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  1. I have never sent a thank you note or received one ever. I never knew about thank you notes until reading this thread. Maybe they are not a thing over here?
  2. I have never sent a thank you note or received one ever. I never knew about thank you notes until reading this thread. Maybe they are not a thing over here?
  3. we make black current cordial. non alcoholic what I do is chuck them into a big pot, cover them with water and add about 2 cups of sugar. heat up until just boiling then remove form heat and let sit. then I strain them through some muslin, pout it into soft drink bottles and freeze it. to drink it you pour a little bit into a glass and add water. you might have to experiment with exactly how much to add into the glass as different people like different strengths.. I use this recipe for mulberries, plums and black currents. I got the recipe form a 100 year old recipe book. The freezing part I added.
  4. Here if you cannot provide a bedroom for the child you cannot foster. The twins share, which is fine as they are biologically related similar in age siblings. But when their brother was visiting for a few days last week he needed his own bedroom. He is almost 8.
  5. Surprised you are allowed to have a foster child share your bedroom. They are meant to have their own room or share with their same sex biologically related sibling. Having a fosterchild in your room may lead to all sorts of unpleasant accusations. It is really to protect your family that the no share rooms regulations are Inforced with foster children.
  6. No, my expressive language is jumping lizards. And that was made up by me to give the twins an alternative expression. Dh says crap when he talks about dog poo.
  7. Hugs. Sounds very tiring. Surprised that you are alowed to have a foster child sharing a room with non biological relative.
  8. The twin's one doesn't. I think that is his way of supporting kids in care. However the psycologest that they were seeing wanted to charge $170 per page for anything...and he wouldn't combine the twins paperwork
  9. We have an older phone ( not a smart phone) we got the service provider to turn off data.
  10. Quill They do nap in the same room. It was the one and only thing that they had already been trained to do. I am guessing a throwback from being kept in a cot 24/7 for their first 13 months. They havemadesuch amazing progress that they are like different kids. Unbelievably they are almost normal now.
  11. Could she have mild dyslexia? I could read at 4 then struggled to concentrate on reading until 11.
  12. I could not stay friends with someone who behaved like that
  13. ThIs is how it works in my household. I get up at 5.30 am to milk the cow. Twins wake up at 6 am. They are noisy so I assist them to get dressed and we go for an hour walk. Them in the pram. Note it is winter here and still dark. Dh supervises breakfast so I can have a shower. We do two hours of therapy then Twins have to be in whatever room I am in for the rest of the day. They can play outside in the secure play area and I can see them constantly from the kitchen window. Straight after lunch they have a 1 1/2 hour nap ( really play quietly in room) . Afternoon continue on the same as morning. As soon as dinner is over we start the bedtime routine. They are in bed by7 pm. Twins are not on the spectrum, but they have has sever trauma and have difficulty regulating emotions etc. damaging behaviour is punished by either having to sit on a chair near me until they have calmed down. Or if it is escalating having to hold my hand for a while. When they are holding my hand I do not engage with them. We have had significant reduction in uwanted behaviour.
  14. I agree with closer supervision. Like never leave him in a room without supervision ever. Yes it can be done. That is how we parent our foster twins. As well as encouraging his energy to more productive activities
  15. So sibling has left now. we drove him 200 km and met his case manager who took him the rest of the way back to Melbourne. just before we got to the meeting place sibling started singing that orphan song from Annie to the twins It's a hard-knock life for us! It's a hard-knock life for us! 'Stead of treated, We get tricked! 'Stead of kisses, We get kicked! It's a hard-knock life! Got no folks to speak of, so, It's the hard-knock row we how :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: Soon as he saw case manager he ran off unfortunately twin 2 took off with him and they ran right up a flight of stairs and along a highway and hid in some bushes. :scared: :scared: in reality he is a lovely boy, he just sets off the twins, especially twin 1 and doesn't listen /stop when told. Why oh why cannot more people put up their hand to take foster children permanently and give them a stable life instead of them tossed around from placement to placement and getting more and more damaged.
  16. working weekends in a bakery as the shop server. first regular job was being a nanny
  17. Sibling8 has not got a permanent home and DHS is hoping we will put our hand up. So hard. This is the first time in 4 years that he has spent more than a few minutes with his twin brothers.
  18. we have 2 5acre blocks. we have cows. a few years ago we were rezoned form rural to residential. which means we should not have anything larger than a dog.... But we have house cows and have had for close to 20 years. We have spoken to the relevant authorities and as long as nobody complains or says anything and we get to 20 years then we can keep them there.
  19. So for a few days we have one of the twins siblings here for a respite visit. He is 8 he isn't malicious or anything- just doesn't have any understanding of how to treat younger children and a lifetime of being bullied. the foster system is awful and it is a crime what some people do to children. my heart weeps. so far we have one baby chicken sitting in intensive care in ds12's room in a small box on a hot water bottle ( twin 1 attacking yet another animal. my back was turned only while I picked up some kindling I don't know how he moved so fast and got into their pen) so I watched very very closely, like standing right by them supervising and: twin 2 with a big bruise on his cheek ( wrestling with sibling) twin 2 with big bruise on lower spine ( being pulled violently in wagon by sibling) twin 2 with a spilt lip ( wrestling with sibling) Feels like I am either physically removing children from wrestling or saying we don't behave like that continually ( sibling and twins are completely ignoring all voice instructions ). atm I have both twins in their room for a forced rest time - with me sitting outside their bedroom door supervising sibling. It is only half way thought the first day......I feel completely spent. DH and I have started taking turns and giving each other a spell as it is so hard to stay so vigilant every single second.
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