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  1. We were able to bring my grandmother home from rehab, but the downside is that she’s late stages Parkinson’s and soon after she came home my mom was diagnosed with cancer, so I am trying to help both in my spare time. Its not a good situation for anyone and no, I wouldn’t be trustful. I know the group homes and inpatient psychiatric center here, even ones with young children(ages 6 or 7) have not allowed in person parental visits. As a parent I would be extremely upset. I am so glad your son has you.
  2. You’ll be shocked to learn that staff could also not tell me what the patient’s baseline mental status or history was, or how long she had been very confused with right sided facial droop, because no one actually worked that floor. This pandemic has brought my already low opinion of humanity down even further.
  3. I think we both just stood there blinking rapidly, trying to process what she just said. Then we went and quietly got the patient and left before we got a complaint filed on us.
  4. It’s all safety theater. One of our local nursing homes is checking temps at the door. DH and i responded there on a call. His temperature according to their temporal thermometer was 85.6 degrees.. He pointed out that it couldn’t possibly be right, and they said they didn’t care as long as it was under 101. So he said, how could you even know what their temperature is if your thermometer is so off? The CNA literally replied: It’s not off, it’s probably just reading in Celsius. This is when I stopped thinking temperature screening was a worthy idea.
  5. I can’t seem to quote, but in the few patients I’ve had who tested positive, none had the “normal” symptoms. One just had GI symptoms. One had a cough but it was similar to her asthma symptoms. The only person I know who tested positive only got tested because she’s an ICU nurse and lost her sense of smell. None had fevers. It’s a sneaky virus with the wide range of symptoms and asymptomatic carriers.
  6. We’re also using 100.4 at work. I keep having hopes that one of these days mine will be 100.5. Tomorrow night when I stupidly signed up for a 39 hour shift would be a good time. In all seriousness, I don’t get the reliance on temps. Most people who have temperatures 101 or above are going to know they feel awful. And many Covid patients never develop a temperature. I honestly think it’s just a precaution to make people feel safer.
  7. It’s been the absolute worst six month of my life, and I’ve been through hell before. What I also didn’t really post on these boards(because at some point it just sounds ridiculous) is that my grandfather died in January and then my mom was diagnosed with cancer. And some other but far more minor stuff. Straight up, I’m on Wellbutrin. Ten years from now I plan to look back at 2020 as a horrible year that I’m proud of myself for surviving. We all have our own personal annus horribilis, and this year seems to be turning out to be mine.
  8. I love this update! Praying he can be home for a while now.
  9. She really adores Outschool classes, especially the art and live ones. I plan to budget some money for those. There are two co-ops locally that sound like they are going to try to have co-op with whatever guidelines NYS requires, but she’s so all over the map academically that I am not sure. She’s going into third grade, but I know at school they were letting her finish the curriculum for the day and then letting her free read most of the day or go into a kindergarten classroom as a teachef’s helper(which she adores and is extremely upset at losing that—hmm, maybe she could help me teach her brother). I emailed her second grade teacher to see if they did any testing at all or know what levels she’s really working on.
  10. I’ve finished the coursework for my masters degree in special education. I was supposed to student teach this fall and graduate in December with my certification and degree, but student teaching is on hold due to Covid and schools not wanting extra people in there. Selfishly, I am kind of hoping to make this happen just because it would mean I could go part time at my toxic job. I know that’s a terrible reason to homeschool, but it’s not the main reason. Our schools are talking seriously about a week on/week off or A/B days with a lot of online learning. I’d rather homeschool than deal with constant changes in routine.
  11. I wasn’t sure whether to put this on chat or general education but it’s sort of a chat question. Maybe. Its looking more and more like we’ll be homeschooling this fall, at least my younger two—DD8 and DS5. My district is headed towards hybrid schooling which worked terribly this spring, and we just won’t do it. We’re going to do a trial run this summer. DD8 is devastated about everything; she’s my social bunny who adores recess, group projects, and anything that involves talking to other children. She’s also highly gifted, likely profoundly but I’ve been too wrapped up with my other two SN kids to pursue testing. She reads and comprehends at a high school level, that much I know. DS5 flourished socially in pre-K, but he is a high needs child that wants someone to play with him constantly and has some cognitive and physical delays. My parents, who are wealthy, have offered to help us financially to get DH through nursing school if I need to drop to part time status at work to homeschool(we are fortunate; both sets of grandparents are close by and experienced homeschoolers. Both grandmothers have offered to homeschool the kids on days I need to work and are excitedly discussing curriculum with each other lol). They never have strings attached to their financial gifts; I grew up dirt poor and now that they have money they feel they need to even out the differences between my impoverished childhood and the childhood my youngest sisters had(I’m 15-17 years older than my youngest siblings). They don’t and I usually say no, but this might be a good time to let them help. I guess I need your best homeschool advice. DH and I were both homeschooled all the way through, but the world is different. My biggest concerns are meeting DD’s socialization needs, even with Covid, and the fact that she finished her work so quickly that I know she’ll resort to screens while I’m working with DS5, who is going to need a lot of curriculum modifications. It’s also likely that my oldest will be doing virtual school at home, and he’s super needy with his ASD. I am getting overwhelmed just typing this all out. My mom very succesfully homeschooled 8 kids on a shoe string budget in a trailer with no internet or money for curriculum, so I can do this, right??
  12. I personally have not, but I know people who have and who said it was the best thing they could have done for themselves. Sometimes that objective option and caring ear is really important. I also think people in general underestimate the pain of losing a faith community or finally coming to the realization that it was/is toxic. It’s a struggle for the people around you to adapt to the change as well—faith was an absolutely huge part of DH’s life. When we got married, he was a deacon and, well, the golden boy of the church. Long story short because I was not a member of the church(Baptist) the pastor wouldn’t marry us, we eloped and had a lovely ceremony later where his entire church family(and most of his biological family other than my sweet in laws and SIl) refused to attend. That was the beginning of the end and 11 years later we are just starting to come to terms with what him losing his faith and faith community has really meant(he is completely turned off to any form of Christianity now) for him, for us, for our marriage, for our family. He stuffed it away for a long time and only the last few months has he really started to talk about it. I can’t completely understand your struggle, but I am helping someone I love work through the hurt, and it’s so devastating. In short...I think a good counselor would be a blessing.
  13. My mom has cancer surgery two weeks ago. My dad wasn’t even allowed in the hospital with her, not for the pre-op consultation or anything. It was actually really difficult because she had a very hard time coming out of anesthesia, they discharged her way too soon, and we weren’t able to be there advocating for her.
  14. I think the Ambien carpet removal story happened about the time I started lurking here. i instantly knew I’d found my tribe.
  15. No. DH is sending me on a respite retreat in September through A Mother’s Rest, which provides discounted respite retreats at Bed and Breakfasts for moms of special needs kids. That might be a vacation. Nothing with my kids is restful at all.
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