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  1. It doesn't matter what we consider our particular homeschools, but it does matter and make a difference what we call something in the public arena...Words and ideas are what is used to communicate almost everything on the internet...It is confusing when these words and ideas are not clear...Memoria Press, WTM, and LCC aren't exactly the same either, even though all are considered classical...It becomes clearer what your philosophy is when you are say which of the classical methods out there you are using... Schole Sisters is being presented as a form of classical that includes CM...But the two are not the same...For some reason, we are now being told that they are the same, and it just makes the definition of classical even more confusing by throwing something else in the mix...Just wondering why...I really like Schole Sisters, I just wonder what is wrong with being CM?...Why does it have to be the same as classical to be accepted?...Or maybe this approach needs to be called something else?...I am not sure, just thinking out loud at this point...
  2. But if those are CM's ideas, why not just say it is CM?...Why does CM have to be a form of classical? I really like what you describe above, Tibbie...That is what I want for my boys...What I have been reading on CM describes what you wrote above...I have not been to many CM sites so I am unaware of how many people interpret her work...I just think that it is okay to have a classical homeschool and it is okay to have a CM one...They don't have to be one in the same if they are not the same...If Karen Glass is a CM educator, then just be that...No reason to say it is classical...Would CM have described herself as classical?
  3. This is what I don't understand...CM and WTM, MP, and Veritas have different ways of doing things, so either WTM and the others aren't classical, or all the people who feel that CM is classical really aren't classical and just need to be fine with being CM... Ambleside and Cindy Rollins are both self proclaimed CM, but they are portrayed in some places as being a form of classical...Is it not okay to be a CM educator and more acceptable to be classical?...Why present both as the same?
  4. It reminds me of the past when people would say that Enki, Oak Meadow, and Waldorf were all the same...There are similarities, but I never thought they were the same... Sorry to all of you who have no idea what the above referenced things are :tongue_smilie:
  5. It seems to me that Charlotte Mason and Classical education are being presented as two sides of the same coin, or as roughly the same thing...I have been doing some reading about CM's methods, and I have read about Classical methods, and they don't seem the same to me... I LOVE Circe and Schole Sisters, but I do feel that they (whether intentional or not) seem to be portraying both CM and Classical as Classical...I do feel that there are some similarities, but I don't think they are the same...Am I missing something? Nothing wrong with either approach if either of them works for you, but I am finding the blending of the two on the internet to be confusing...Things I find myself agreeing with seem to fall on the CM side of things, but I am being told that it is Classical :huh: Any thoughts?
  6. We are starting in September too...I prefer starting in September...
  7. The likes are back, the likes are back! :hurray:
  8. The likes are back, the likes are back :hurray:
  9. I jumped straight to the end of this thread figuring someone must have explained something by now...I guess I was wrong :sad:
  10. Welcome to the Hive :seeya: Just noting that what is highlighted above may have more to do with your son's outcome than you may think...It may be a different story for someone who has only done LOF, or someone who is not naturally good at math...
  11. The first and second grade are consumable except for the teacher's manuals...I would let her write in it and get new workbooks for younger children if at all possible...
  12. Thanks Clear Creek...I guess I messed that one up... At least now I know...My poor 4th grader will still be in the 3rd grade math book this year, at least at first...
  13. I am always a little late to the party, and I am just discovering that the likes are gone...I was wondering why no one liked anything, then I got notification of a like, but it didn't show on the thread so I came here looking to see what happened...I guess you guys all did this last week :blush: I wish the likes would return...It is very helpful to me to see what people like and consider good advice...It is difficult to tell without the likes...I also agree that I would like something I agree with without the need to post and clutter the thread unnecessarily, or if I am on my phone and a response would be difficult... It just doesn't feel like a complete conversation without the likes...I vote to bring the likes back - if this is even a democracy and if I even have a vote that is :001_smile:
  14. No, I wasn't doing this Ellie...I was just explaining it to them...Now I will use it the way it was intended with the oral class time and the speed drills...
  15. Thanks so much for your input...Hunter, Okbud and Moon, you are right...I decided to stick with R&S...I can simply add in more mental math using the problems in the speed drill books... What I meant by more hands on is that they need me to teach them more, going over info more often and spending more time reviewing with them...We have blocks for manipulatives, and those work fine... I just need to put in more time with them more often...It will be easier for me to use R&S because I already know and like that program...I think this was just a case of "something else might be better" or "I might be missing out on something" :-)
  16. Mainly for my younger two (2nd and 4th) and using it as a supplement with my oldest...
  17. I own both in parts, so help me out... We have been using Rod & Staff Math...I like it it, but don't think I have been using it correctly...I had been explaining how to do the lesson and then giving them the lessons to complete...They want and need a more hands on approach from me, and I want and need to give it to them ;) I own book one of Ray's Arithmetic and really like how it helps with mental math (an area of trouble here), and am drawn to it for some reason... My question is - what are the pros and cons that you can see using either of these?...Should I continue with R&S or switch to Ray's? I know it is ultimately my decision, but I just want some opinions to consider before I decide... Thanks you guys :)
  18. This...You now know the best route for your daughter is at home...Many people struggle with whether they should keep a particular child home...You now know, and that feeling of peace at knowing you are doing the right thing might just make up for the time you feel like you lost... Being sure of your course of action is a wonderful feeling...
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