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  1. When my daughter was little we used Happy Phonics alongside Explode the Code. Happy Phonics is learning phonics through playing games. ETA - it's available in PDF
  2. Thank you, Sweatpea3829. I love this idea too! I appreciate you sharing!
  3. That is helpful, thank you! I like your idea of creating your own program. I want to incorporate literary analysis, but I'm not sure that I want it to be 5 days a week... Just something that is fairly painless but reviews literary terms and comprehension. EIL is kind of pricey so I'm not sure which route to go. I appreciate your reply. Amy
  4. I didn't look. They said all experiment stuff is either in the home or at the grocery store, so I figure I'll just get it as needed. Lessons are 2x week so I've got the other days as a cushion to run to the store if need be :-)
  5. Maybe Christian Kids Explore series? The curriculum is about $30 right now at CBD and you can see sample pages. It includes experiments and it's fairly open and go. The reviews for it our good, but I've not personally used it. However, I bought the Chemistry book for my son, and plan to use it next year along with the resource CD that's included and adding in topical books and films.
  6. For common core, I would not use a curriculum but rather teach the PEEL method. Every paragraph has: P- point you are trying to make E- examples that support your point EL - elaborate (some schools call this expand and link) I would google 1st grade writing prompts & start off with one sentence answers, building over the next year to PEEL. This method is used here (in FL) from elementary through high school, becoming more complex with each grade. However, the premise on which every paragraph is built remains the same. This isn't my preferred method, but definitely falls in line with common core standards.
  7. If you have used (or plan to use) both Essential in Writing, as well as Essentials in Literature, how did you schedule these two? Both daily? Rotate? Did you finish both within the school year? My son is 13 and will be in grade 8. I'm just trying to figure out what will work best for utilizing both & still complete each within the school year. Thanks for any help!! Amy
  8. The older my children were, the less family or friends expressed concern. Your little boy is only 5, right? As he gets older and your MIL sees how much he is learning, she will stop. My in-laws were concerned when we said we were homeschooling. They would quiz the kids in the beginning (so annoying!). Funny though, this year when my daughter went to public middle school, my FIL was very concerned that it was the wrong choice, lol. So, I'd say we won him over :)
  9. I'm 42 . I'm totally done. But it isn't because I think I'm too old. I was done at 32 when my son was born. We just didn't want anymore children. I think it all depends on the person/couple, much more than the age.
  10. I just don't agree that all treatments require negative side effects. I'm sorry you disagree. I don't care if people use homeopathic products or seek out any type of alternative medicine or treatment. I'm simply saying many that have used some homeopathic remedies found relief, and sometimes that is more sufficient than the biochemist explanation.
  11. I misunderstood you. I apologize. And I agree. I do not view OTC homeopathic medicine equal to a naturopath - but I still like a few of the things I've tried and don't care why they work. :)
  12. Well. I must have misread it, so I apologize. I felt the implication was they don't work & using them to treat anything was a danger because people will trust them and never seek any other care. I don't care what the science behind some of the homepath I use is, I just know what works. I love oscillococcinum for colds. I used teething tablets and earache tablets when my children were toddlers & they worked wonders. I also rely on poultices often & they are usually free since I keep veggies on hand often. :). I will always look for natural remedies first (including homeopathic) over antibiotics and prescriptions. Our current ped subscribes to both now & it has been a wonderful partnership
  13. We should equally realize if they never worked no one would buy them. It is insulting to imply people that turn to natural remedies (including some homeopath OTC medicines) would place their trust in a Hylands product or the like & not pursue other treatments or medical attention. Anymore than someone receiving Tamiflu & later returning to the doctor when they had no relief -- you wouldn't just receive that one treatment and assume that's all you can do now, even though you still feel horrible. I only turned to more natural remedies after my son was ALWAYS sick and another rocephin shot in his little thigh was about to make me insane. I knew there were better ways and less harmful ways to tend to our health. That doesn't dismiss medical care, but it broadens my range of how to treat our health without taking antibiotics or receiving shots every time. Diet being the most important IMO and never prescribed once by my ped
  14. Well. If it works though, who cares. A biochemist can't make me feel better with an explanation, but a "placebo pill" does the trick, and I'm fine with that. Sometimes science doesn't need to support that I feel better every time I've taken oscillococcin. And it's not just me. It gets mostly amazing reviews because most people find it effective. Compared to the effectiveness of the flu shot, it holds it's own--so I'm not worried about why it works. I'm just thankful that it does & has no side effects.
  15. my jack russell terrier (12 year old best dog ever) loves to sleep under the covers with me. my other dog will get under the covers too, but only if it is cold. my jack russell will get under even when she is panting though - she is crazy, lol.

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    I have the 4 cd's and answer key for sale. $75 ppd. I used this with my daughter only and purchased it new. I accept paypal only and will ship in the United States. Thanks, Amy



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    BJU English 4 Teacher's Ed. Toolkit CD, Gr. 4 -- $20 ppd. Nice. I have the toolkit CD's for grades 4 & 5 and will include both ISBN 157924837 Hooked on Phonics HOP Master Reader Deluxe in Box -- $65 ppd. Nice. 4 cdroms, 4 easel books with 64 story cards, 4 chapter books. I Can Do All Things Art Ages 6 & Up -- $65 ppd. Nice. 4 dvd's, 2 student set paint cards & Lesson Bk (w/ 2 pages in pencil on first pages - can erase). ISBN 0970040512 Peace Hill Press Writing with Ease Level 1 -- $13 ppd. Good. Student pages Weeks 1-12 missing ISBN 9781933339269 Peace Hill Press Writing With Ease Level 2 -- $15 ppd. Good. Weeks 1-3 of student pages missing and Week 4 days 1, 2, and 3 ISBN 9781933339290 Spelling Power 4th Ed. includes Quick Start Seminar DVD (but I can't find the CDROM) -- $26 ppd. Good condition. I bough this in 2012. Page 109 has pencil writing & there are small stains at the top of 108 & 109 ISBN 9781888827392 Story Grammar for Elementary School -- $11 ppd. New. Killgallon Story Grammar - A Sentence Composing Approach SOLD-- Apologia Astronomy - $18 ppd. Excellent condition. No writing. Nicely bound. CLE Math Light Units 405 - 410. $14 ppd. Brand New CLE Math Light Units 206 - 210. $12 ppd. Brand New I accept paypal only. I will ship to anywhere in the US only. Items are shipped from FL media mail, but I will include a confirmation number. All items include postage paid & I will combine shipping. If you have questions or want pictures, please ask :). I'm definitely willing to trade things for MFW ECC items. Thanks!! Amy


  18. aside from lots of water, diet, & exercise - i would also google the benefits of pure MSM (a type of sulfur) with Vitamin C. that is excellent for acne (if you google it, you will see people with cystic acne sharing their experience). i do not have breakouts, but i take this combo for my skin & hair and love it! my daughter has been struggling with breakouts & she takes MSM, vitamin C, and vitamin A daily. she also moisturizes daily. her skin is oily, and she has to moisturize with oil free moisturizer for sensitive skin. this is so important. oily skin needs to be moisturized and will balance itself out this way. this has helped her tremendously. we also like this aztec healing clay mask mixed with ACV & reviewers say it helped with their cystic acne. it clears up my daughter's blackheads beautifully & i love to do it once a week as well. lastly, i've read good things about the regimen. one other thing. when your face clears up during sickness and fever, i wonder if that has to do with the lack of food you are taking in? perhaps it is something in your diet that is causing a reaction? just a thought.
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