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  1. I'll give you a real life example that happened to me. When my oldest (twins) were about 4 years old and I was starting to tread into the homeschooling waters, I ordered a homeschool preschool curriculum to begin working with them. One of the activities was for them to sort paper shapes and glue them onto a large posterboard of the same shape. I spend literal hours cutting out different shapes from construction paper. Hours. Then when it was time for them to do the activity, it took them all of about 5-10 minutes to complete. That was a turning point for me. I vowed that I would never undertake any curriculum in which the teacher spends more time than the student. That's my definition of teacher intensive. That was 18 years ago, and I still live by that rule. This is how I know certain curriculae won't work for my family despite how awesome it might be (looking at you, Tapestry of Grace).
  2. Oh, forgot to mention that the campsites at Fort Wilderness aren't on the waterfront. Down at the lake's edge is where the restaurant, shop, and Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue are held.
  3. That alligator attack happened at the private beach at The Grand Floridian, which is, ironically, the most expensive on-property lodging.
  4. A card, yes. If you want, you could stick a $10-20 gift card in it.
  5. OP, does your family camp at all? As a fellow large family of eight, we found that staying at Fort Wilderness is very affordable, plus you get the bonus of staying on-property. (And it's eally not the same as rustic camping at all.)
  6. As much as I like this story, I think your decision is wise, for now.
  7. Ha... space... you're funny... No, there's no extra space in this itty-bitty house. I'm already overflowing. I have my two college graduates currently living in the truck camper in the driveway because there's no room in this house for them. (Eta: They a are actively trying to find employment, btw.) When my 20yo was home last weekend, he had to sleep on the couch. My 12yo and almost-15yo currently share a bedroom. I'll probably split those two and let one of them sleep in 18yo's bedroom when he's not here.
  8. Yep. I thought I had until August when he heads off to college, but it seems he will be moving into the bunkhouse at his place of employment next week. I'll still see him (when he needs to do his laundry LOL) but it is going to seem strange for a while. Ah, well, 'tis a sign of growing up.
  9. If this is a case of "misery loves company" then I'm your company. For what it's worth, all four of my homeschool graduations have basically been a case of "I'm done, you're done, we're done, the end" --- mostly because by 18.5yo I'm ready to kick them out. Isn't that terrible? But by that age, I think it's totally normal for young men to act like little shi...shkabobs and want to spread their wings and get away. But we've yet to finish the course of study that I want them to finish. Just nope, go away. Lol But know what? They've moved on and done well, surprisingly. I kept thinking they'd flunk out of college and move back home never to move out again, but didn't. Granted, I'm not dealing with Aspergers or ADD/ADHD. But I know you're a woman of the Word --- the Lord has already determined your sons steps. He knows the plans He's made for your son. Rest in that assurance.
  10. I find it interesting that so many of you hate this book. It's one of my favorites! (I wonder what that says about me?) ?
  11. Kinsa


    Nm. Just being nostalgic. Nothing important to see.
  12. Not for a 13yo. I think a child ought to be at least 15 or 16 before reading it. It delves deeply into the natural depravity of mankind. (Which opens up a HUGE discussion about worldview, ie, is mankind essentially good or essentially sinful, etc.)
  13. Ooooo.... *thinking deep thoughts*...*envisioning the possibilities*...
  14. I'm so tempted to buy this... just because I can... Now don't you go buyin' it out from under me, ya hear!
  15. All you need to know is that there will be NO sleep that night - for them AND for you. Been there, done that, and it's now an epic story of family lore.
  16. Just the brand White Stag from... Target?
  17. We're at 103°F today, and here's a picture of what I'm wearing right now. Pants and shirt are both Columbia brand. Very lightweight and cooling - the coolest clothing I own by far. I'm going to be outdoors this afternoon and evening. And I can roll down the sleeves to protect against direct sun, which helps me to stay cool too. ETA: Allisoncooks, that link is for the exact same pants I'm wearing today! Lol
  18. I've been summoned twice, but each time I just returned the exemption paperwork. (As the primary caregiver to children under the age of 10, I could claim exemption. Texas.) So I've never actually served. Not yet, anyway.
  19. Back in the "old days" groups used Yahoo Groups for email communication. People could join or drop and manage their preferences (daily digest, individual emails, etc) themselves. It's still around (I manage a Yahoo Group for my extended family), but not used much anymore.
  20. We graduated our fourth boy on Sunday. He'll be heading off to college freshman orientation next week and starting his studies in the fall. Then I'll be down to only two left. Where has the time gone???
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