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  1. they are doing that here as well. but they still cannot go to work before getting results. they can have a 24 hour turnaround or faster in some situations.
  2. I really feel for all those tiny border towns that are now struggling. right along the Vic /NSW border and now the Vic /SA border
  3. Never heard it used jokingly. Many immigrants came to Australia from European countries that were devistated by nazi Germany just after the war both my In laws were German and went to Hitler youth camps.
  4. Premier stated that people should not think that because the number is 300 today that we have turned a corner, we have not
  5. So sorry I have heard of people holding a wake before death. I have even heard of people who have terminal cancer and expecting to die in a week or so throwing their own farewell wake. One local person did this, and didn't end up dying. Still going 15 years later.
  6. Australia has limited arrivals due to ability to hotel quarantine as well
  7. if I had had another girl I would have called he Joyce
  8. In Victoria, to directly address the problem of people reluctant to get tested because they don't have sick pay and have to go to work to survive, people in that situation will be eligible for $300 instant payment when they get tested. If they test positive they were already able to access emerganvy relief payment of $1500 People who are receiving any other payment, or have sick days available or time in Lou or whatever will not be eligible.
  9. just saw this. Glad to see the all clear was given
  10. Oh I must have missed that post. Sorry. one of my ds is convinced that the dam wall has moved from looking at google images.
  11. We have been watching for the last week. Very concerning. They have blown up some smaller Dams to try and shift water out of the way. So much farmland already destroyed and hundreds of thousands of houses destroyed. I am amazed more people haven’t died. it is a very bad situation
  12. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/arnos-3-piece-fasteners-50-pack-es42692
  13. What I use and love is Arnos fasteners they hold the pages beautifully and you can add or remove pages at will
  14. Have one child as meal helper each day and teach each child over around 8 on how to prepare one simple meal. Then eventually they will be able to make that meal independently. It makes a huge difference if oldest child cooks roast once a week, next cooks pasta, next makes baked potatoes and salad.. that is just about half the week of main meals covered.....
  15. Timetables And routines for everyone.
  16. So do I, but I have a feeling that it is just going to get worse. They need to lock down the whole state too many people escaped Melbourne when they gave 30 hours notice that they were going to lock down Melbourne. All the country towns are full of them. Too many people not abiding by the rules,thinking they are exceptions........ sigh
  17. Reward charts there are many ways of setting up a rewards chart, with my older children their goal was computer time. I had chores For different amounts of minutes . So washing kitchen windows was worth 30 minutes, vacuuming a room was 20 minutes, hanging out a load of laundry was 20 minutes. Mowing the yard 1 hour. These chores were optional extra things and they were very motivated to play on the computer so they would Do there extra chores very willingly for my twins it took about a year for me to teach them how a reward chart worked. They didn’t understand the concept of del
  18. 484 new cases in Victoria today, a new record 2 deaths so something like 59% of people who get tested don’t follow instructions To stay home until they get their results. The premier said this is the reason that the numbers are still rising
  19. Yes twin 1and I have. We had to ring ahead and book to get the time to drive up and so the paperwork Was done. They did a high nasal swab, we sat in the car the whole time. both of us were negative. we were told results would take 5 days, but it only took 4.
  20. the person was fined $1600 for leaving a lockdown area
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