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  1. Ok, sorry--after reading the linked site, I'm still not sure I understand well enough. 


    The question in the math book is: "The distance required to stop your car depends on how fast you are going when you apply the brakes." The student is supposed to sketch a "reasonable" graph. Ds sketched a straight line; the book has the shape that belongs more to a "power function."


    He made this mistake on several of the Reasonable Graph problems (I hate the ones that don't have more definitive answers!), so I figured there was a...Reason of some sort.

  2. Thank you so much, guys. I've just been so nervous about teaching this level--partly because Geometry was MUCH harder (for me) than I'd expected it to be. I've been doing a lot of second-guessing. I think this experience has given me the confidence to keep googling when I'm not certain about the SM & the other things I did. (Have ds explain his answer, do some others to make sure he's got the concept, etc.)

  3. Straight line graphs have to be accurate. Quadratic, trig, log graphs are to be reasonably accurate drawn with a flexible curve/flexi-curve.

    Right, but these were like...the graph of a yo-yo or...ack. He never puts his book away, but tonight? 


    27. The rate at which you are breathing depends on how long it has been since you finished running a race.


    30. The amt of postage you must put on a first class letter depends on the weight of a letter.


    32. You plant an acorn. The height of the resulting oak tree depends on the number of years that have elapsed since the planting.


    So if I had read the questions, I would have had a better idea of the rightness (reasonableness) of his answers, & I didn't do that until just now. But his answers...if it had height on the y axis & speed on the x, he did the opposite almost every time. I can't see why that would matter on these imagination-style problems, but I DON'T KNOW. 


    In the end, I had him study the graphs in the SM to see what they came up w/ & then just moved on. :P

  4. An easy way to check straight line graphing questions is to take any two points on the line and substitute back to the original equation.


    The solution for prob 5 from the solution manual posted on your blog is wrong because (2,0) is not a valid point for y = 2x - 5


    Can't tell for prob 3 because the y co-ordinate isn't labeled for x = 2

    Problem 3, x=2 looks like y=-8.

  5. For problem 3,

    Slope is rise/run = -3/2 over 2 down 3

    Passing through (0,-4) and (2,-7)


    For problem 5

    Slope = 2

    Pass through (0,-5) and (1,-3)

    Yep, that's what ds put. And the Google grapher did the same. And I did, too, but I took Alg 2 through ACE, lol, so I hesitate to jump right to THE BOOK IS WRONG. TWICE. IN ONE LESSON. Oh well. Let's move on! LOL


    The last lesson we had trouble w/ was yesterday. It asked for "reasonable graphs" for about 20 problems. The SM said, "These are some reasonable graphs. Maybe yours are even more reasonable!" :D Except. None of ds's matched the book. Now, I understand that they don't have to, but whereas for Geometry I was able to generally understand where the proofs had some leeway...well, good grief. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS? IF I CAN'T EVEN KNOW GENERALLY if he's right or wrong. 


    I was freaking out yesterday, so I made him sit down & do a BUNCH of math, so I could know for sure whether or not I'd be able to teach it. Because if not? He can go down to the local high school for just this one class & take it there, & they were super friendly on the phone. But there's a soft deadline of tomorrow at noon--basically, they just don't want him to get behind, & I agree. IF he needs to go there for math, he should do that right away. 


    This lesson, while it seemed very easy still, well, it's got me rattled again. I mean...I don't think I can do this w/out a reliable SM! *sigh* I feel very definitely ALL CAPS about TWO ERRORS in ONE LESSON. 

  6. So I took pics. I found a button to "compress" them for web pages, which worked for changing my avatar earlier today, but they still won't upload. I put the pics along w/ an explanation of the problem on my blog as well as links that make ds's work look Really Really Right to me. But I'd find so much assurance in an errata page. Kwim?



  7. Exercise 3-2, problems 3 & 5:


    3. y=(-3/2)x-4

    5. y=2x-5


    I'll see if I can take a pic of the answer w/ my phone, since it's a graph. Basically--he's starting at--for ex, problem 3, (0,-4). The SM does the same. Then it seems to be a simple rise over run--over 2, down 3, etc. This is where the book is different on both of these problems (but not the rest in the lesson)--it goes over 2, down FOUR.

  8. 1. The easy question: Is there an errata page for Foerster's Alg 2/Trig Solutions Manual? I've googled & come up w/ nothing, but those pages always seem really tricky to find. :P


    2. If there's not--have you guys noticed any errors in the solutions manual? We're dealing w/ a really simple problem in ch 3, & I'm convinced that ds is correct, but if he is, then that one lesson has at least 2 errors in the SM. And you know, that seems statistically unlikely. So...? 


