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  1. We saw it. All nine of us really hated it & several people left the theater. I would wait until redbox or an amazon rental. ETA - there is another A Wrinkle in Time movie (older) that my kids really enjoyed. It was on Netflix for a long time & may still be there
  2. My kids are 14 and 16. We talk. A lot. Loss of electronics, phones, and other privileges occur when talking and warnings don’t get through. Ongoing conversations tend to be key though and usually suffice.
  3. The girls being mean are just small children too. The teachers and principal should have intervened to correct the situation. In your shoes, I’d definitely homeschool. If your daughter enjoys certain aspects of school, look for a co-op and a homeschool group for her. I expect little kids to act in all sorts of way, including being mean. But I don’t expect adults to stand by and do nothing about it. So sorry you all had to go through that. Hugs.
  4. We used it in the early elementary years. I really liked it and would not hesitate recommending it.
  5. When they were little my children went to bed by 7:30, so we had each evening to ourselves. Now they are teenagers & we have a date night each Wednesday when they’re at youth group. And realistically, we can be alone whenever we want now because they’re old enough to stay home alone. When they were young though, we relied heavily on a strict bedtime routine (not just for our alone time, but also for my sanity).
  6. I vote messy, but that’s by my standard in my own home. In actuality, if I were a guest in that home it wouldn’t bother me at all and I wouldn’t be thinking, “What a messâ€
  7. I think there is an “ideal†and the “real dealâ€. My husband and I strive to live by God’s ideal for our lives. We understand that we fall short sometimes and so do others. When people live their lives in a way I believe is outside of God’s ideal, I do my best to love them anyway (why judge the speck in their eye with a log in your own). As far as leadership and serving, I would really need to know in what capacity they serve to have an opinion. At our church we say the higher you are in leadership the less rights you have. So in other words, someone serving at the coffee bar isn’t held to the same standard as someone on stage. I don’t think loving someone is the same as condoning sin. We are all messy and broken and need Jesus. I just pray for the grace to love people, especially the ones I don’t agree with.
  8. Hooked on Phonics Master Reader. It’s for older students that read but struggle with larger words and syllabication. I absolutely love this program.
  9. You could check with your local middle school/high school to get a feel for their writing curriculum. Our district uses a very specific format & it’s the same from elementary through high school. They use the PEEL method & only write from scholastic type articles (no creative writing at all). It is very particular & it’s sole purpose is geared toward passing the state test. ETA-My daughter is public high school & this is the only type of writing they do. Next year she’ll be taking ENC 1101 at the CC & I’m so grateful she’ll be moving away from this.
  10. My son is in 8th grade. He can be thoughtless, immature, and downright clueless. However, I can’t ever imagine him treating a girl as you described. He would probably be quite upset and come to her help if he encountered such behavior. I don’t believe those actions are normal at all.
  11. Our co-op allows teachers to register for classes first (so moms that teach classes). Then it opens up to all other co-op members to register. And lastly, it opens up to new families. ETA-each class has a maximum number of students it can take, so when a class is full it’s closed. When we joined as new members, my son was able to get a nice schedule but my first picks were full. This year I’m teaching so I know he will get the schedule we want.
  12. Where I live, many jobs require that you pass certain tests to be an administrative assistant (WPM, Excel, Microsoft, Outlook - or other similar programs). Is it possible in your reply to say that although you don’t have formal postsecondary education, your related work experience has sufficiently equipped you. You could take a proficiency test (as listed above) as part of your interview to show you are more than equipped to handle the daily duties. Just a thought. And my 2 cents, formal education can often be substituted with experience. I would focus on your strengths, even if they aren’t attached to a degree.
  13. I hate shopping too & my daughter has been to several dances over the past year. She absolutely loves shopping & would not consider ordering anything online. We did try to make a day of it... lunch out together and she brought a friend along. For me, having her friend along was great. They could giggle and take pictures and advise one another.... and I would sit in the dressing room across the way while my daughter would model each gown for me. It wasn’t so bad. She had a wonderful time & I just reminded myself these moments won’t always be here.
