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  1. He is studying French through an online class (WTMA). He is specifically struggling with the grammar. He is doing well with learning the vocabulary etc.. He is thirteen. He would like to continue learning French and has expressed an interest in Mandarin as well. We haven't tried DuoLingo nor have we tried Rosetta Stone
  2. I am looking for some guidance in regards to teaching a second language. My DS is currently enrolled in an online class and is struggling. Any ideas on how to make this a more successful experience? Thanks!
  3. May I ask with whom you made the appointment? I am looking for a referral as well. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all! I have Aops Pre A and have ordered Jousting Armadillos, Dolciani and Jacob's to compare. I probably will end up using two different programs after reflecting on it a bit more. I was trying to make my life a little easier by combining them both, as they are so close in age. My younger one just completed Singapre 5 and my older one completed Saxon 7/6.
  5. I have a son who has completed Saxon 7/6 and another one who has completed Singapore 5. I would love to combine them both for math. Would AOPS pre algebra be appropriate for after Saxon 7/6 and Singapore 5? Are there any other math programs you would recommend? Thank you!

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    Textbook, Workbook and Extra Practice. The Workbook and Extra practice have some pencil marks on the first 15 pages. We switched to another program after.



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    Home Instructor's Guide.



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    This set is brand new and includes the Textbook, Workbook, Home Instructor's Guide and Extra Practice. Asking $35.00


  9. :iagree: What i have seen is that sometimes with an iron deficiency there is really an underlying digestive issue that is hindering absorption. Do you have any heartburn, bloating etc? It could be an acid issue.
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