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  1. Thank you so much! I bought the Eclectic second and third readers from the thrift store for $.50 each and now I know when to use them.
  2. This year I have a monster high girl, my 13 yo dyed his hair blue so he is going as Thing 1, and my 11yo ds is going to be a zombie for the third year in a row. Last year we got kicked out of a church and the mall because my DH also dresses up ( usually to match dd). Dh was upset but it has made for great stories ;)
  3. It's a family joke that I do NOT watch comedies. Bathroom humor, sexual innuendo and jokes that make me feel like my IQ is dropping is just not my thing. On the other hand a good mystery where I have to think is my cuppa!
  4. I agree with everything you said!!
  5. I always get out of it by saying that it is the only time I am kid free so I use that time to plan. People really don't have anything to say to that.
  6. Wonderwall done acoustically by Ed Sheeran.
  7. We saw it a few days ago. I enjoyed it as the acting, IMO, was better than Fireproof. Best movie ever....no. But it was good.
  8. I teach Geography using the game of risk. This is a big hit with 10-15 yo boys. For the older boys that did a year of that I do axis and allies. Each class has to give me facts each week. The risk class is about a different country and they have to be able to find it on a map.
  9. My son and I both have this with varying problems, his will lock and pop, mine hurts. We both go to the chiropractor for adjustments and cold laser. I can now go 3-6 months without pain.
  10. I am so glad I saw this thread, as I was wondering the same thing. I guess I'm going to tunnel ear the Olympics in February and stream the Iditarod in March!
  11. I used to love this! I think I saw a homemade version of the pops on pintrest. I miss Baby Lash mascara. It left my lashes dark but not stiff.
  12. My DH and I have been discussing me going back to school after he is done getting his degree in May. I don't really want to go into paralegal which is what I was in school for 15 years ago. What I really want to do is get into alternative medicine, such as naturopathy. But I am so confused as far as what schools are truly accredited. Now I think I just need to get a degree in something that will support us if something happens to DH. I have to take online course because of homeschooling. Add to that the possibility of a move in a year, due to the closing of the city jail, so DH will be o
  13. I have a couple of Ever After dolls put away that I bought BOGO in July. I am trying not to go overboard like I do every year. Our oldest two moved out a few months ago so they are getting household stuff. I am seriously thinking about getting everyone a lap desk. I think they will be useful doing school on the couch. Any thoughts on whether or not to buy them would be helpful.
  14. I can not speak passionately enough about finding a good dentist. My last dentist said all but one of my teeth had a cavity and he had a hard time numbing me. My new dentist is fabulous!! I only have 3 cavities and they had no problem numbing me. They also gave me options in how they treated me, and explained everything very well.
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