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  1. We have neither tiles or plastic. We have a product called lamipanel. So easy to clean cheaper than tiles and way nicer than plastic
  2. i just googled to find out what the ring is. From what I read the tradition is either from a boy to girl - romantic attachment or from grandmother to granddaughter- passing down an heirloom. Maybe you could direct your sister to Wikipedia and explain to her she has the tradition all wrong?
  3. Other Mostly in the forehead and skin around the eyes. I know people whose emotions of frown and smiles are mostly expressed by the skin around their eyes
  4. Your parents could live for another 20 years. They could need to go into a nursing home in the future and need to use the collateral of the house to cover the expenses. I would never ever base financial planning on the remote chance that there might be an inheritance sometime in the future.
  5. I am so sorry. I have no words . You and your family are in my thoughts Many hugs
  6. Ds12 has been madly baking fruit cakes for the state final that will be held at the Royal Melbourne Show
  7. we don't do birthdays at all, we don't celebrate them at home and don't attend others.
  8. when my ds was attending TAFE he had to catch a bus that traveled just under 100 km, took over an hour travel and arrived nearly 2 hours before his class started. it was what he had to do. to get home we would pick him up some days and other days he would car pool, occasionally he would have to wait 2 hours after class finished and take the bus home again. you have to do what you have to do.......
  9. we use a form of time in. Basically child is held by the hand by me for a while. I do not engage with child while this punishment is taking place. ( very very hard on me). I do admit I have moments where I imagine it would be so much better/ less stressful to give him a spanking. but I am restricted by having signed a declaration I would never spank a foster child as part of my licencing. Plus spanking a child who has been abused wouldn't be really effective, plus part ( if not most) of the inability to regulate and extreme defiance is probably to do with trauma and how it has affected the child's brain.
  10. Other- we try to live self sufficiently Weekends are for outside work namely gardening.
  11. come over here, we have only just started spring.
  12. I am a landlord. We do not allow animals in the house at all. No exceptions. We have however, allowed a dog in the yard only. The tenant signed an agreement that the dog will never come into the house.
  13. Here in Victoria Australia all permanent care/adoptions from foster care are open. The court will order the number of access visits per year that have to be complied with. The minimum is 4. We are stuck with 4 parent access visits plus4 sibling access visits. We have to travel 400+ km EACH way for the visit. I mostly use public transport and it takes 7 hours each way. So it makes it into a 2 day traveling ordeal
  14. Mad rush in early morning to get house tidy and twins ready for 4 year old preschool. Went to work at a lock a school for the day. (CRT) Cooked spaghetti for tea Hung up some laundry outside in the dark
  15. My kids all have single beds. Even my son who is 6 foot 2 inches. My 6 foot4 inch son has a single bed at university as do all the other students on campus. I don't get the big push to put kids especially little kids into double beds. Why? It just makes more laundry and looses space in the bedroom.
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