    I don't want to have this much trouble when we're only on ch3! *blush*

  9. Yes, but first I searched shipping prices online & lost a day or two breathing into a paper bag. Then the nice lady at the PO said "Online prices are different." Although--acc'd to "online" prices, paying at the PO would have been more $$. Also, UPS. To Australia. Don't look at that, because that's black-market-kidney territory. :D

    The biggest accomplishment, really, was keeping the kids off of it. You'd think w/ pins & needles, they'd avoid it more. *scowl* 

  10. Sorry to take so long posting about this. I sent the quilt out (finally) on Monday. (I have to save up a lot of courage to go places like the PO, lol.)

    Thank you guys so much for your beautiful squares & sweet notes & just--everything. It was really moving to get to work on it. Also, intimidating. But there was fair warning about that. ;)


    Now...how to post a picture! :p (It keeps saying my file is too big; do you know how to make it smaller?)

  11. Update: the face of the quilt is all put together, & I'm doing the actual quilting. Slowly. I'll post pics...I was thinking when the quilting was done, but maybe sooner would be better? LOL Anyway, it's very, very sweet. Seeing all that love in something like that...makes me tear up. And I wish I'd demanded TWO hands from everybody; I'd make my own. LOL


    Anyway, thanks to everyone who's contributed. Y'all are sweet.

  12. Okay.  One more question.  On the hand piece do you want raw edges?  I'm trying to picture turning under the edges of the fingers and seeing some major problems - for me anyway.  If they're unfinished, should I use pinking shears?  



    For Rosie's sweet daughter: Our two-story house is on a concrete foundation and constructed of (ugly) orangish/red brick, with grey siding on the dormer windows and dark green trim, and roofed with black shingles.


    No pinking shears & don't turn it under--raw edges. You can use a tight zigzag stitch to sew around the edges. 

  13. I don't know if this is something I misunderstood or it was posted on the other quilt thread for Rosie but it seemed Rosie herself was suggesting that everyone send the squares to one person and that person gather them all together and send them to her so that she and her daughter could sew them together?  Is that what she was saying?  Not wanting to cause a ruckus, just trying to do whatever is best for Rosie and her DD... 


    I might have misunderstood, too! I thought she was offering to help, but I figured that was impractical since it would involve mailing things back & forth between here & Australia. Hmmm...now I'm not sure. :P (Or maybe she's scared of a quilt with pleats in one end.)

  14. Aubrey, why are we sending the quilt squares to Lara if you're the one doing the sewing?



    Because after the thing with my mom, I'm still...gunshy? I asked Lara if she'd be willing to be the point person, & then tricked her into helping me sew it up. (I don't know if she's really going to do the latter, lol.)

  15. Some people have pm'd me about slow international shipping, vacation plans, etc: no worries. Seriously, if this can be an international effort, that would delight me beyond words. If you'll just send me a note when it's in the mail, I'll hold a spot for it on the quilt & add it when it comes. :)

  16. Ok, so raw means 10" to me, right?  So it'll be smaller after it's joined to all the other squares.  So I should be sure not to get my fingers too close to the edge or they'll be "cut" off by stitching in quilt production.






    And this.


    Break it down Barney-style for me please. I'd also like to contribute to finishing material & shipping costs for the finished product.


    ETA:  I live in an apartment building.  I'm not sure what all it's made of.  It's got a stucco exterior, though.

    Raw means 10" to you. Keep your fingers away from the edge, lol, or I'll have to get creative. :D


    Put your hand on a piece of fabric--just like you'd do your kids. Trace around it. Cut it out.


    Get another piece of fabric. Cut it to 10" on all 4 sides. Put your fabric handprint on that. Sew it on or glue it on or paperclip it on. :)

  17. I could put this quilt-quality verse around the border of my square.


    Our house is wood

    The shingles white,

    And if you could,

    Come stay a night.


    Are the squares supposed to be sewn inside out and the turned good side out, like a pillow? I am also wondering if 10" is hemmed or un hemmed quilt size. I have never so much as thought of making a quilt.


    One piece of fabric, 10" on all sides. One hand on top of that. Don't hem it, don't do it like a pillow. Just like a piece of scrap paper you'd give a kid to trace his hand on. Their edges will be sewn into the quilt, but I will do that. :)

  18. I think that's right. I googled hand print quilts and saw a bunch of neat ideas.  Some used fabric paint, others just cut out the hands and then sewed them on.  hand print quilt ideas


    Is there a color scheme we want to try and stick to or anything goes?


    If somebody has Lara's mailing address, will you PM it to me? I don't want to inundate her inbox. :)



    Aubrey…what a wonderful idea. :)

    Thank you for that link, Umsami! :)


    Color scheme: anything goes. We represent a pretty wide variety of women; I don't want the quilt to hide that!


    I just realized *I* don't know Lara's address. :P 

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