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  1. The shop at which we bought the first violin has three sizes marked ½, ¾, and 4/4. So the sizes apparently mean small, medium, and large, not actually ½, etc. (It really isn’t a proper shop.) This completely ignorant violin mom appreciates everyone’s suggestions!!! The instructor is not to be faulted; he definitely knows what he is doing. I surely misunderstood his meaning, and it probably didn’t help that the shop in town has unique sizing. Another conversation with the instructor is in order. Luckily, the girls and I have a trip to the States coming in August, so that will be the time to upgrade.
  2. She started with another instructor -- she suggested a 3/4, so that is what we purchased (from the only game in town...sigh....). I've seen the 1/2s, and they are tiny, tiny, tiny. Lots of likes, everyone. Thanks bunches for your help!
  3. Okay, I'm totally thinking the violin sizing is different.
  4. Thank you, everyone!!! Yes, I am posive he knows what he is doing. Purchasing a new violin is somewhat complicated because we're in Mexico....I bought the 3/4 at the only game in town (actually, our State). It is not a proper violin shop, not by a long shot. Maize, I think you are right that he probably means 7/8 (It is likely I misunderstood him.). She has tried a couple of his personal violins -- they are larger, but they look good, and she is able to play them just fine. What she has does seem small (It is entirely possible that the 3/4 we bought is not what would be considered 3/4 elsewhere.).
  5. My 8.5 yo has been taking violin (using a cheap ¾) for seven months. She is petite, but has long arms, and she has made good progress. Her instructor is top-notch, and he would like her to both upgrade and transition to a full-size instrument. She is not a particularly careful child. I also have no idea if she will stick with the violin. She plays well, has general musical ability, and she enjoys playing her instrument; however, she is not obsessed with the violin. My current expectation is that she will take lessons for at least another year. After that, she can choose another instrument, if she wants. If you were in my shoes, how much would you spend?
  6. Exactly. I needed to learn how to use a sewing machine for very simple projects. The office staff found someone willing to meet me at their office one morning. I brought my sewing machine and she talked me through simple use and care of the machine. I was given plenty of "home-ec"-style handouts. Everyone was extremely helpful.
  7. I loved the plants I received as a PS teacher. I'd get a warm fuzzy every time I was in the garden. Maybe a movie theatre gift certificate? In addition, you might also send a message to the school administration.
  8. Odd that it was only mentioned when you were on the bus....I mean, mosquitoes are also in Cancun....
  9. When I was in the States last month, I purchased a couple short dresses like this at Old Navy. I actually couldn't tell what they were supposed to be....They'd be great as long summer blouses on a taller person; however, I'm short and live in a hot, humid area, so they are the perfect summer dress length for me. I'm wearing them with fancy sandals.
  10. Our MA instructors tend to tell the kids about events, which tend to be MA-related (tournaments, seminars, etc.), then they follow up with a short note/handout the next class. I’m very happy with this system. My younger takes ballet, and last year her studio started using an app for notifications (and lots of last minute changes). I found it highly annoying and complained about it; I’m sure others did too. This year, they are back to their previous system: notes handed out as well as tacked on the board. I’m very happy with this system. The admin asked me how I’d prefer to receive occasional, last-minute messages: via app, text/e-mail, or phone. I’ve had one e-mail this year. I’m happy. It wouldn’t bother me if the studio holds lots of events unrelated to MA, as long as students aren’t required or heavily encouraged to attend [the non-MA] events. I wouldn’t mind going to FB to receive important messages, but spam posts would bother me. We have a lot going on, and it is difficult enough to organize our weekly calendar. I’d probably say something because it shouldn't be difficult for them to give you necessary info; you shouldn't have to search and waste your time.
  11. I'd say that after she gets through security to go directly to her gate, and (continue to) make sure the flight leaves from there. (Gates changes happen, and some airlines are better than others about notifying passengers.) She's better off in sensible clothing and comfortable, "easy-off" shoes. If she is cold-natured, carry a soft travel shawl or sweater. Bring something fun and light--mentally and physically--to read and do on the plane. Forget the weighty carry-ons; keep it lean-and-mean. It is a very good idea to have a carry-on bag or purse with a compartment designated for travel documents, ID, and pen. As soon as she takes out one of these items, she should immediately return it to the compartment.
  12. Interesting...in a good way! Do you mean biscuits -- as in Southern-style biscuits -- or English-style biscuits (e.g., cookies)?
  13. Not a Clarks' issue. I live in a humid environment (Mexico/Caribbean coast), and name-brand shoes I purchase abroad (I can't otherwise obtain them.). I've had AT LEAST a half-dozen pair disentegrate (family members have had shoe-probs too). The breakdown tends to occur when shoes haven't been worn (or haven't been worn in some while). I've had great luck with Doc Martins. (Fortunately or unfortunately) those darn things last forever.
  14. We used a small, local university. Mostly we worked in the library, but we enjoyed being in the courtyards and the lunchroom too. There were a number of paths, and those were good for nature studies.
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