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  1. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    DS wants me to test drive an Expedition. I just don't want to feel like I am driving a tank (suburban) so it is good to know that you feel more comfortable driving one. I don't typically go for non-Japanese cars but maybe I will test drive one to see 🙂
  2. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I have never sat in nor driven anything Subaru. I feel the same way about Hondas though. My very first car was a Honda. The brand has been super reliable for my family. I have a special place in my heart for them so I understand your sentiment for Subaru ❤️
  3. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I have hated every minivan I have owned. 😂 Maybe I owned the wrong ones? 🤨
  4. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I can maybe think of one time when we have squeezed 8. We put the small people in the back row that time. 8 is not our standard need. We usually only seat 4-6. Even when I bring college kids home, it is usually only 4-5 people and their stuff. I will go alone and get them, not the whole family. The only reason I mentioned 8 seats was because there are many smaller SUVs with 7 seats that are simply too small for us.
  5. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I think It is new to the market for 2018 or 2019? So no one really knows, but my thought is that you can't go too wrong with Subaru. It is almost identical in size to the newer style Pilot. I think they are attempting to compete in the market as Pilot, Highlander, Pathfinder, etc.
  6. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    Our Pilot's 3rd row is tight too. We rarely use the whole row and we use one of the seats at the most. We do have a car top carrier. The 4Runner 3rd row is optional. We would have to get one with the third tow though.
  7. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I think it would be tight? Let me give it a look though.
  8. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    awww...poor girl. She looks sweet though 🙂 I think we need a bench in the middle. It is tight in our pilot but it wouldn't be workable without a bench. We put all but one seat down in the back and travel light.
  9. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    I added an ETA 2 😂
  10. Attolia

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    We will most likely replace our family vehicle in the next year (fifteen year old Honda Pilot). We love the Pilot. It has been the perfect vehicle for our family. It has 230,000 miles on it and we have literally done nothing but maintenance. We will make it a teen driver vehicle if it is still running as good as it is now. The body style was changed in 2016 and it is a bit smaller. We might simply buy a newer Pilot but we are unsure. We want to look and see what other options there are. The Toyota 4Runner seems to be more comparable to the old Pilot than most other options. I would like 8 seats, but might compromise for 7 if the cargo space is sufficient. There are 6 of us and 2 dogs when go on road trips. I also tend to bring home extra college kids for breaks, etc. I can't go much smaller than what we have now. My initial thought is to test drive: Honda Pilot, Toyota 4Runner, Subaru Ascent, Nissan Armada, Infiniti QX80, and maybe the Benz GLS? Any experiences with these? Any vehicles we should add to the list as we are looking? ETA - I know that I don't want a suburban or another large SUV. I am simply not comfortable going that large. ETA 2 - We are smallish people. I know that my tall friends would never be comfortable in a Pilot and would need a suburban or expedition. DH is the tallest at 5'10" and my girls are both right at 5'1". ETA3 - obviously we push the limits of what most people would do with a Pilot 😂 This is one reason I am afraid to go smaller. When we go all 6 and 2 dogs, it is tight and one poor person is crammed the back seat, three in the middle bench. I never said that it was comfortable. But the reality is, most of the time it is just me and 2 kids max. It is only for the rare trip that we squeeze in.
  11. Attolia

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    A deposit isn't used for the things that aren't glaringly obvious because the housecleaner would have to report it and they probably won't notice a toaster or such missing. A large item like tv or sofa would be obvious.
  12. Attolia

    Thyroid--TSH only?

    If you aren't comfortable then definitely find a new doctor. TSH is not worthless, per se. It tells part of a story. It is important and usually does show if someone needs further labs. If I was symptomatic I would want a full thyroid panel. In someone not symptomatic a TSH alone is pretty standard. A thyroid panel becomes important in someone who has an elevated TSH that is technically still in range. My dd for example, was symptomatic, had a family history, and her TSH was borderline high. I requested a full thyroid panel and it suggested deeper problems than TSH alone would show.
  13. Attolia

    Happy thread

    Love your pit 😁 Ours is the sweetest dog we’ve ever had ❤️
  14. Attolia

    Let's talk CBD oil

    I finally ordered some for DS. His crohns is in a bad spot right now. He is on a round of prednisone but we will try the CBD oil before biologics. Hopefully I found a good brand, it was sure expensive so it better be real 🤨
  15. Attolia

    Mop recommendations

    Too funny, I had it narrowed down to four choices and these were two of them 😂
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