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  1. We have one of those pumps of chocolate sauce by our coffee maker. Youngest DS made hot chocolate this morning with it. He was drinking it and then he noticed green floating in it. I pulled up the pump wand and it was completely moldy. Green yucky mold. No idea how this happened. It isn't supposed to need refrigeration. I gave him three activated charcoal tablets and made him drink water. The worst that could happen is an upset stomach right? Other things are rare and not likely? Gross but not dangerous? 😑
  2. I think it is a mix - I wish it could be better, I am a peacemaker by nature and work hard to keep peace in relationships, I tend to be optimistic about others, and I genuinely just love people. I have good relationships with everyone else, they are the exception in my life and not the rule. Actually, thinking about that as I type, that right there is a huge sign that the problems are on their side. They really dislike and distrust people, have no friends, have alienated themselves from most family. They are very proud and cannot stand anyone 😞. It really must be a miserable existence. Thank ya'll for letting me process through all of this. It seems small but it is always helpful ❤️
  3. Ya'll held my hand through all of my in-law junk, even giving me the courage to cut ties there (years ago). My mom bumped into MIL at the grocery store. My mom, being the kind of person who is open and can put on a fake face, grabbed her and gave her a big hug, etc. I was not blessed with that gene 🤣 So, mom called me to tell me about it. She said that MIL mistook her for me and was confused (I mean, she is getting close to 80 now). My mom told me a little about FIL's health, etc and left it at that. The convo made me feel so guilty. Maybe I should try to fix it? I mean, MIL hugged my mom thinking it was me, etc? Maybe they are just sitting there, as they get older, regretting their decision, maybe they have changed, etc? I battled this feeling for two days. I bounced it off my teens and they were like "mom, they are crazy, you can't do anything, we lived it, let it go." Then my mom called me Saturday to say, "Your dad said for me not to tell you all the crazy and mean stuff she said because it would cause unnecessary pain but I have to tell you this one thing because it proves how delirious they are....." Anyhow, guilt gone. I told my mom what I was feeling when she left it the way she did the first time. My mom said, "so sorry, no she's still as mean as ever. I am your mom and she talked trash about you the entire time and half of it I know for a fact isn't reality so I assume it is all crazy". Gah, I had a two day meltdown for nothing. And then this morning in church the pastor was talking about forgiveness and how we are required to forgive but not to reconcile. That reconciliation requires change and that some people are just so relationally diseased that there isn't hope of reconciliation. So we are going on almost 4 years now. It gets easier with each year but I still struggle sometimes. Will I always struggle/question myself some?
  4. Wow, I forgot Yahoo was a thing 🤣 Now I am even reminded that they have groups - I remember those now?!?! I can't be the only one right?
  5. I don't sync. Maybe I should try it too? I am just a little too much of a control freak I suppose. Typing it myself feels more like I am control 🤣
  6. YNAB has a 34 day free trial. I say, try it! branded&utm_content=ynab&utm_term=ynab&ar_clx=yes&ar_channel=sem&ar_campaign=36195583&ar_adgroup=1420857373&ar_ad=168915753796&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_5rtBRDxARIsAJfxvYA_V7t-lxIjh6ylDESwKkOAxf3ygBFTef0cb1_tt-nk5kAZaf2uCfIaAiXeEALw_wcB
  7. You can add as many categories as you want. Under flexible, I have groceries, pets, household, medical, entertainment, and all the things that shift around a lot. You can run a report covering as many months as you want to see how much was spend each month and what your average was for the total of the months. You can allot an amount each month to those categories or do like me and just track it. I don't put in a budgeted amount in the beginning, I simply adjust it to match what I've spent (when I balance it). I do allot an exact amount for fixed expenses. If that makes sense?
  8. We use YNAB as well and have for years. Love it. I just balance everything by making sure everyone online matches YNAB. So YNAB works like my register, if that makes sense? You can enter your checks, charges, etc and then mark them as clear. It will show you the balance vs the cleared balance.
  9. It was interesting for me to recognize the motivation behind so much of what I do. Peace is definitely a main driving force for me. I have no problem with white lies if it keeps me from conflict. "I have an appointment" is a great excuse for anything. 🤣 I think there is a chart with your greatest motivation/greatest fear that might help you more. I also think it is helpful to see the varying degrees of that personality type. Healthy to unhealthy. If you are very unhealthy you may mistype as well. Also, if I am a 9, what does my healthy state look like? And when I am in an unhealthy spot, what are the signs of that?
  10. My teens and my millennial sister (haha) are super into this. Wing is different than the type you are closest to and I do not understand that either. Another thing to keep in mind, is moms almost always test higher on 2 than they may actually be naturally. The mom role changes how you answer questions. Take it again and answer the questions about relationships other than your immediate family? I always test equally a 9 and a 2. I think maybe the mom is making me more a 2 than I really am.
  11. Ok, for real this has been so nice ❤️. I think what added to last time was that my oldest child was about to be left at college for the first time! Those were some crazy feelings to be left alone in a hotel with lol. BTW, HGTV is great background noise 😉. And I used a soft rain soundtrack last night. Oh, and they had a $5 mini bottle of wine so I totally took them up on that offer. On the downside, I haven't actually gotten that much done 😑 I never watch tv alone and I found this show on Netflix called New Girl. Not the wisest decision but oh well. So this morning and afternoon I will need to work hard to make this time beneficial. 🤣
  12. ok, ya'll are always good at what you do, haha. Reservation made ❤️
  13. Maybe others with more experience will have better thoughts here. The only thing that stood out to me....In my experience, with a part time nanny/babysitting job, you are only paid when you work. Actually, that is true for any part time job. There aren't vacation days, etc for employees in that situation. If you deem certain weeks that she will not work, I personally don't see how she can expect pay?
  14. For me, gf + df + good food + cutting sugar to almost zero helps the joint pain, energy, etc. I was born with a dead metabolism so I constantly remind myself that every calorie needs to count. I need to eat for the best nutrition ~ I have no room for empty calories. For example, I often have coffee with dairy free milk/creamer for breakfast not because I am starving myself but because I am simply not hungry and don't need the calories. If I am really hungry before lunch then I have something small like a piece of fruit, but if I really listen to my body then I can usually wait for lunch. For lunch today I had a bowl with quinoa, rubbed kale, beans, and a veggie mix I made with Chinese eggplant and onions. I topped that with a red pepper dressing. This afternoon I had an apple. For dinner we will have leftover tamales that I made two days ago. I will probably only eat one (maybe two if I am naughty haha) and then have some veggies or something. I just don't have the metabolism 😞 Weight is a constant struggle for me. It isn't fair for people like us lol. I also find that lots of water and green tea help too. Keep us posted. I am always looking for ideas ❤️
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