pray at the end of my life I will also have contributed more than I consumed.
  13. I can’t even stay awake on New Years Eve, so midnight would be very, very late for guests to stay over. My husband would probably enjoy it, but I’d have to politely excuse myself to go pass out. I wouldn’t mean it to be rude, but I just couldn’t stay awake that late and enjoy it.
  14. My teens will also have a coffee every now and again but I wouldn’t like it if they consumed energy drinks. Empty calories, high in sugar, overpriced & just not good for you.
  15. I usually have a smoothie, but my favorite alternative is diced potatoes cooked in my air fryer. I sprinkle them with steak seasoning & serve with a side of ketchup mixed with sriracha or hot sauce. It’s soooo yummy.
  16. I have used both to donate money several times. They were very easy to navigate & I like that you can give discreetly or leave a message. I do remember one platform charged a fee. My mom was donating to a friend of mine with cancer & she was very put off by this. She wanted my friend to receive every dollar, so she just mailed money directly instead. FWIW, I don’t think they are tacky. I find it a convenient way to communicate an issue and collect funds for a cause. No one is forced to participate. And I find a lot of people really want to help others and just don’t know how, so this makes caring tangible for those who need it.
  17. Definitely. The older I get I find myself worrying over things, sometimes with a sprinkle of absurdity. It doesn’t hinder my ability to make rational decisions, but I often have conversations with myself reassuring me that it’s going to be just fine. When my kids go to summer camp I worry about shark attacks, drownings, kidnappings. I don’t burden them when these thoughts, but they all run through my mind. I feel like my behavior resembles a great grandmother, nervous and jumpy. It makes me crazy. I used to be so relaxed (or oblivious?) and rather fun and cool. Now I’m almost 47 years old going on 130.
  18. These answers have been really interesting to read. I’m trying to really think of specific circumstances where someone just rubbed me the wrong way. Both times these people were never my friends, and I viewed them as very selfish people that caused a lot of trouble. One was a total mooch off of a dear friend of mine. The other was a woman that was just bad news for a friend of ours (he ended up marrying her and lives in regret to this day). Neither of these individuals ever did anything to me personally, but I really had no respect for either of them and found them incredibly manipulative. I was always kind and friendly to them, but only because we were in a group setting and people I cared about had relationships with them. Otherwise, I can’t think of any instances where I’ve been at actual odds with someone that I didn’t know well. If I found someone off-putting, I’d still be friendly to them regardless, but I would not seek a friendship with them outside of the current way we interact (i.e. church, work, homeschool group or what have you).
  19. If I were around someone that I didn’t particularly care for or felt perhaps that they didn’t particularly care for me, I’m sure I’d still be kind and friendly (or I hope I would). For me, being friendly and being friends arent the same thing. I’m not inviting them to my house or trying to make plans to include them in my life, but when we are at the same place, I hope I’d behave with warmth and kindness. Everyone doesn’t have to like me and I’m okay with that. As far as gossip and speaking poorly of people behind their back, I really hate that. I don’t treat people that way & if I heard someone had an issue with me I would probably discuss it with them and resolve it.
  20. I’m no expert, but my understanding is beyond just the taste. They are a lot less processed & they use the whole soy bean. If you google it there are a lot of comparisons with explanations. ETA- sorry, I thought I quoted someone else asking what the actual difference was between TVP & soy curls. I’m on my phone & wasn’t paying close enough attention. I don’t know how to fix it to reflect the person I was trying to answer 😊
  21. I really like Dr. McDougall and The Starch Solution. His plan is very satisfying and doable. I don’t strictly follow his regimen, but I always lean toward a high starch/ low fat diet. It works very well for me. ETA- I’ve yet to be convinced to part with my morning coffee 😊
  22. My son loved The Last Dragon Chronicles.
  23. A tip: reconstitute the soy curls in better than bullion no chicken water. It will make it taste just like chicken. My husband and two teens are all meat eaters. They all enjoy soy curls. The texture is just like chicken. Something else we enjoy on occasion is homemade seitan recipes. My entire family will eat “fried chicken†sandwiches with zero complaints. Lastly, for those of you with meat eaters, check out Edgy Veg on youtube. Yummy, yummy stuff for new vegans.
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