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  1. Although we are Christian and attend the local baptist church, I am trying to remain secular in our learning at home. I would like to find curriculum which, although may make a few references to Christian views, is primarily secular in the lessons. Thank you for the replies so far, I will definitely be looking into the suggestions.
  2. First posting from a long time lurker. This is my first year homeschooling. I have a ds-12s(hs),ds-9(ps) and dd-14(ps) . The neighborhood ps is extremely overcrowded and after many years of frustration trying to get the acceleration required for my oldest, we gave up. Now, due to the same situation, we are considering bring home our ds-9. I have been doing some research with regards to curriculum. I believe that I have math and science figured out. His brother is using Singapore for both of these subjects and my youngest did some Singapore Math over the summer. My areas of concern
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