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  1. Me, too. But I am wondering if they are saving in person lab space for upper level courses and need more lab space to spread out for extra lab times. Logically, freshman labs are the easiest ones to eliminate.
  2. Ruth, did you look at the MA website? I just googled and it doesn't look that hard for him to prove residency for a standard (non-REAL ID) DL. He is a a US citizen, so that makes it easier. Spend some time reading through the website and a lot of your questions are probably answered there. (Though terminology is probably an issue. He has a DL, not a permit, correct? As in he can drive independently without another licensed driver, but it is a graduated license meaning he may not be able to have unlimited passengers or drive all hrs?? Permit and license are very different things here.'s%20permit,documents%20you%20can%20use%20below. School-issued documents Official school transcript for current year Official letter from school (proof of enrollment) dated within 60 days Tuition bill for current year Certified school record for current year
  3. Labs and honors seminar are online. 😞 She doesn't know yet about her other classes, but not much motivation now to take any hybrid classes vs all online.
  4. The backlog is probably outrageous. I dont know what is like in MA, but here school kids couldn't do their testing through schools bc they were shut down. My dd had an appt for the in car test the day offices here closed. Her appt is now scheduled for 5 months post her original test date. The only date we could get in with her driving instructor for a refresher test drive through before her test in Aug is July 4th. I would make calls before you even worry about anything else.
  5. I select topics as we go. I make decisions based on what they are currently studying and what I feel at that time is a topic I want them to explore more.
  6. REUs are considered grants/scholarships. Read IRS pub 970.
  7. I have 5 children over the age of 21 and over the yrs we have helped them figure out car rentals. Lots of 21-22 yr olds are flying across the country for interviews for jobs or grad school. Under 25 and over 21 can rent cars in most places with a surcharge.
  8. I googled MA law (it can vary by state.) You can't rent a car under 21.
  9. Google MA Drivers License requirements and you'll find their website that should tell you the documentation he needs plus the legal requirements for getting a driver's license based on his age and how long he has been driving, It is doubtful he will be able to rent a car by himself at his age. That is a completely different conversation. minimum age to rent,under the age of 25.
  10. i have a small section on their transcript that states Official High School Transcript. Below that line it states Operated under State Code XXXXX. On their final transcript, I simply add Final Transcript under that.
  11. I never have. Just the transcript. Make sure to include the words Final Transcript on it.
  12. She is pretty complaisant about the whole thing. We sort of figured this was the direction things were going to go. She is hoping her labs will be on campus. We'll see.
  13. Dd's U announced yesterday that classes are all switching to hybrids or fully online. Students can opt to take all online. She won't her actual course options for a while.
  14. This is such an important point. In addition to the above, authors then, just like today, were at the mercy of what publishers would publish. LM Montgomery, for example, was frustrated at having to write within the narrow confines of what was considered publishable children's literature. But, if she wanted to be published and to be paid, she had to stick to their framework. (My dd and I read The Green Gables Letters when she was in 7th grade. I would NOT read anything like that with a younger student and only then if the student has a strong mature footing in understanding themselves and what they believe. But it does give strong insight into the behind the scenes "author frustrations." )
  15. I would just keep reading older books that contain a much broader vocabulary than contemporary writing. I don't really consider Shakespeare "old English." Beowulf is what I classify as old English, Chaucer middle English, and Shakespeare early modern English. The biggest hurdle to Shakespeare is vocabulary. When their vocabulary is broad enough, they can start understanding the words they don't know by defining them in context. Wtih my kids, it has also helped to make sure that Shakespeare was "listened to" vs. read. The approach we take has been to read a play in a summarized version in order to understand the play's setting, themes, main character roles, etc. (Leon Garfield's versions are by far the ones I like the best.) Next, we read the play along with an audio version of it. A good audio reproduction of the play is night and day in appreciating Shakespeare's words compared to just reading his works. With my older kids (not elementary kids), we read a lot about Shakespeare in addition to the play. (Shadowplay is one of my favorites.) Then we watch a video version of the play. And if possible, the best option is to next go to a live performance. Reading through books like Journeys Through Bookland and Collier Jr Classics really helps broaden their vocabularies painlessly. My kids have enjoyed the stories so much that the vocabulary isn't a burden. They know there are words they don't know but many they learn in context and the ones they can't, we stop and discuss (or even look up bc sometimes I can't even define the words.) Over yrs of reading these types of books, Shakespeare becomes more and more accessible. My college dd loves Shakespeare so much that for her 12th grade English class she asked to do a capstone Shakespeare thesis. 🙂
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