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  1. I totally agree, OP. Every time I see that Hunter has posted somewhere I always open the thread, no matter what the topic because I value her input so much.
  2. Most definitely an INFJ here so I can say with certainty that some INFJs do occasionally wink. ;) I don't like inauthenticity either, but I do also prefer to avoid conflict. I think it's important to remember that each letter represents a continuum. So some of us with the same type will manifest that more or less strongly depending where we fall on the continuum. And of course there are many other factors that play into behavior as well. It's never cut and dried.
  3. Looking forward to reading it! Thank you for all your hard work!
  4. Consider This is very good, but I would also recommend reading CM herself. There's a lot of misrepresentation of her philosophy out there. The chapters in her books are usually fairly short, so it's not really as daunting as it might seem. :)
  5. No self esteem issues here. I've actually always had trouble understanding people with low self esteem. Totally incomprehensible to me. :D
  6. Yes! That's the number one reason that I almost never raised my hand to answer in school. I didn't feel this way until we moved to a new state and I entered 7th grade halfway through the year. It was clear that I'd missed some things and I never got over the feeling of being behind. When I tell people that I took calculus in high school I always make sure to let them know that I didn't really belong there. I almost failed and the only reason I passed was because I opted to take the AP test rather than the end of year final. I still don't know how I ever ended up there!
  7. Funny that you say this. I always have this sneaking suspicion that everyone around me knows way more than I do on whatever happens to be the topic of discussion and I'm continually surprised when I discover that I sometimes know more than they do! My mom is constantly praising me for things that are easy for me and it makes me very uncomfortable. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I am always looking ahead at how I can improve and I am very conscious of those who are better at it than me. So, yes, perfectionism. :D Fwiw I'm an INFJ.
  8. This is great for us to do now, in this century, when so many of us are literate and able to go back and check sources and the Bible. TianXiaXueXiao's post shows how clearly we can understand this idea of the Harrowing of Hades by looking through scripture. But what about those Christians who couldn't read and the lack of availability of the Bible before the printing press? Were those who trusted completely in the traditions that had been passed down to them orally somehow not justified in their beliefs because they didn't double check sources? Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk
  9. We do a Jesse Tree during Advent (52 days, since our Advent fast is 40 days + 12 days of Christmas). Dh and I put up our tree on Christmas Eve after all the kids are in bed. They like to tell everybody that St. Nicholas brings it. We put our shoes out for St. Nicholas day. Everyone gets new pjs on Christmas Eve. Our Christmas picture books come out little by little throughout Advent. We sing carols together at the piano. We have a special breakfast for Christmas morning - I make it ahead and pop it in the oven when everybody gets up.
  10. If you go to orthodoxinfo.com and put Cyril and Methodius in the search box the pdf should be the first result.
  11. And here's a pdf. Just copy and paste, then click on the first link that comes up. Sorry I can't get it to link directly. orthodoxinfo.com/.../fr-james-thornton-life-of-saints-cyril-and-methodios. pdf
  12. Not sure how helpful these will be, but they give pretty detailed summaries. http://myocn.net/cyril-methodius/ http://oca.org/saints/lives/2014/05/11/101350-equal-of-the-apostles-and-teacher-of-the-slavs-cyril
  13. I like that you said this. I've always noticed how you are respectful of others in conversations (here and in other threads) and I do always look forward to reading your thoughts when I see that you've posted in a thread. That's all. Totally off topic but I just wanted to let you know. :)
  14. Perhaps this blog post will be helpful. Here's a snippet: And from this post
  15. I didn't have time to come back last night, but I've been thinking about it and ^^ this^^ is exactly what I wanted to say. We will continue to talk past each other because we are not really speaking the same language as it were. Orthodox Christians do not use scripture to interpret scripture. We read it in light of the understanding of the context which has been passed down over the centuries. And it's important to recognize that reading in English, coming from a modern context is very different than reading it in Greek within the context of the Church's mind. We can talk about sin all we want, but if (for example - not putting words in anyone's mouth, just generalizing) you see the word "sin" and read it as "law breaking" while we see the word "sin" and read it as "missing the mark", then we're just not going to get very far.
  16. Genesis 1:26 and 1:31 God created man in His image and likeness and said that everything He had made was very good. So right away we see man as very good, by nature. He was created good. This does not change even after the fall. If it did change, and man's nature has somehow become depraved then we have a big problem when it comes to the incarnation of Christ. Because we believe that God became man, yet remained sinless, then he cannot have taken on an inherently sinful nature and have remained sinless. Ack! Crazy kids! Will try to come back later :gnorsi:
  17. EO Tradition always lines up with the gospel. Just to clarify before I go citing references - you're looking for scripture that affirms the EO view of sin or are you looking for its view on the nature of man? Or both?
  18. EO Christians do not believe in total depravity.That is a reformed doctrine. The difference comes from our understanding of the nature of sin.
  19. EO would disagree with you there. We have many many accounts of wonder- working icons and they are still very much in existence today, but that's probably for another thread. :) ETA: Just editing to clarify that miracle working is not the reason that we venerate icons- I was just pointing out that there are definitely still physical objects which are touched by God.
  20. Venerating icons simply means treating them with great respect and care. We care for them because of what they show us. It's not really appropriate to equate that with worship. The Israelites certainly venerated the Ark and the things in it, so clearly veneration of sacred objects was not prohibited in any way.
  21. would you say then that empirical knowledge is the only valid form of knowledge?
  22. I don't do handicrafts as a part of our official school day. I feel like handicrafts are just a part of life and I make it a point to involve my kids in those handicrafts they are ready for as they grow. Cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, woodworking, etc are all things that they are exposed to in the course of our family life. I'll expose them to what I can and allow them to decide what to pursue further.
  23. Albeto, you may be interested in this blog post titled Why Morality is not Christian: https://blogs.ancientfaith.com/glory2godforallthings/2011/09/09/why-morality-is-not-christian/ The comments there are usually pretty interesting too.
  24. You might be interested in knowing that the audiobook is currently only $1 My kids are loving it!
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