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  1. I know that things are very different in Australia, but her you can hire a grannyflat from the government to put in your back yard for an elderly relative to live in. once they pass away or move into a nursing home then the granny flat is moved off to the next place. my neighbour had one for a whole when they were looking after their elderly neighbour before she passed. 


    Anyway I thought I would post about it in case there is something similar over there and you hadn't heard of it before. 

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  2. hugs

     Sorry to hear your son hurt himself.

    not a wrist but one of my older boys broke his arm between the wrist and elbow at 10. He was going down a hill in a billycart and hit a tree. he had a green stick break. he had a cast for 6 weeks. his first cast only lasted 1 night and had to be redone. (it fell apart because he slept on it before it had set properly ). On the second cast he wrote his times tables. He thought he was cheating with his math. by the end of the 6 weeks he knew his times tables because he had been looking at them so much 🙂

    it healed very well

    DS17 currently has a broken collar bone- he came off his Motorbike. it was a clean break with only a slight overlap so should heal well. The dr said that people under 20  bones heal very fast as they are not completely solid yet.. he has a forward facing brace. it will be 3 weeks this Thursday. he will have xrays and a dr appointment this Thursday  and is hoping he can go back to work. he is bored stiff.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Melissa Louise said:

    I'm pretty annoyed the Open can roll into town, along with active Covid cases, but I still can't get down to Melbourne to see dd. My LGA still a red zone. 


    Sorry you still cannot get to Melbourne 😞 

    I think most people are annoyed about the Open  tennis bring people in

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  4. It is now up to 9 people associated with the Australian open Tennis that have tested positive. Every single person on those flights is now in strict quarantine. Some of the tennis players are making a big fuss. Even though they were told what would happen if they were on flights with positive cases they thought rules wouldn't apply to them. They thought they were some sort if special snowflakes or demigods or something. 

    Lots of the tennis players are apparently keeping up their practice by hitting the ball against the walls in their hotel room. I can only imagine the state the walls will be in after 2 weeks. 


    Lots of people here were not really impressed with them coming. There are still heaps of Aussie citizens still trying to come back to Australia and reduced  flights, strict 14 day quarantine with a cap on arrivals per week and a hard border shut down gave made it a long and slow process

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  5. 4 hours ago, Spy Car said:

    One day, about 5 years ago on an unbearably hot day here in Los Angeles I was going crazy from the heat and the misery was exacerbated by a very overgrown thatch of thick wavy hair that desperately needed cutting. Had to go!

    Only I could not get into the stylist who cuts all our hair--as she'd had a good turn in her career and was supremely busy at a very fancy salon in Santa Monica. So in a moment where I decided I did not give a &#$% how it might look I grabbed some hair cutting scissors and started cutting.

    Only instead of being a complete disaster--which really is what I expected--it turned out really well. Very surprising. Since then, I've always cut my own hair. Comes out just the way I like it. Handy skill to have during Covid. But I only cut mine.






    2 of my older sons cut their own hair. One just buzzes it all short. The other cuts the front, sides and top. He figures he cannot reach the back and cannot see the back so leaves it long. (It looks terrible - like some rock star from the 80s) 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Hannah said:

    That seems odd to me too. Or is it standard practice to give blood work results in person?  I guess something was seriously wrong, then the dr would see it on the blood reports.

    Only a GP can give the blood results, but they will often just ring and give them. 

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