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  1. Thank you so much for the info re progressivephonics. Just what I have been searching for for handwriting for twins. THANK YOU
  2. Rod and staff phonics workbooks are cheep, and you can use them as review of phonics learned with another program. For a free suppliment I recommend studyladder. It is online, but has printables to work through. In the The free version you can only do I think 3 pages a day, the paid version gives full access. It is something that the child could possibly do on her own. You can get free copies of all the I see Sam books online, but you have to print them out straight away as the free access is only for a few weeks. The absolutely biggest help for my slow to read children was the
  3. I am not a follower of famous people and wouldn't recognise most of them if ibumpetinto them. My uncle is a very famous artist
  4. It depends on how many children and what ages. For me it is a full time job.
  5. Hugs Hugs hugs Regarding no hot water for washing dishes, you could heat some up in a kettle. I know it is a pain and takes longer.
  6. I haven't read all of the replies. What about having some special activity that ds4 can only do while it is school time? maybe playdough, monkey string or iPad time. Would ds4 like his own workbook so he can be big and doing school? Rod and Staff have some very simple kinder workbooks. this worked for me as I felt it was instilling sitting and working quietly for a little bit of time- a skill that they needed later for more serious school time I had a box of manipulative etc that only came out when older children were doing school. for some reason my kids loved playing with math
  7. Very early 70's I was in primary school in the 70's
  8. I send mine outside. I tell them it is outside time now and sometimes I help escort them out. I usually put a snack on the outside table and leave them to play.
  9. we have panels on our roof. we produce more than we use, and so we get a cheque in the mail instead of bills, which is nice. We live in a sunny country and it never snows here. We wash the panels once a year to remove dust to make them more efficient. As we are connected to the grid, when the power goes off then our inverter shuts down. this is a safety feature as it would not be good for the linesmen to be working on what they think are dead wires only to have people feeding electricity into them with their solar panels.
  10. I am mildly dyslexic. I have trouble spelling. The big problem for me is that I don't even see the spelling mistakes. I have many relatives who have dyslexia, some profound,some mild and all ranges in between. They all struggle with spelling. After year 7 here I allow my children to use technology with spell check on for written assignments. The red line underneath the misspelt word instantly alerts me and my children that the word is spelt wrong, and immediately correcting it helps reinforce the correct look of the word in the brain.
  11. My oldest son tutors university level math. He charges $50 hour. He does the tuition independently. If he worked through an agency he would only get $30 per hour
  12. I have the whole set. I bought it because I received funding to buy things to help the twins with their Global Develpomental Delays. We have had the set for 1 year. We have used the set sporadically. Mostly because the twins lacked the ability to stay focused for more than a few minutes on a task and lacked the cognitive skills to place things together to get a end result. They have improved and just worked out how to place a few pattern blocks together etc. I am planning that this year we will be using the set for their math. (School year just started this week here in Australia). I envi
  13. Fantastic job all credit goes to you, his mum . I know exactly the superhuman effort it takes to get a noncompliant child at that exact spot.
  14. is the forced treatment better for you because you no longer can see them?
  15. I have read somewhere that what is more likely is they get use to others making decisions about their life - institutionalised -and life is hard when you have to start thinking again after you get out.
  16. mine was a Crimson Rosella We have a huge amount of different species of birds living in and around our property. that is what comes from having a wetland through the middle of the property and native bush abutting national part surrounding us.
  17. ds22 is right into them. He has built 2 completely from scratch. I don' t think he has actually printed anything much yet. For him the excitement was the planning and reinventing how to make one.
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