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  1. My dd hs'ed until grade 4.5. She is doing fine in a little catholic school now and we supplement with Saxon Math after school and in the summer. Her spelling and handwriting is not improving like I would like. I'm looking at Spelling You See American Spirit to supplement with this summer but would love any advice. She's a good but not great reader and I'd say her spelling and handwriting is very poor for a rising 6th grader. Any programs you guys recommend? Thank you!!! Amanda
  2. I am at a complete loss- there is a tween girl that I'd like to take shopping for first bras and fun clothes that fit but she is much bigger than your average 10 year old but not curvy or developed. She is quite stout but not extremely chunky. The 12-14 size at target is long enough but on the snug side. Where do I go? I do not want anything that says husky or something like that. Please help! Thanks!!!!!!
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    BOOKSHARK GRADE 3 with Advanced Readers- asking $250 + shipping (I will calculate for interested parties) Readers show some minor surface damage from being taped to the wall. Ready to ship in two weeks June 14, 2015 Cannot help but say how much we loved this curriculum. Best year yet! Very thorough but not grinding. Challenging but not overwhelming. My daughter doesn’t love to read but the books held her attention and she often read ahead- shockingJ Included: Instructor’s Guide for Language Arts, Science, and History History- The Lewis and Clark Expedition The Landmark of the American People The Beginner’s American History If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution Science- The First Encyclopedia of the Seas and Oceans The Magic School Bus-Inside the Human Body The Usborne Science Encyclopedia Real Science-4-Kids Biology Usborne Mysteries and Marvels of Nature TOPS Green Thumbs: Corn and Beans 39 Do and Discover DVD 3 Read Alouds- Swift Rivers Winter Danger Walk the World’s Rim The Sign of the Beaver The Secret of the Sealed Room Justin Morgan had a Horse Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Tolliver’s Secret Johnny Tremain The Witch of Blackbird Pond A Children’s Introduction to Poetry (w/ CD) Readers- Om-kas-toe The Cabin Faced West A Lion to Guard Us The Bears of Hemlock Mountain Squanto- Friend of the Pilgrims The Courage of Sarah Noble Sarah, Plain and Tall Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman Meet George Washinton Phoebe the Spy Meet Thomas Jefferson The Matchlock Gun Pocahontas and the Strangers Advanced Readers- The Corn Grows Ripe The Thanksgiving Story The Story of Eli Whitney Stone Fox Mr. Revere and I Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia Tikta’Liktak Naya Nuki You will need- Binder, Map, Timeline book- $68.00 Timeline figures- $9.50 Children’s Encyclopedia of American History- $29.99 Language Arts Activity sheets- $13.99 Non-consumable Science kit (good for 3,4,6)- $33.99 Science kit- $16.99 Science Activity Sheets- $13.99 TOPS Radish book- $18.00 Math Program- $varies-approximately ($56-$141) Handwriting Without Tears 3 Package - $21.00 (optional) Wordly Wise 3 - $12.40 (optional) Wordly Wise key- $5.65 (optional) Lyrical Science CD and Workbook Volume 1 and 2- $60.00 (optional) ASKING $250 + shipping (I will calculate for interested parties) check, money order or paypall


  4. I loooove this forum!!!! The advertising angle seems reasonable to me.
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