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  1. My daughter told me a great joke with respect to group projects: My dying wish would be to have all of my former group members lower me into my grave. That way they can let me down one last time.
  2. We just got back from staying at the Poly resort. We have been to Disney and stayed at the resort numerous times. Let me just say that we are definitely NOT a fan of the new fastpass system. We had to say ahead of time which 3 rides we wanted and then the website would give us 4 options that would work with those rides. You can not pick to fastpass across parks and you only get the three a day. We found that often we went to the park and found that we didn't really need the fast passes that we asked for and would have much rather choosen something else. They have removed all of the normal fastpass machines at the Animal Kingdom and according to the working castmembers were shortly removing other machines from the parks. ARGH I would much rather have the old fastpass system! The only parts of the new system I like are the braclets for room keys/charging/entering the parks/pictures. We are seat of the pants planners and thus don't really plan out our whole vacation and restaurants 60 days out. We actually stopped using the online restaurant reservations and just walked up to the restaurants to ask for openings.
  3. Living close to Quebec I have definitely heard from many families about their issues with attempting to home school in Quebec. No matter how good they are at organizing and providing their curriculum plans, they seem to be rejected. There has even been mention of attempting to go "over the head" of the school superintendents to try to have their problems recognized. They are often threatened with a call to Child Services.
  4. Interesting, creepy and actually kinda funny all at the same time. I couldn't help but chuckle at someone without a head being such a good shot. Not to mention, the policeman saying " Do you think he can hear us? He doesn't even have ears!" :001_smile:
  5. I have a BS in Cognitive Science (combined Computer and Psych degree....back when AI was such a popular concept) and an MBA. My husband has a BS in Computers.
  6. When you initially multiplied through by m, you have to multiply the whole left side by m. So you end up with: m * (n/m - p) = r * m Multiplying each term on the left by m you get: n - pm = rm n = rm + pm
  7. No butter tarts don't have any custard. As I believe someone mentioned before, they are pretty much tart versions of pecan pie (without the pecans but sometimes with raisins). I'm in Ottawa and must say that at most restaurants we eat the same foods as any American restaurant. Even though Ottawa is just across the river from the province of Quebec, we don't really eat tortiere or poutine very often at all. I do however LOVE salt and vinegar chips (especially salt and malt vinegar) and would definitely miss real maple syrup. Now I have a question for those below the border. What is barbeque? Here it is a thing we do. We have hotdogs and hamburgers or steak cooked on the BBQ and we call it a barbeque. I have heard the word used as a noun sometimes in the States. What is this?
  8. Tennant is a favourite here as well. I like Clara. It always seems like she and the Doctor are playing together (best friends). I haven't been really impressed with the episodes though. I'm not sure why but they are just sort of meh....
  9. My daughter and I like the right one as well. The bookshelf appears to hang low on the other one. :)
  10. I am so not looking forward to this with my teens. My daughter (gr11) has already pointed out to me that there are things called "promposals". She says you can catch some on Youtube. Boys asking girls to prom with an airplane banner. She heard about a girl nearby who was asked by following rose petals into a room that he had decked out at the school. I've told her to please not expect this kind of thing (her boyfriend is very down-to-earth). I don't know where all of this comes from. I asked her what kind of wedding proposal these girls expect if this is just being asked to prom! Very strange.....I guess this is the generation gap....
  11. Ouch......that sounds incredibly uncomfortable. I hope all goes well today.
  12. Thank you all...it is great and heart-warming to have this response. It has been a bad new year here with very sick parents and now this news. My husband hasn't been without a job in 20 years. With 3 kids and 1 applying to universities next year, things are very stressful. I'm sure I'm not the only one going through these types of problems so thank you so much for the thoughts/prayers.
  13. I feel a little bad for asking as I am mostly a lurker on the boards but if anyone could spare a prayer I would appreciate it. My husband was laid-off 2 weeks ago and the hope we had of him being hired on with a friend's company seems to have disappeared. We are both feeling very sad about this at the moment. I do believe in the power of prayer and just want to add some more voices to my own.
  14. We are using it here as well. Earth Science at the moment. It seems to be getting things done and I believe my son (ds12) is learning quite a bit. I have had no issues using it on my main machine (Internet Explorer or Firefox). There is an issue with my laptop (also Explorer) whereby I can't zoom in on pages). We essentially don't use the whole "assigning" process. I tell him to either do the online lesson/lab/text and once we finish all 3, he does the test. I like it but I'm not really a hands-on science person..although they do have suggested lab activities and we have done a few.
  15. Here's another vote for Lost in Austen. My daughter and I loved that mini-series.
  16. Just as an aside....my daughter and I recently watched the TV mini-series Lost in Austen. It is a lot of fun. It inspired her to reread the book.
  17. We use Breaking the Barrier French here and will continue on to use Galore Park once we are done. My kids were in a french immersion PS so it was hard to find a program which they could start in grade 6 without it being too simple.
  18. I am also afraid of heights but I find it is primarily if it is in "open air". I have no problem with airplanes and actually like to look out the window. I went up the Eiffel tower last summer (had to do it - once in a lifetime thing) and I was okay on the level that had partial walls with glass windows. On the same trip, we tried to walk on the partial wall that surrounds York and it was not good. The kids still tease me about walking like I was about to fall over. I am not very comfortable on bridges but I've only ever really been driven across one (Canada to US). I don't think I would ever do the drive myself.
  19. I'm siding in with the 9 people (must admit that initially I jumped to 1 due to the english writing). I agree that once the operation within the brackets is done, there is no operation within brackets to be done. in essence the brackets disappear and division/multiplication are done left to right. Definitely in how the problem is written though: 6 / 2(1+2) or 6/(2(1+2))
  20. Okay, I'll be the voice of dissent. Although I agree the movie in its own right was good, we all came out saying..."well it was loosely based on The Hobbit." My son and I had just finished reading the book and the movie went so far off from the book that eventually I just gave up in trying to think about what was supposed to happen next. ****************hopefully no spoilers below but you may not want to read********************************* For example in the book Bilbo was not excited and happy to join the quest. He was sitting to breakfast when Gandalf urged him on There were no Orcs, Radagask, Saroman. The wargs were sentient in the book and not just pets. The elves in the film were obviously nothing like the singing playful elves in the book. It was the dwarves who wanted to go check out the fire lit by the Ogres. In the book, Bilbo did not try to run back to the Elven city in the cave but actually warned the dwarves. Gandalf didn't perform the outstanding magical feats and the use of butterflies. The goblins were trying to burn the dwarves and Bilbo in the trees. The Eagles came of their own will because they saw that something was going on. There was just soooo much in the move that was nothing like the book. Essentially I believe that Peter Jackson wrote a prequel to the Lord of the Rings movies.
  21. All the "bear" talks are kind of irrelevant...I believe we have just as many bears up here....being all rock and trees....rocks and trees....anyway..... It is always interesting to me that people talk about their "rights" to guns or to drive but I do think that sometimes people should be more concerned about their responsibilities. (I think all the drivers on "Canada's worst drivers" should have their licenses revoked!) I believe that as a previous poster stated, it seems that one major difference is the "socialist" type attitude. This may be a misperception due to some of the news covereage we get up here of an American saying that they should not have to pay toward someone elses care/well-being. There is also the perception that America is akin to an empire which believes it must impose its views on others. I believe most Canadians see themselves as more laid back/peacekeepers/tolerant. I am definitely NOT saying that this is true of all Americans or all Canadians but these are feelings that I have heard and (to be honest) sometimes felt myself.
  22. We love it too! The Luau at the Polynesian is also one of our family favourites.
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