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  1. I assumed since it was the high school board, she was referring to the high school book 😄 Thankfully we got that cleared up 😁
  2. My youngest just started using it this week. He didn't use CLE math at the lower levels, but he has used CLE for other subjects. The biggest benefit is definitely the ability to go back to the lesson where a forgotten concept was introduced earlier in the book. Another benefit is that the textbook can be reused by a sibling or resold. My son said the instructions in the book are really clear, and I like that the answer key has each problem fully solved.
  3. I think Wordsmith Craftsman would work fine for what you need. It covers a variety of types of essay writing as well as writing skills needed for adulthood (business letters and reports, taking notes, letters of support or apology). I am using it with my senior to polish her essay-writing skills and to cover writing that she has not done before (the business writing section and the critical essay). I do not find it remedial at all; it is definitely high school level. We are doing it in a semester, though; next semester she will be working on research papers and literary essays. Jensen's Format Writing is much less wordy than Wordsmith Craftsman. If you need a straight, just-the-facts presentation, that is what I would recommend. I should add that my experience using it is with the original version, not the new edition from Masterbooks - my version has cleaner and less cluttered pages and no tests.
  4. In my local high school the 9th graders who are not going to progress far in science take integrated chemistry and physics (basically physical science), then they take biology in 10th grade. The more advanced students skip ICP and go straight to biology, chemistry, and physics.
  5. Thank you all! I went ahead and scanned my signature and put the image in the signature space on the transcript. Now to lie awake at night for the next six months and wonder if I ruined my kid's college chances by messing up in some way on the counselor recommendation or something. Lol.
  6. I compared the topics to the ones covered in my copy of Foerster Algebra 1 and the topics are almost identical. I would say that it definitely covers all the topics of a rigorous algebra 1 program. It definitely covers quite a bit more than Jacobs Elementary Algebra, which is not advanced, but not behind.
  7. I just did it this weekend. I found this blog post very helpful; it walks you through step-by-step.
  8. I have my daughter's transcript completed and ready to upload to the common app. I assume I am supposed to print out a copy and sign it first? Then scan it in? And upload a jpeg? Or do they just want the PDF file and they don't care about the signature? Or am I supposed to convert it to a different format after scanning in a signed copy? Or.... There is not enough coffee in the world for this on a Saturday morning.
  9. Lantern English has a research paper writing class. 8 weeks online, only $60. My oldest hasn't taken that specific course, but she has taken a couple other writing courses with them.
  10. I don't know of a list, but Columbia College of Missouri (where I got my B.A.) offers dual enrollment courses for $75/credit hour, both online and in person.
  11. In the state of Texas it is every public school. From the Commissioner of Education's letter:
  12. The unit I am doing is a literature unit, not a history unit, so I am sure that makes a difference. You could try to align the MP literature with the lectures in OWC, but I am not sure how that would work...for example, MP schedules the Divine Comedy over one year, but OWC does it in one quarter. If you did the MP workbook for it, that would mean doing what MP considers one English credit's worth of work in nine weeks - plus the time it takes to watch the 12 lectures in that unit. MP and OWC are both very solid options, though very different. I would just pick one and go with it. Or just add some of the OWC videos to your study - not the entire year's worth.
  13. I got my BA at Columbia College. All of my classes were online, but the degree is identical to one of an on-campus student since it is just a traditional college that offers degree programs online.
  14. My oldest is doing one unit of OWC this year (the Philosophers) and I don't think what you are suggesting would work very well. The lectures are an in-depth discussion of the assigned reading. The student would have to do the reading assigned for OWC in order to get enough from the lectures to make it worthwhile.
  15. Next year my middle child (10th grade) will be doing earth science using the AGS textbook and lab book. I have no idea what my oldest (12th grade) will do for science. So far she has taken environmental science and biology, and is currently taking chemistry. I know physics is what is typically taken next, but she has zero desire to study physics. She loved her biology class at FundaFunda Academy, so she may end up taking the biology 2 class there if we can't come up with another science option.
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