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  1. I was going to suggest St Augustine or Virginia Beach, but I see I'm late to the game. Lol
  2. The author was condescending and rude. But putting that aside, she still didn't explain how eating the "dumpling child" was relevant to Asian culture but not white culture... unless it was explained in the twitter stuff, which I don't read because I find the reposting of tweets to be annoying.
  3. Smallest to largest: Books from my living room. (And yes, that is a vintage copy of Famous Men of Rome.)
  4. I sorta lucked out on this one. Four of my six have already flown the nest, leaving only my last two. My second to last is my special ed child, so I plan to keep him home as long as my youngest is still home, and then I'm going to graduate them both at the same time.
  5. He did apply for it. We are in the waiting mode now.
  6. Tangled and Glamorous: We have limited outlets in our government housing, so these outlet boxes end up having many cords in them. They're usually a tangled mess. This is my velvet gown. I wore it in 1995 before kids and again in 2008 after six kids. I haven't worn it since then. I felt glamorous when I wore it.
  7. Such sadness. I really admired him. May he rest in peace.
  8. So I was reading the headline about Koko the Gorilla passing away. (The sign language gorilla.) The article was talking about Koko, how she knew 1000 signs and recognized 300 English words, etc. I was all interested in this great article. I've always admired and been fascinated with Koko. But then it said that Koko's estimated IQ was between 75-85. And yes, that ticked me off. So they're saying that my son is dumber than a gorilla? I beg to differ. His IQ might be only 60, but he knows a helluva lot more words than Koko. And my son can read. And add. Plus he can wipe his own butt. *roll my eyes* It just rubbed me the wrong way. I call BS. There's no way my son is less intelligent than a frickin' gorilla. Rant over. Grrrr...
  9. Yes, this. She's horrified when she realizes the destructiveness of her compulsion about her son, and it startles her out of her dream and into consciousness, as she sobs. It is the catalyst for the change in her relationship with her son, from obsession to a healthy parent/adult child relationship. I have four sons in this stage of life right now (ages 22, 22, 20, and 18), and I truly miss the parent/child relationship of our days gone by. I can relate to the mom in the short movie, how I want to grab hold and keep them to myself despite their pulling away, yet I realize that a healthy dynamic is to let them go. This is why I cried in the movie theater yesterday.
  10. Oh, and as far as the Pixar Short and the mom eating the dumpling, I saw that as an act of desperation from the mom, that she was willing to do anything she had to do to keep him to herself. It was a bit shocking though. Lol
  11. Quill, I never recognized the theme of unification, though now that you mention it, yes, it's there. The theme of women power was certainly there, though not nearly as "in your face" as I thought it might have been - which I really appreciated. It wasn't preachy or demonstrative; it was just shown as fact. And I thought that the SAHD story was going to be yet another one of those "bumbling idiot dad who can't do anything right" stories. Glad it wasn't. Mr. I. was caught off guard with the challenges at first, but ultimately it showed him handling the situations really well, as most capable fathers can and do. So again, I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, I really enjoyed the film. I was afraid it would be preachy on those topics, but it wasn't. The main message about modern technology was a surprise to me, as I just didn't expect it to be that.
  12. It was a story about a mom raising a "dumpling". It starts as an adorable baby and shows how much the mother loves it, protects it, shares intimate moments with it as it grows up. Then the baby grows to be a snarly teenager and shuts out his mom from his life and hurts her. In the end, he chooses a new wife over his mom, and the mom is devastated. Turns out the dumpling was a dream, and her real son returns to her and she fosters a new relationship with him and his new wife. I'm tearing up just writing this.
  13. Just saw it yesterday. My husband asked me last night if the overall social message of the movie was "women power", and I said no, it was an indictment about the overuse of modern technology and mind control. Like you, I'd like to read that monologue too. Also, that short Pixar film at the beginning had me in tears. It hit me too close.
  14. Extra points for your dh! Yes, they are also known as whip scorpions, though they aren't actually scorpions.
  15. Just wanted to share our latest new friend out here in the desert. This is called a vinegaroon. My 18yo son found it on the side of our house as he left for work early one morning. You can get a sense of its size by comparing it to the basketball in the picture.
  16. I've put four always-homeschooled kids into four different colleges (private, public, in-state, out-of-state, large, small, technical, liberal arts, secular, religious), and I can assure you that colleges don't give a fig about your curriculum, or whether you were CC vs HSLDA Academy, or whatever. They care about seeing a transcript so they can check the boxes, and they care about your standardized test scores (SAT/ACT). So you can breathe now. ?
  17. Of course we remember you! Thank you for sharing the update. It comes to me quite timely and is full of exactly what I needed to hear today. I pray God continues to hold you tightly. Don't worry about "moving forward". Those steps will come when they need to come. You are loved by the Most High, dear sister.
  18. I just recently noticed this on the Amazon home page. I'm very curious about it!
  19. Yes, and I've been wondering about creekland too. I have no idea if people just took on new usernames or if they completely disappeared.
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