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  1. I’m not positive, but it sounds like yes. The website says this: “How It Works: Once you purchase the curriculum, you’ll receive a link and a unique online voucher code. Follow the instructions on the email to register. You’ll have access to the course for one year beginning when the voucher code is first redeemed.” I purchased it and received an email with instructions to go to a linked website, enter name, email, etc and voucher code to create account. If you waited until fall to do that, I’m assuming you’d have a year from that time. Not positive, but it seems that way to me HTH
  2. Not sure if I missed this being posted somewhere. Dave Ramsey’s Personal Finance (Self-study, digital version) is deeply discounted right now. Normally $119.99 now $19.99 Personal Finance Self-Study
  3. (((((Happymomof1))))) I’m so sorry that things feel so overwhelming and upsetting right now. I’m worried about you. I’ve been on these boards for years, and was active on them back in the day when it was the old format. I usually lurk now, but had to reach out to you. I wish I knew how to help. I’m here and I care. I would encourage you to seek out someone to talk to in these difficult times. I know there are many distance options available now. Take care of yourself, and don’t lose hope.
  4. I had to jump on one last time! See you on the other side.
  5. Ditto! I've been around since 2001 or so. Seeing how it used to look made me nostalgic. I found some very sweet posts from others to me as well. It's crazy how time flies.
  6. My vote is SOTW. I love how easy it is to use as well. My kid are older now, and I miss those days. Have you listened to the sample audio for the Good & Beautiful? It's painful. My daughter that tried it is older, so a younger child may like it better. My daughter hated it though. The angst in the female voice is so annoying. The writing feels too forced. Her main complaint was that there would be something like 11 minutes of audio and only 3 of those minutes were actually history related. She just wanted them to get to the point and didn't care about owls hooting and squirrels eating. I hate to be negative, and wanted to like it, but seriously . . . annoying.
  7. Yes!! Thank you! I should have just asked you sooner, rather than waste so much time searching. That's exactly what I was looking for :)
  8. Several months ago I was researching various science courses. I found one that was "easier" and it seems like it was written by veterinarians. Does that sound familiar at all? I can't find it again, and don't remember at all what it was called. It seems like they had more than one course that was offered. I think they were a husband and wife team. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Thanks!
  9. This is kind of what I do. If I have known expenses I need to set aside money for, then I do that. Otherwise, I fill all of my categories (bills) in YNAB and then leave what's left sitting up at the top as "to be budgeted" and use it to get categories back to green as I spend. The goal is to have a chunk left still sitting there by the end of the month that I then stick in a category called "savings" and start over again for the month. You could also just leave it up at the top uncategorized and left as "to be budgeted". So I basically only budget the bills and known expenses and take from "to be budgeted" as needed. If you're not prone to overspending, then I think it works. We could do a lot better on the not spending, so I probably should do more budgeting. It sounds like it might work for you though.
  10. So crazy. I started out here probably around 2001. I wasn't on here much for a few years in the middle. It's amazing how fast time flies.
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