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  1. not sure if it is state or federal. It is available here in Vic and I am pretty sure in NSW as well. I would imagine there is something similar in other states. there might be a bit of a waiting time not sure., I know my neighbour had one for a few years. You can also put in a granny flat privately - they are atm changing the laws (Aus wide) on granny flats to make it very easy to get the permits to install them
  2. I am not sure exactly what I would do. I voted living expenses. In Australia you can get a government funded portable granny flat put in you r back yard that the elderly person pays rent to the government on. When the elderly relative passes on, then the granny flat is removed and shift to someone else's place. it has it's own electric metre etc so they will also pay living expenses.
  3. I don't have facial hair :coolgleamA: hair from my head. if it blows on my face I get the shivers
  4. I cannot stand hair on my face. So I have to keep my hair firmly braided at all times.
  5. here in Aus or and aw can have the same sound
  6. I can't say, but it drove ds21 insane, something about how the rounding is done at the third decimal place or something.
  7. Oh, now I know , the ones where the pages tear and fly out all the time. so glad I stuck with exercise books.
  8. one thing I never ever managed to work out what the binder was . We used exercise books for all subjects for all levels. it worked fine. I have had quite a few people ask me what the binder thingies are ( maybe an American thing??), I just tell them to use exercise books and everyone is happy.
  9. We did as recommended in TWTM Saxon Maths, then straight into first year uni math through a University ( As in AUS parents cannot give credits or scores for homeschooling) Apologia physics and chemistry which ds HATED as he was so pedantic about having everything absolutely correct and could not stand the way apologia used significant figures ( he still says that Apologia is incorrect in this regard) We skipped all the religious parts of apologia.. Then straight into first year uni chemistry and Physics. HE got so high marks on his Open University Maths, Physics and Chemistry units that he got into Aerospace Engineering and got credits off his degree. His great books reading mostly consisted of scientists and mathematicians. He did no writing on his readings as he has Dyslexia and writing was practically impossible for him at the time.
  10. please no. Ds21 absolutely loved reading Euclid, and Galileo - he has told me many times that the information he learned by reading those 2 books has been invaluable in his Aerospace Engineering studies at Uni.
  11. No suggestions but I just wanted to say that following and slightly tweaking TWTM has worked really well for my Dyslexic children. They did lots and lots of things orally, and I scribed heaps, but it worked with great success in the end. I love lists Thank you so much
  12. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  13. 3 hours each way is absolutely a day trip distance. Any air polluter ( freshener) are absolutely awful and should be banned
  14. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: you and your family are in my thoughts
  15. Sorry that you are going through this. I do not think I have ever posted an image.
  16. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  17. ????? The original question was do I have one? I answered the question. I Personally do not find them attractive. How is that not showing respect?? I did not write what I think of people who have them at all. If I did that then I would not be showing respect.
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