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  1. I mean vowing to never bake in the competition, not bake in general
  2. So my children have been competing in the Junior Boiled Fruit Cake competition in the agricultural show for the last 21 years. As there are never many entries in our remote agricultural show one or another of my children have for the last 21 years made it to the regional judging. a few years ago one ds made it to the Royal Melbourne Show but got 8th ( last). this year that same ds made it to the Melbourne agricultural Show finals and came second. the entry form s stage the prize for second is $100 cashprize.. He was very very excited that he went further than his 3 older brothers and 1 older sister. they were all very excited for him as they know how hard it is to bake the prefect cake three times in a row ( one for each level) none of them made it to the state Finals. But when we rang up to get the prize they said they will send the prize- He received a $50 voucher to a small family run dried sultana boutique online shop . He can only use the voucher to get very overpriced boutique sultanas and apparently a hamper will be coming soon from the Royal Melbourne Show with ingredients to bake another the cake. DS hates sultanas ( I think you guys call them raisins - which confusingly is a different type of dried grape here, very large ) I rang them up to ask what was going on and they said yes they know the entry form has cashprize written but they have a few last minute sponsors after the entry forms were sent out. I did remind them that this is a KIDS competition and a KID is not interested in ingredients or another cake but rather wanting to receive the MONEY. I got nowhere how would your child feel??
  3. my life and extended family is like living in a giant reality TV show. the drama never stops
  4. 😭I am so so sorry, how absolutely awful . crying for your poor mum
  5. i think it is that baking paper that has silicon on it.
  6. HUGE HUGS how awful. I feel so sad for your whole family 😥
  7. I have tried this and was able to open bank accounts for my twins because I had a letter from the agency that I was going to be the permanent carer shortly. I had another child that the bank would not open the account without a permission letter from DHHS. I was unable to get that letter. Apparently the bio parent would have been able to access the account even though the child was not going to go back into bio parent's care.
  8. I just remembered the most important thing we did to aid concentration. ( how could I forget). We did this program . it was recommended by the peadiatrician. he knows/works with the neuropsychologists who developed it.
  9. some fabulous suggestions above. 🙂 One thing that a speech pathologist recommended for my a bit younger at the time teen that was really struggling to read was chewing-gum. It stimulates the brain and aids in concentration while reading.
  10. we have found the bolded doesn't work for us as my boys are unable to bring themselves back to sitting still afterwards. it is a matter of trying out a huge amount of things until you find what works for your particular child. we do all of the other things that Lori is suggesting except the medication
  11. one thing we are trying with success with my twins at the moment is instant positive rewards for them staying in their seat. Their Play-therapist/psychologist recommended it. before twin 2 in particular but both would just get up and walk off. they would be doing this every 5 minutes or so. (I sit between them when they are doing their schoolwork.). if I had to briefly leave the room to go to the toilet they would both leave and start the most ridiculous un-regulated attention seeking behaviour - like trying to swing from the curtains, throw objects around etc . What we are doing now is I have some choc chips. if they can stay in their seats when I go to the toilet they get one. if they are doing work and staying in their seats they will get a bonus one. ( a bit like training dogs or dolphins). It is working. In the beginning they would just rush back to their seats when they heard me coming back, then it progressed to them sitting in their seats but being silly, to sitting in their seats being silly until they heard me coming then quickly writing one letter when they heard me coming back. To now where I can go to the toilet and they will be having a go at continuing their work. This has take about 6 weeks so pretty fast progress for them. What we have being trying for not walking off while doing their lessons while I am sitting beside them is they each have a favorite sensory toy that only comes out for school work. it is a very shy little critter and if you leave the desk it runs away and doesn't come back until tomorrow.
  12. I had a prize of a chocolate bar for my kids when they got the facts all correct within the 5 minutes. It was a real motivator for them.
  13. it has hit the news recently in Australia as well. quote "one in three workers tested so far in Queensland showed signs of silicosis."
  14. and customers who want things cheaper even if it is killing the people making it.
  15. that is how I read it as well... though on this board I often have trouble with the American way of wording things ( dialect) and so I just thought I was misreading her intentions
  16. I think it might depend if you have residency of the country. My DH is Canadian and now also has AUS citizenship ( duel citizen). He also has Australian residency . As he hasn't lived in Canada for 30 years he no longer has Canadian residency. When he went to Canada earlier this year when his mother had a medical crisis and had to be shifted into a nursing home DH had to get a visa to enter, even though he has Citizenship. It was a very fast easy to get visa but still he needed one. Also as he is no longer a Canadian resident, he has to get travelers health insurance as he is no longer covered under Canadian medical
  17. I have met 2 people with this. one of them worked with one of my sons. that one had a strict low iron diet not sure about blood-letting, but the other one had to have blood-letting every few weeks.
  18. It took my DH 3 years to get a residency visa to come and live in Australia. that was before I met him. I understand that shifting to Australia is very different than your situation. I know an Australia who married a Canadian and wanted to shift to Canada. It took them about 7 to 8 years for him to get Canadian residency . He had to keep returning to Australia and re-applying for a working visiting visa even though he was married and had children
  19. My teaching twins experience is very different form most others. Both mine have ID so progress is very slow. What I do is get have them working on different things at the same time for a lot of their workbooks ( math mostly. so one will do math while the other works on phonics then swap) . this helps reduce one twin yelling out the answers to the other and one giving up and having a sulk when the other gets ahead of him. they do other subjects like science and history together
  20. does she have a learning disability? children with things like Dyslexia etc can have a hard time staying focused. have you tried chewing gum? it stimulates the brain and aids in concentration. Classical musc playing in the background helps some children as well for the same reason. what about fidget toys? I am trialing them with the twins at the moment. with fidget toys they can now stay in their seats without having constant meltdowns. mostly the squishing type. According to the OT they are great for helping with fine motor development as well have you tried a wobble cushion on the child's seat? it gives sensory feedback constantly to the child , great if you have a sensory seeker child. sitting on a giant yoga ball instead of a seat can have the same results
  21. no idea but I am seeing a correlation with reduced spanking and increase of chemical control- (giving of mind altering drugs to make a child more compliant.) interestingly I have heard of 2 different incidents in just the last week of parents getting into trouble for removing a mobile phone from a young teen. apparently it causes emotional abuse. In the first case the parent got a 12 month good behaviour bond and in the other case it was a foster child who was then moved on. both times the phone was removed because the child was viewing non age appropriate things
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