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  1. Oh, you can email me if you want. aubrey lively at yahoo

  2. I know. I'm on the wrong computer to clean it out right now--sorry! I deleted about 10-20 mssgs yesterday, but jeepers that thing fills up fast. LOL

  3. Cool! Yeah, I hope to get to go, too.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I might have to print your mssg & frame it. *sniff*

  5. Jane-- The kids & I are all absolutely loving it. It's been forever since I read AGG. I've noticed dh slipping in to listen more & more often, too, lol. The SOTW AG guide sums it up best, imo: "One should read AGG as soon & as often as one can!"

  6. We tried playing outside, but the guys were moving the old subfloor from the apt to the dump truck, & the kids' play area is in between. Ds thought it was a good idea to try to run between men walking w/ nail-filled wood planks so big they couldn't see him. :glare:


    But 1yo got tired early, so I laid her down just before lunch. Workers eat from 12-1, so we did sch for an hr before dh came home. Then grocery shopping, oil change...ugh. But it's done, we're home, & tomorrow's a new adventure! :001_smile:

  7. You think you like this? Or you think like *this*? I'm sorry. 1yo is interfering w/ my reception. I mean conception. No, no, no. I mean...


    I have to go fix lunch. :o

  8. Trying out comments on you. You're GREAT!

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