  14. That was a very good article, lots to think about. I sent it to my husband. I’ve never even heard of that app.
  15. No. I don’t have any or want any. Ever. But to each his own in this category. :-)
  16. My daughter had moderate but very persistent acne. She had tried everything imaginable & finally was put on Accutane. That worked for her. Before that, I’d say she responded best to sulfur soap. Unfortunately benzoyl peroxide just did nothing for her skin. The soap helped her not be so oily (which was a huge problem for her) and it cleared breakouts better than any other product. You can buy it on amazon & one bar last forever. Her current routine is Cetaphil face wash & Cerave moisturizer, both from Walmart. My son may get a pimple or two on his forehead. We use our leftover proactive from my dd for him, and it really works well. ETA - and definitely try tea tree oil as mentioned above. It didn’t work for my daughter, but it is my go-to if I get the slightest blemish. It will disappear over night.ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  17. I think those are all good reminders for a group forum. I gauge my own behavior based on two things. Would I speak that way if we were face to face? And I also read every comment with full understanding that it’s okay for people to have a different viewpoint or opinion than my own.
  18. From my mom: Welsh cookies 7 cups flour 2 and a half cups sugar 3 eggs beaten 2teaspoons salt 3 teaspoons nutmeg 6 teaspoons baking powder 1 lb lard 1 1/2 cups of currants or golden raisins 3/4 cup milk Combine flour, sugar, salt baking powder, nutmeg together. Cut in lard. Add raisins and milk, add beaten eggs.mix thoroughly & cook on griddle about five minutes a side or until golden brown. 350 degrees In Wales they often dust with sugar, but we do not.
  19. My family settled in PA too! Scranton to be exact. It’s crazy because when I was in Merthyr Tydfil visiting family it really reminded me of Scranton. I imagined my great-grandfather thought so too. He was a coal miner in Wales & a coal miner in PA too. The area my family lived in Scranton was a welsh neighborhood & they have a place for language classes there. Someone upthread asked for a recipe. I just texted my mom for it & she’s going to send it to me when she gets home. I’ll post it then ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  20. I’m Welsh (but 3rd generation in America - so we’ve been here a while). We still have family over in Merthyr Tydfil. The language is not spoken by everyone, but it’s definitely still spoken and I don’t think it’s dying anytime soon. I am trying to learn it on duolingo currently & it’s pretty cool! Funny off topic welsh-ish story... I brought welsh cakes to a Christmas cookie exchange once. I thought I was doing them a favor by sharing my favorite cookie in the world. The only person that liked them was my English co-worker, lol. They weren’t a big hit. It is my husband’s favorite cookie too though... it was a sign to me that he was the “oneâ€. :-)
  21. Love this post & the end made me snort with laughs😂
  22. Both of my children home schooled through elementary. My daughter has been in public school since 6th grade. She is in 10th grade now and doing great. She’s in honors classes, has a really great set of friends, we’ve had no drama or issues whatsoever. It’s been smooth. My son also went to public school for a few years. He asked to return home this year (he’s in 8th grade) and we will homeschool from here on out. For him, there were a lot of pros and cons. He made good grades, was on student council, and seemed to make friends easily - but keeping up with the workload was just too much. He just could not stay organized and it was exhausting for me. I was constantly having to communicate with his teachers, go through his back pack, quiz him about his day to make sure he didn’t forget any assignments, etc. He would forget to turn things in & I constantly would have to write reminders on his arm in sharpie (because he’d lose his to-do list). Anyway, let’s just say we are so much happier now. He really loves homeschooling and thrives here. Ironically, at home he is completely self-sufficient now. I give him his assignments for the week & he totally oversees himself with no issues whatsoever. It was a pleasant surprise for me considering all we went through. My advice is to go for it. And no worries. It will be a learning curve for you all, but you will figure it out together. He will either like it or he won’t & you can cross that bridge when it comes. Even though my son is home again, our experience with public school was not a negative one. His teachers were wonderful & we both learned a lot from the experience.
  23. Dawn, I’m just curious how your son and the other students feel about this teacher? Do they like him? I’m really trying to see another perspective here. How would the students describe him? It won’t change that I feel his language is still inappropriate, but I am curious how the students perceive him and their relationship with him. As far as his tone that so many mentioned, our local middle school drama teacher constantly has meltdowns, yells at kids, will call individuals out for mistakes or slacking. I find it absurd. But she loves the kids and they love her back. So his tone didn’t surprise me in his Facebook posts. His language of, “Hey get your sh*t together dumba$$†was more alarming (my paraphrase - can’t remember his exact words).
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