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  1. Just popping in to say a quick hello and let y'all know I'm still alive. Still homeschooling; down to my last two kids. Things have been... sticky... since we moved. It's been rough; I'll spare you the details. I just keep trudging on and pull strength from my Lord. Life is a gift; my joy abounds regardless of my circumstances. Don't know if I'll be around much. Just wanted to say howdy to all my friends.
  2. Tricare is ALWAYS last payor insurance, per federal law. Dental is a whole other ball of wax.
  3. Kinsa

    We're moving

    Depends on how quickly we can close on a house. We're thinking end of October, but no date yet.
  4. Who do you root for when your two kids' current universities are playing against each other for the upcoming weekend's football game? Eek! (Texas State vs Univ of TX at SA) Guess I'll play Switzerland on this one. ?
  5. Kinsa

    We're moving

    Yes! We do have one! It's about 90 miles away, but still! (And the newest development... there's now a Target shopping cart out front!)
  6. I used it for a little while, years ago (15 years ago?) to clear up mastitis. And yes, it worked. However, I discontinued using it when I read that it can turn your skin irreversibly blue!
  7. Kinsa

    We're moving

    By the way, you DO realize, don't you, that I'm going to marry George Strait when I grow up, right? (LOL)
  8. Kinsa

    We're moving

    The kids and I have been here for over two years. DH has been here for three years. I still have two kids at home. The kids are excited to be moving, but like me they will miss it here too. I think overall it will be a good move for our family. We've had this song on a continuous loop for several days. LOL He is leaving the National Park Service. And yes, it's a good thing, in this case. I'm okay with it. I love the tranquility of living here and being so close to nature. I will be happy to not have to drive two hours each direction to get groceries. That gets old. Well, considering that we get absolutely NOTHING for him here, I'm sure it will be a step in the right direction. LOL DH applied for the job at the end of July. He interviewed for it THREE times in August, and the job offer finally came last Thursday. He is transferring from one federal agency to another, and I think he'll be much more comfortable in the new position (in the Veterans Administration) than he is here. The National Park Service and being a military veteran... well, those two things can't be on further ends of the spectrum. LOL
  9. We are leaving the paradise of Big Bend National Park and heading back into civilization. Amarillo. Next month. Anyone from there?
  10. Forgot to mention about our trade-in. They offered us a price for it over the phone before we got there. Their offer was, again, right in the middle of where KBB said it should be. I thought they'd try to talk us down once we arrived and they looked it over, but they didn't. They just offered us the agreed upon price, never really even looked over the trade in. Just kept their word and did what they said they would.
  11. Hi! Yes, it was a great experience. We found what we wanted on the website and "ordered" it. They transported it from Tennessee (?) to San Antonio where we picked it up. Most of the details were taken care of over the phone (including a 3-way call with our bank) before we got there. We arrived a week later and signed the papers they already had ready for us. No haggling, no negotiating. It was great. The car price was right in the middle of where Kelley Blue Book said it should be, so I'm confident we weren't snookered. We had time to look over the car and take it for an hour long test drive before we signed the papers. Seven day no questions asked return policy for any reason whatsoever. Three months free maintenance if a problem is discovered. Plus, we even got travel money from them since we came from a far distance. As far as we could tell, we had nothing to lose. The van has been a gem. So happy with the entire experience, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  12. (Bah. Nevermind. I don't have time to get wrapped up in a discussion.)
  13. Aw, I had forgotten about that one. My dearly departed MIL liked this show. Gosh, I miss her.
  14. I second the recommendation for Midsomer Murders.
  15. When my husband was in Iraq, the USO was phenomenal in helping the service members stay connected with families. They would video record dh reading a bedtime story, then mail the video along with the book home to us. They would set up VTC (video tele-conference) links for us. They had XBOX stations set up so dh could play live video games with our kids, complete with audio connection.
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