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  1. Forgot to mention that we get three months of free maintenance at any ASE certified mechanic if a problem is found after we buy it.
  2. I could be wrong, but I think all of Carvana's cars are gently used. We are buying a 1-yr old minivan with <7000 miles on it. I couldn't live stream to save my life. LOL! I plan to post a video once it is done.
  3. I guess I was thinking of the pap exam. I think that's the one every five years? I remember the doctor saying something to me once about "every five years".
  4. They told me my doctor will have the results for me in 2-3 weeks. If I have to go back, there's a mobile unit that comes to the town 110 miles away on every other Friday. That would be my next step, I suppose. I'm not anticipating a follow-up though.
  5. Is it? I honestly don't know; the guidelines change so often. I had one at 40, and today's at 45. I just figured I'd wait until 50 for the next one, unless I suspect something fishy.
  6. ... getting a mammogram in the back of a bus. Yes, it's that time of year again. The time that there are no tourists around and the mobile mammogram unit visits us way out here in the boonies, and all of us grey-haired local ladies line up to take our turn being poked, prodded, and squeezed. I just had to park next to the stables of longhorn cattle and walk across the dusty dirt road to get to the big, pink, shiny bus. The best part is that I only had to travel 30 miles to get to it. And now I'm good for another five years.
  7. I've used Saxon for many, many years. In the middle grades, this is what our day looks like: Start by going over missed problems from yesterday's homework assignment. Mental math done orally together. I teach the new lesson. We do the lesson practice problems together. Assign the mixed practice and daily fact sheet as homework. (I don't time the fact sheets unless it is for an exam.) And if course, every five lessons is the exam. And yes, we do all the problems.
  8. You're not crazy. It is unfortunately too common for reality to become distorted in order for the guilty party to justify nefarious actions.
  9. I noticed that too when I was researching. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works out well for us and we are in the "love it" crowd.
  10. We get a one-hour test drive along with a seven-day "I changed my mind" option.
  11. Wow. So maybe this actually is "a thing" nowadays. Im not so annoyed that its ruining my day or anything like that. I'll still send her a gift and well-wishes, swoon over her new baby, etc. It just caught me off guard with a reaction of "What the heck is this? "
  12. If I thought it was an issue of money, I'd excuse it. But I know they are doing well financially (bought a house last year, own their own business, etc), enough to have professionally printed invitations.
  13. If everyone had received evites, I wouldn't think anything of it. But this was a photo taken with her phone camera of the pro-printed paper invitations. Obviously, some people got the paper invites. But I got a picture of one.
  14. Is this the new norm? I'm wondering if this is just "how it's done nowadays"?
  15. A few days ago my niece (who is expecting her first baby) posted something on Facebook about being registered at Target, etc. I thought, "Cool! Sounds like a baby shower invitation will be arriving soon." Um... Not exactly how it played out. I got a facebook messenger message from her yesterday with a picture of the professionally printed baby shower invitations. I mean, she obviously has invitations. As her aunt and uncle, are we not worthy to actually receive one in the mail? Our relationship is fine, btw. Or so I thought. Yeah, I'm a bit annoyed at being slighted like this. Am I overreacting?
  16. If it makes you feel better, I took the very first homeschooling curriculum I ever purchased (which I used with all my kids - Phonics Pathways) and put it in a shadow box. It's now hanging on the wall above my desk. Sentimental? Yes.
  17. We bought a minivan from a Carvana vending machine in San Antonio. We go get it next weekend and will watch it lower down the elevators when we insert our token. Novel, eh? I hope it works out for us. We don't exactly live in a place where car buying is easy.
  18. What in the world...??? As if you weren't already stressed enough! Definitely lodge a complaint, somewhere, somehow. And tell them the reason your dh was there in the first place, just so they feel even worse about it! I'm sorry you had to deal with that!
  19. Oh man, that's rough. I'm sorry. As for your son... when we told our SN son about gpa's passing, he did as your son did: asked questions, didn't cry, etc. At the viewing, however, he totally lost it. It was as if the reality of it hadn't sunk in until he saw the body in the casket. Only then was it real to him. Also, a year later when we went to visit the gravesite, he started having behavioural problems immediately afterwards over trivial issues. (Example, he had a meltdown in the car as we were leaving the cemetery about "never being allowed to sit in the front seat".) I connected the dots and realized it was related to the gravesite visit and was his way of dealing with the grief. I think grief manifests itself in (what we consider) unusual ways in our very literal, concrete thinkers. Don't be surprised if the grief rears its head in odd ways and at odd times.
  20. I have a tentative plan. (I've been at this long enough to know that the best laid of plans are usually thrown by the wayside by mid-February... LOL) Math - Saxon 8/7 Logic - Mind Benders Reading - (linked into Texas history... not sure of exact titles yet) Composition/Grammar - R&S English 7 Penmanship - Zaner-Bloser Cursive 4 Spelling - Spelling Workout G Vocabulary - Vocabulary from Classical Roots A Social Studies - semester of the Lone Star Study (Texas Home School Coalition), and a semester of Texas History (LifePac) Science - Apologia General Science Foreign Language - Latina Christiana I Art - History of Art (Veritas Press) and Artistic Pursuits (Middle School book)
  21. Does anyone have any experience with this resource? I'm considering buying it, but I'm just a little trigger shy. Thoughts? (Edited: Can't get the link to work right.)
  22. Absolutely yes. This is something we've been warned about too. Definitely something the grandparents need to be aware of.
  23. Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to know. I have ordered from both of these in the past, but I couldn't remember which one had ALL the stuff and which one was more sparse.
  24. What we are planning to do, but haven't yet done... (it's on the to-do list) We do intend to set up a special needs trust fund for our son. Upon our deaths, his portion of the inheritance will go into the trust fund.We also have my husband's survivor benefit, which will go to me first, then upon my death it will transfer to our son's trust fund until his death, at which time it will cease to pay out. Our other children will not have any of the survivor benefit. They will have other inheritance rights, but not the survivor benefit. One option we are considering is a master pooled trust fund, specially looking at the ARC's. Oh, and definitely utilize a lawyer who specializes in special needs trusts.
  25. I live in the boonies and I'm very far from any stores. I need to get a lab kit for Apologia General Science. Some of them send only the hard-to-find stuff like Bunsen burners and the odd chemicals, while others send you nearly everything including aluminum foil and rubber bands. I need the one that send as much as possible. Suggestions?
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