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  1. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  2. my understanding is that he didn't have to advertise it He could have just renewed contract.
  3. forgot to add that if I do not go for the job I will hopefully be able to pick up enough CRT teaching in the local area.
  4. So for all this year I have been working one day a week teaching at a local primary school. I had a one year contract. 6 weeks ago the principal rang me and asked me if I would be interested in rolling over the contract and working 2 days next year. all the other teachers thought I was going to be working 2 days next year. Especially the teacher who I would be sharing the classroom in. 3 weeks ago the principal approached me and said he was a bit uncertain if my contract would be renewed as he was negotiating for a specialized sports teacher and may need to offer 5 days a week work. fine. 2 weeks ago I asked him what had he decided would I be working next year or not ( I worded it nicer than that). He said he was still undecided but he had employed a sports teacher 3 days a week. Last Friday he told me that he had advertised my job. I am a bit miffed that he kept me hanging for all those weeks as there were 2 other part time teaching jobs advertised at other local schools that I didn't apply for as I though I had a job for next year. So what would you do? apply for the job? Take it that as he has advertised the job that he is dissatisfied with me and not apply? Job applications close in 2 days. We are not desperate for the money and 2 days a week would have been very very tricky to manage with everything else. I have made a poll and am hoping that it attaches
  5. I am not Muslim so cannot advise from that angle, but I belong to a Christian religion that does not celebrate Christmas. Relatives give gifts to our children at this time of the year. They most often are not wrapped and I give them to the kids straight away. We understand that around this time of the year people are thinking of giving gifts. We just tell the kids that this is a nice gift from whichever relative. it works fine. I would think that their Phasing out Christmas means that they personally as a family will not be celebrating Christmas any more.
  6. I have used it while studying at University during the last 5 years. I had no problem
  7. I have 5 bio children and twin foster children My Bio children are older AND most importantly I only work one day a week and DH is full time home. We share care of the twins. Ds12 especially has been a HUGE help and so far having the twins has been a good thing for him as he is no longer board. But it has impacted on his education- he has pretty bad Dyslexia and cannot work at all in a noisy environment . the twins are not quiet. They are a massive amount of work and the traveling for their needs is unbelievable. we are remote and have to travel hundreds and hundreds of kms all the time. My older 3 are not really home much. I knew I would not be able to handle fostering and letting children go back. I have attachment issues so we went for Permanent care only - very similar to what you guys call foster-to-adopt. Here that means that the kids have already been in foster care for around 2 years. So not only have they the damage form their bio family but all the extra baggage of moving through foster homes.
  8. I have a largish family. I always try and usually succeed in getting to appointments 15 -20 minutes early(even when my older ones were all infants). One trick I do is have my watch and the kitchen clock 5 minutes fast. I also allow 20 minutes just to get twins out the door and loaded into the car. Sometimes we get to appointments way early - especially ones I have to travel hours to arrive at. We can always do some small activity/ tell a story / read a book/ find another toilet while we wait for the appointment time
  9. I have a BOB double. You can get a toddler attachment seat or a attachment buggyboard for a toddler
  10. we did MUS for about 2 years when we first started homeschooling. My oldest found a whole year of fractions very tedious. We switched half way through that year to Saxon as MUS at that stage didn't have any calculus or advanced math. and DS is an extremely mathy person- as you can see he is 4th year Aerospace Engineering now.
  11. If you have a conviction from a gun offence - including an unsecured gun- it is taken pretty seriously and you will not be able to hold a Government job, or get a passport, for a period of years. Of course you might not get a conviction depending on the circumstances.If you are a Non-Australian citizen and you get a Jail sentence of over a year for anything you get deported. I would think (but do not know) that if you r gun was left unsecured and someone was killed because of that you might have manslaughter charges brought against you .
  12. :grouphug: Many many times I have been so grateful my in-laws live on the other side of the world. They still manage to impact negatively on our life at times though.
  13. here in Aus or and aw can have the same sound
  14. other I don't get the whole colouring your hair thing at all.
  15. I can't say, but it drove ds21 insane, something about how the rounding is done at the third decimal place or something.
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