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  1. That's the kind of bed I have right now.
  2. For that matter, box springs and foot boards are going by way of the buggie whip too.
  3. I've been skipping over this thread until now because I thought it was just another one of those "I can't go potty without my toddlers bothering me" threads. Wow. Um, I was so wrong. Holy moly. OP, I'm adding my voice to everyone else's. Something is definitely askew. He is SOOO over the line of decency.
  4. None of the beds in my house have boxsprings. As for dorm beds, I've never seen a dorm bed that has boxsprings.
  5. As far as I can tell, it will be an entirely new storyline... I think?
  6. I see it has been confirmed.
  7. These are different from the ones I bought. The ones I bought were the thick ones in five different colors. I don't see them listed anymore, so they must be sold out.
  8. Does he snore? Snoring REALLY reduces the quality of sleep and leaves a person feeling unrested. Also consider snoring's close cousin, sleep apnea.
  9. This used to be so popular, but I haven't heard any mention of it in a long time. Does anyone still use this?
  10. No story. Just a regional oddity, that's all.
  11. There's a facebook group called Wedding Cookie Table Community that has some pretty amazing stuff. I know about it because my cousin (in the Pittsburgh area) belongs to it, and she often reposts their pictures and such.
  12. Interesting sidenote: when my sister married her Pittsburgher husband, they had a cookie table at the wedding... made of Moon Pies... because they lived in Mississippi. They handed out RC Cola to go with it. It was the perfect amalgamation of two cultures. Lol
  13. I grew up just north of Pittsburgh, and my BIL is a Pittsburgher... and yes, it's a real thing. All too real.
  14. This is my sentiment too. Has he asked for help with this issue? I don't mean to be snarky about it, but I really think you need to step back and let him grow through this. I say that in the most gentle way possible.
  15. Close. She doesn't work either. But she does have a source of income (life insurance payout). So essentially they sit there all day long on their dead butts and invent ways to money-grab.
  16. I hadn't heard of it either. I keep having these critters visit my honeysuckle, and I couldn't figure out if it was a tiny hummingbird or if it was a huge flying insect. I could've sworn I saw antennae on them, so... ??? Turns out they really are just big bugs. Who knew such a thing existed? A giant moth that looks and acts like a hummingbird! (Not a great quality video, sorry!) 20180701_210525.mp4
  17. I just wish there were something more I could do. I feel so helpless. ?
  18. I've been in close contact with my sister over the past few days. She's a mess. I'm really worried about her. If you are the praying type, please pray for her to be strengthened. I'm really worried that she is going to try to do something desperate. My other sisters and I have been talking her off the ledge over the past few days. She's not in a good place. (I'm not the only one seeing this; my mom and other sisters are seeing this also. All of us are worried about her.) Also, one of my other sisters has agreed to go with my sis to her next lawyer appointment to help her advocate for herself. She needs an extra set of eyes and ears, since she's not thinking straight right now. July 26th is the pending court date for this most recent nonsense.
  19. She did. Each and every check.
  20. I posted about this here several years ago... I went into the doctor because I had a bad rash on the side of my ribcage. It was really, really bad. The female doctor didn't care a fig about my rash. But man alive, did she ever try to push an antidepressant on me! She insisted I looked "sad" and asked me multiple times about feeling depressed, etc. She kept saying, "I can prescribe a mild antidepressant for you!" and, "It's not uncommon for middle-aged women in your position (SAHM???) to be on an antidepressant!" and, "Blah blah blah blah!" And she was generally annoyed that I turned down her offer. Just give me something for the freakin' rash, lady! Apparently being middle-aged and female automatically means you MUST need an antidepressant (and that rashes are cured by antidepressants???). That was the ONLY time I saw that doctor.
  21. I forgot to mention... he's gotten yet another new lawyer. The... seventh?... eighth...? one since the divorce ten years ago. He bamboozles each new lawyer with falsehoods. Once the lawyer catches on and advises against whatever it is he's trying to do, he fires him/her and moves on to another lawyer that he can snooker.
  22. Yes. I know. It's hard to believe the dumb-assery.
  23. I swore I wasn't going to resurrect this thread again, but this is just too unbelievable... Last week, the jerk reported my sister to CPS for failure to take dd to her therapy session. Which is a lie. She didn't take her ONE time because of a schedule conflict and it was rescheduled for next week. But whatever. Now my sister is under investigation. But the real wingdinger is that she received a letter from his lawyer claiming she never paid him child support for the two years that he had the kids. Again, total lie. She paid faithfully and has the canceled checks to prove it. He is claiming those were "gifts" and not child support and that she owes him $18,000+. It's so obviously not going to fly, but it's yet more legal fees. She's already nearly $50,000 in debt to lawyers from defending herself against this a-hole and his constant barrage of unfounded claims over the past ten years. He just never stops.
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