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  1. Me me me! I coexist with bats! I have to sweep the guano off my front porch every single morning. There is a gap between the wall and the overhang in which the bats roost during the daytime. At night they fly away. In the morning I get bat droppings and grasshopper legs and insect wings and anything else leftover from their night of feasting. I just sweep it away. I live inside a national park in government housing, and it is illegal for me to do anything about it, especially exterminate. So, I just live with it. I don't bother them, and they don't bother me. We live together peacefully.
  2. I have two 22yo's, a 20yo, and an 18yo. Astoundingly, all four of them know so much more than I do. I just let them continue to think that, knowing full well that one day they'll see how little they actually do know. Karma is kind in that way.
  3. OP, that was the EXACT conversation I had with a military recruiter a few years ago when my son was considering enlistment. The recruiter just COULD NOT wrap his head around the fact that we homeschooled outright without any umbrella program telling us what to do. He was convinced that the diploma had to come from somewhere other than us. Frustrating.
  4. Three days until we drop off our fourth child at college. Surreal.
  5. Oh, definitely. So Silver is my shampoo. (But use it sparingly, or you'll end up with blueish hair. ? I use it only once or twice a week, while using a normal moisturizing shampoo on other days.)
  6. OP, could it be that she is struggling against depression (or another illness), or that there is something else very personal going on that has made her go to her church family for support? I would not discount the idea that there's more going on than you might know. Is it typical? No. Is it unheard of that people need long-term help? Again, no.
  7. Y'know, I know people with 1 or 2 kids who whine and complain and get tons of help too, so I don't think this is limited to large families. I suppose its more a personality thing than a large family thing.
  8. I never had the luxury of living near family who could/would help out. I did, however, have help in other ways. I hired housekeeping help (biweekly) for probably 15 years or so. I accepted a friend's offer to babysit one evening per week when dh was deployed and all six kids were <10yo and I couldn't get groceries without dragging all six kids along with me. When I had a new baby and people offered to bring meals, I didn't say no. But I don't think that's any different from someone with a smaller family.
  9. I started greying in my late teens. In my 20's I was highlighting my hair to blend the grey. In my 30's I colored. When I turned 40 I had already been disguising it for 20 years and I had enough of that bullsh!t and went completely grey. I'm 46 now and I love the freedom.
  10. I just wanted to address this concern about being paid lower than minimum wage. The reasoning is that a person on SSI (which the majority of vocational rehab participants are) cannot exceed a certain amount of income per month, otherwise they lose the SSI. Losing SSI would also mean losing Medicaid and other entitlements that a disabled person needs to survive. So given that the person must have a low income in order to retain benefits, the options are one of two things: either work for higher wages but doing far fewer work hours, or do a normal amount of work hours at a lower wage. Since we know people gain a sense of purpose and are generally happier and healthier when they feel connected to the community and feel they are contributing, the latter option is the choice.
  11. (I'm replying without reading the thread.) Have you made use of vocational rehabilitation services offered through your state (FL)? Your ds is exactly who it is intended to help.
  12. Kinsa


    Ha! My son is playing Fortnite right now as I read this thread...
  13. For some bizarre, incomprehensible reason to me, we have groups in Texas who are actively working AGAINST this option. I truly don't get it.
  14. Oh, and I'm going to marry Billy Joel when I grow up, so the rest of ya just back off.
  15. 80's music is all my 18yo listens to. And I gotta say that I'm shaking my head in dismay that people have never seen Uptown Girl.
  16. We got ours from The Home Depot.
  17. I understand. Many hugs.
  18. If dh croaked today, I'd be kicked out of my current house because it is government housing which is provisional upon dh's employment with the government. I would not stay in the area. I'd probably immediately go buy an RV and live in it until I figured out my next step.
  19. They took our old 15pax van as a trade in. They guaranteed a price to us before we got there, sight unseen, and according to Kelley Blue Book they offered a very fair price. Overall, I've been very pleased with the whole experience!
  20. I can think of a couple reasons why this would be better than a car lot. One is real estate. It takes a much smaller amount of land to do this than a sprawling car lot would take. Another reason is that this would protect the cars from vandalism, hail damage, etc. And third, I'm sure the novelty of it doesn't hurt sales.
  21. A few pictures (above). My video exceeds the maximum size allowed, so I can't show that to you. Sorry! I'm dumbfounded over how easy this was. We drove up, inserted the token they gave us, out came the van into "Bay #4"... we signed some papers that were already printed and ready.... the hardest part was transferring our stuff from one vehicle into another.
  22. I have lived in SA on and off for a total of 15 years or so throughout the years. It is a wonderful city that is very friendly and open to all. It is a bright, vibrant, flamboyant culture which is awesome. Strong military presence in the city. German/Czech settlements to the north; Hispanic culture to the south; they meet in the middle. Tourist destination; yet not overrun with tourists. Major transportation hub with intersection of several interstate highways and a large airport. Many good colleges and universities. Strong Roman Catholic influence. Great city. I would move back (again) in a heartbeat. (Austin is a city full of displaced people from other states, so it has a distinctive feel to it that doesn't really match the rest of the state.)
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