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  1. We are a die hard Marvel family. Can I be totally non-pc here. I cannot stand Captain Marvel. I felt very neutral about her in Captain Marvel but in this film-gag, so smug. There are so many amazing female characters in this group. Shuri, Scarlett Witch, Black Widow, The Wasp - love them all. I just don't like Captain Marvel. They tried to bring her in too late in the game and made her too powerful and she's so proud/smug. She isn't really part of the team overall. She's not loved in our house. From what I have read we are not alone. My first thought seeing Peter go back to school was how? how did five years pass and he steps back into high school? I am excited about another Black Panther, Dr Strange, or Spiderman movie. Another Guardians would be fun too. I am sad that the avengers era has ended though 😞.
  2. We really like Dragonwood and Kingdomino/queendomino but we have always played them together as one game (king/queen) and I am not sure how they play individually.
  3. We have a few....Rush hour, laser maze, code master, gravity maze, and another few I can't recall right now. I work part time and DS comes along with me. I need some new things for our work tote and his birthday is coming up. Any ideas? He is 10 in May and very good at thinking and logic puzzles. He is strong in math and reading so nothing too young. A challenge would be nice.
  4. Oh, yes, we can always find reasons. DS has a birthday in May so that has already been on my mind as I feel the lure to check out the sale today. I could use them for my class that I teach, right? As long as I live, never will I see another Wednesday in April of 2019 again! I am pretty sure that makes today a special occasion 🤣
  5. Books and Board Games. Those are my weaknesses. I get you. I did this at Christmas. The only thing I regret is that I saw your post here today. Currently repeating on a loop "I will not go to amazon today, I will not go to amazon today, I will not go to amazon...I am stronger than this". 🙃 In the big picture, it is a small mistake right? I remember thinking through how to tell Dh last time. "The good news is...I didn't have an affair, I am not in love with another man, I didn't go out and buy a new car, but I did buy like 20 board games (cringes)"
  6. I have battled this for years. Really, really good shoes. I just know to budget as my shoes are $150 +. I am in Brooks Glycerins right now and I mostly stay in those. No heels, no cute strap sandals, etc. I have some leather sandals from SAS that I can wear. Keen and Merrell are usually pretty safe (not the barefoot, minimalist sort though). Think...really really cushion-like and supportive. Stretching your legs and feet and rolling a spiky massage ball on the bottom of my feet and legs helps too. This isn't a quick fix and mine still flares sometimes. It stinks. Good luck.
  7. The office called today. The Doctor and PA sat down and reviewed the film together. They both agree that it has all of the characteristics of being benign. I think osteochondroma is the right name @hornblower.
  8. I was already thinking that I will call anyway if I don't hear from him. I just want to make sure that an orthopedic doctor actually looks at it and it doesn't get forgotten. He said that it will grow until he is done growing. They will not remove it unless it becomes a problem or gets painful. I think they view it as a situation to monitor.
  9. Ya'll have always been better at walking me through these things than any doctor. 9yo DS fell and hurt his knee. He couldn't put weight on it. The next day I notice a lump above the growth plate in his knee. I thought he had just really messed something up in there. I took him to the orthopedic doctor yesterday and he saw a PA. The PA said that the knee is probably just bruised and sprained. It is inflamed and just needs time. The lump is a bone tumor that we had simply never noticed before. It is fairly large. The PA was not the least bit worried about it though. He said that it looks completely benign. He is going to have a doctor look at the x ray this week to confirm his thoughts but he said not to worry at all unless I heard back from him. Someone with more experience than me please tell me if this is right? If it was malignant then it would look different? He said that a malignant tumor would be tender. DS says it doesn't hurt at all. Is this still true if it is early? The malignant type is most commonly diagnosed in boys 10-20 and he will be ten in a few weeks. It is also in the most common location for the malignant sort. I am not worried about it, I just want to make sure something isn't overlooked.
  10. @J-rap @PeterPan @mom@shiloh. @Carol in Cal. @DesertBlossom. @Stacia @elegantlion @TheReader What an amazing list already and I am sure there will be more. I am literally making a list, haha. And @PeterPan, nothing is to be laughed at. Sometimes it isn't how profound the story is but how it hits where we are at the time, how it speaks to us personally. That has totally happened to me before. In fact, when I was at a turning point in my marriage, the movie Before We Go (not an overwhelming favorite of mine) really spoke to me in this quote. “There will always be struggle, you just have to pick who you want to struggle with.” I am really trying to remember what has spoken to me. I haven't read or watched that much because so many things just seem a waste of time. I often start books and tv shows and even movies sometimes and don't even finish them. I want to expand my reading and watching list with depth. Especially right not, I want depth and I don't need to waste my precious time with twaddle. Books that stand out... Night (I am not sure anyone can read this one and not be impacted, right?) Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society To Kill A Mockingbird Diary of Anne Frank Movies/TV that have really spoken to me lately About Time (it is on Netflix now and if you've never watched this then it might be my tippy top overall favorite movie ever) I started Outlander recently and I wouldn't normally watch something like this (so sexual) but the story is gripping and in some weird way it is speaking to me. I can't even explain it, its totally weird. Lord of the Rings, this clip in particular has always been at the top of my list and sums up exactly what I am thinking about stories that stick with you. I will think of more and I am making a list now to read/watch in the future. Thanks y'all! ❤️❤️
  11. It occurred to me that one reason I limit myself drastically in the realm of tv/movies/books is very few things are worth the investment of time. What have you read or watched that was without question a good investment of time or that impacted/changed/moved you in some way? You can describe how or why it impacted/changed you or not give the details ... your choice. I know that opinions vary, I am just curious for you (personally). ❤️
  12. fried chicken livers pop tarts, little Debbie cakes, Twinkies liver and onions stouffer's turkey and gravy anything chef boyardee
  13. And I just keep thinking about this storyline. A woman is whisked back in time into the life of an absolutely adorable, Scottish, guyish guy ... in a kilt? Which one of ya'll wrote this story? Come on, fess up. This had to be from the mind of the Hive 😂🤣
  14. My kids are gifted but I have never taken it seriously. My three oldest are doing great and pursuing their interests, etc so I don't feel too guilty but I do sometimes regret that I never challenged them more. As my youngest finishes up fourth grade I am left wondering, what if? What if I do challenge him rather than let him zip by so easily? I see where he chooses to challenge himself sometimes but I never really challenge him within our curriculum. Yes, he is almost done with 6th grade math with a breeze (nothing new, nothing challenging). I am not even sure what I am looking for? I just know that it is all too easy for him. So, as I think of what to change, I would like to read up on this more. Do you have favorite books or resources on how to challenge gifted kids? I am not looking for curriculum at this point. What sparked these thoughts was the email today from RFWP introducing the new book From Stress to Success. I just made me wonder which resources ya'll appreciate most ❤️
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