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  1. I posted my ad, but when I go into it I don't see anywhere where people can contact me if they are interested in the item. When I go into other peoples' ads I see "Contact the advertiser directly." Am I to do something when listing my item, or what? Thanks for the help!
  2. My DS didn't click with Jacobs either. We used Teaching Textbooks. He liked it much better.
  3. We have a regional center that holds programming classes. It's through the school district, but you don't have to go to the public school to attend these classes. Since it's funded by the school district there is not charge for high schoolers. Maybe you have something like this in your area. There are also online tutorials that the instructor told us about as well. You'd have to Google them as we didn't need to go that route.
  4. Hi all! Was wondering if anyone knows if, and if so, how, to edit/delete posts not needed in the For Sale section? I was just in a post I no longer need and there was an edit sign, but then when I went into another post I no longer need in the same section, the edit sign is no longer there. Thanks!
  5. If a student doesn't see the relevance of taking math in high school this may give them a practical reason to take it and do well. The college in our area requires each new student to take a matriculation test showing their math competence. If they don't score high enough, they must take additional lower level math classes before they can take the math classes which count for the general education credits.
  6. I'm thinking about what to use for Pre-calculus next year. Has anyone used Teaching Textbooks, or Math U See for this level? Would you tell me how you and your student liked and/or didn't like about it? And if anyone has used something else they like would you chime in as well? I'm not sure which way to go. My student isn't a math wiz so I need something that will make taking Pre-calculus as painless as possible. Thanks a bunch, ladies! :confused1:
  7. I was wondering if anyone has used this study guide and the books that go along with it, with your students and if so, what you thought of it? I need to check that the reading is being done, so I need something that has questions/answers. Thanks! :confused:
  8. There are yahoo groups that talk about aspie issues. Check them out. Aspienestencouragers@yahoogroups.com HomeschoolingAspies@yahoogroups.com There's a guy that wrote a ebook regarding his experiences and thoughts about his being on the spectrum. It's called, Congratulations, Your Child is Strange. Kind of a weird title, but don't let that stop you from reading it as it has good information. You can download it free. Also on this site is a link to a site where spectrum people post. You might want to look around and see if there is something there that will assist you. asdstuff.com/grats.html The local TACA might be a place to call for further information/support. http://www.tacanow.org/ Look to see if there are social support classes in your area. There are specifically ones for teens in our area. Is your teen motivated to learn social skills? The guy who runs one of the classes here says that it's important for the teen to want to learn. Hope this helps you a bit!
  9. Four Oaks, does your daughter know which Khan Chemistry videos go with which Apologia Chemistry chapters? I took a look at the Khan site and couldn't tell. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Thanks, Lori! This is great! I've been looking for different options for teaching Personal Finance.
  11. My kiddos do Apologia; it seems pretty comprehensive. I have also used Teaching Company Dvds to go along with the sciences we've done. Never thought to add Khan; how interesting! I'd be interested in how that would work.
  12. World View Geography American Literature British Literature Art Financial Planning/Budgeting SAT Preparation Writing PE Music Dance History English Spanish French German
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