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  1. by pie dough do you mean pastry ? I have made pastry ahead of time and kept in fridge for a day or so. I have frozen it and re-thawed with no problem.
  2. sorry I was late seeing this sending huge hugs and positive thoughts
  3. please note my searchers are turning up Australian eBay so prices will be different Hmm I cannot seem to find the exact same ones that DS has. I think I got them in Aldi a year or so ago. these are similar
  4. We started using the teacher book in the beginning of the year but have dropped it. I don't like the meeting book, instead we do calendar with a physical calendar and skip-counting . We also do geoboard work almost daily we also have a range of manipulative that we use every day, including knights and dragons, sea creatures, MUS blocks, abacus and counters. the one we use the most are the MUS blocks
  5. this is what my 1st grade 8 year old twins are doing - note they are in 1st grade because of their disabilities and repeating preschool. also note that the school year here in Aus ends in December morning schoolwork - takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours Reading / phonics - A combination of All About Reading and Fitzroy readers, plus once a week a page of Jolly phonics workbook, and LEM. they also do reading eggs 3 times a week Spelling -All About Spelling 1 Language - Critical Thinking Language book, plus Critical Thinking Phonics Book, Plus First Language Lessons - we don't do all of these in a singe day Writing WIth Ease, Plus Narration ( because their writing skills are very delayed, they do the narrating and I write it down, they draw a picture - we are reading abridged classics for this) , Plus Penmanship, Plus some copywork - We do all of these every day Math - Saxon 1, plus something I call fun math, which is a collection of math books including Critical thinking math and some others that are below their level. I have assembled it into booklets about 25 pages long. It reinforces things learned. we also do calendar geoboard work and skipcounting daily. they also do reading Eggs Mango 5 times a week Afternoon schoolwork - takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours we only do afternoon schoolwork 3 times a week this year. one day History - SOTW 2 days Science - making lap-books, plus a display table of what we have learned. This year we have covered mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and are now doing the human body Play either a numeracy or literacy game extra reader
  6. I asked ds16. he said boys in their teens would be happy with a STEAM gift card He also that that those LED lights than can be wrapped around things are fun - he has them wrapped around his curtain rods
  7. an ordinary day walk put on laundry school twins morning ds working today so twins do afternoon schoolwork plant section of veggie garden with summer crops vacuum living areas of house cook a pasta dish with veggies for tea
  8. have you seen the habitat books There is a whole collection of them. How we used them was we read a different habitat book each week, then used plastic animals that we already had, plus collected things from outside to make a display of that weeks habitat. they could play with the habitat etc. it was a big hit.
  9. Quite frankly I would prefer to live in a democracy with a monarchy than a republic. I will vote every time to keep the monarchy, as will many people I know. From the outside all the republics I have seen look pretty close to dictatorships.
  10. i load of laundry, drive 100 km twins swimming lessons- twin 1 very excited to be able to swim again he spent half of the lesson waving at me with a huge grin on his face do week's shopping drive 100 km home unpack shopping bake 2 fruit cakes cook tea
  11. I am so relieved to hear it all went so well . Fabulous news 👏
  12. Usborne have some Make this Greek Temple cut out books and a few make this Roman....
  13. HUGE HUGS We have PTSD and needles with the twins. I don't think that people who haven't experienced this understand how absolutely awful it is. It isn't a child with a fear of needles, it is PTSD triggered by a needle. PTSD is awful not only for the child but awful for the carers as well. Secondary trauma for the carers is a real thing. I really really hope that the Anesthetist works with you. Just last week I was talking with a Forensic Peadiatrician about PTSD and medical procedures. He said that at around the age or 13, whatever the IQ of the child, they seem to be able to understand because they have had one medical procedure that was not good that it doesn't necessarily mean it will be bad the next time and their PTSD isn't triggered as much. I hope he is right. We had some absolutely terrible medical thing last week and the hospital had arranged for a Clown Doctor to be present. I am not into clowns and for me personally I found it annoying , but for the twins it was marvelous. first they were terrified of the clown , but she had some obnoxious toy puppet dog thing that farted and made all sorts of body noises that completely shocked them ( in a fun way) and won them over. When they look back to last week they don't remember the awful things they had to go through, rather they remember the clown doctor. It worked really well in diverting their mind from what was happening. (this medical thing did not involve needles)
  14. grease comes out beautifully with Petrol. It just stinks terribly afterwards. thought the smell eventually goes away.
  15. there are 2 types a wet one and a dry one. One can be treated with eye drops, I would try and see a specialist My MIL has it. she is totally blind now, though it took a good 30 years to get totally blind.
  16. I am sure there must be some polite ones, just not some that I am related to.
  17. ds16 work vacuum living areas one load of laundry power out for the day tiny bit of school with twins twins psychologist incy bit of gardening (ten minutes) twins afternoon schoolwork sausages and veggies for tea
  18. On no I was saying I had noisy nursers in support of you , not to make you feel bad I am so sorry if I upset you . 😞
  19. I had noisy nursers as well. My milk came out under high pressure. My babies had to gulp to keep up. Good thing was they were quick feeders, 5 minutes and they were full.
  20. What about a war history type book? I cannot recommend any I have read because I don't read those types of books Something like The greatest battles of WW2, or the battle of midway or war and peace
  21. I would LOVE to. I have felt I would love to know you in-person and have a sit down conversation.
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