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  1. I’m from rural upstate sheltered New York, and knew what a coyote in this context was.
  2. I woke up sick this morning, and then my boss called to tell me that three of my coworkers that I was in the same station with last Thursday night have tested positive for Covid. 6 people were present, 3 are now positive. Fortunately no one seems to have any serious symtoms, just severe cold type stuff. I had taken vacation this week and next week anyway, so I guess I’m spending it self quarantining now. It’s been 8 days now since exposure; one felt ill Friday and got tested, two fell ill over the weekend, and all got their tests back just in the last 48 hours.
  3. I think the color thing was just mentioned in passing by a neighbor who watched DS from time to time. Random neighborhood gossip. DS was only 3 or 4 at the time, IIRC. I don’t like small kids either, if I’m honest, but I enjoy watching from afar.
  4. My mom knows this has been a really awful year, so she thought long and hard about what would be special for my birthday. I think she got my next oldest sister one too, who also wanted one but it just wasn’t in the budget. I love it. ❤️❤️
  5. (I feel like this is my go to when I am upset, but that’s not really representative of my life so I wanted to post something nice) For my 9th birthday, all I wanted was an American Girl doll. Felicity, to be exact. All my little friends were getting those dolls for their birthdays and Christmases that year, and I wanted one so bad. It was all I could talk about. I would literally dream about having one. But my parents at that time were poor. Mom was a stay at home, homeschooling Mom since 1985, and they had a whole bunch of kids. I didn’t understand, though, that AG dolls would nev
  6. Retirement homes, even like the over 55 mobile home communities, have limits on pets. She couldn’t bring all 5 of her lap dogs, so she’ll never consider one. She does treat animals well, I’ll give her that. Her dogs probably are treated better than my kids, but then I don’t let my kids just do whatever they want.
  7. She’s been annoying the police for years too. She’s an animal lover(which is fine but she takes it to an extreme) and drives around town, calling them on dogs she sees outside. I don’t mean chained up neglected dogs, but for instance my golden retrievers who spend the afternoons in our fenced backyard playing with my 3 kids. I firmly believe that dogs and kids need lots of outside time as long as the weather isn’t terrible; she believes that dogs should live on a living room cushion and kids shouldn’t exist—or at least should be also kept indoors and quiet. Thats not an exaggeration; sh
  8. I actually did do the whole compassion and brownie thing in the beginning. She and I both moved to this block within a few weeks of each other. She was very clear that she chose that particular house because there were no kids on the block or the next block—it was all retired people. There I was, 7 months pregnant, and she was beyond annoyed. The brownies never really helped and I gave up after a few years.
  9. I just don’t post my dark side on here for all to see. 😂🤣
  10. Fortunately I don’t think neighbor lady is an actual physical threat; she’s just massively annoying. Even the local LEO’s are tired of this. She’s called three times lately because the dad was out jogging in the mornings and she felt he was a suspicious person. Finally the cops told her that he had taken up jogging because he’s in the police academy and is one of them now, and that they take harassment of anyone but especially one of their own very seriously. She stopped calling on the dad at least.
  11. We’re moving in the spring if all works out. To the country with lots of acreage. I can’t wait.
  12. Years and years ago, I posted about this same lady. My oldest child, with ASD, had a severe sensory reaction to certain colors. She found out about this and which colors from another neighbor who watched him sometimes. She was always annoyed about him playing in front of my house, which is across the street diagonal from her. So she went and painted her front porch neon green, knowing he’d have to see it and it was a sensory trigger for him. I am positive her Hope was that we’d stay inside and she wouldn’t have to listen to little kid noises and his infrequent meltdowns. She’s evil.
  13. It’s awful and left my 8 and 5 year old with a lot of questions tonight. I just say some people are unhappy with themselves and want everyone else to be unhappy. What I really want to say is not appropriate for young ears. Yup. It’s not worth my energy; she’s 78 and will never change.
  14. They just gave the kids a high five and told them to enjoy the sunny day. I doubt they’d have even been sent but she made it sound like the kids were running around in the street and causing problems.
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