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  1. I was at the Target your parents probably shop at the other day. There weren’t many people there and people seemed to mostly avoid others. I know the Walmart is offering curbside delivery but I’ve heard it’s very hard to snag to a slot. Unfortunately this area isn’t great on grocery delivery.
  2. Honestly it’s across the board both IRL as well as in emergency medicine Facebook groups I am in. The attitudes seem to be either really nonchalant or it’s-the-end-of-the-world. I don’t see much middle of the road. Some of this may change if we start seeing more of the virus locally. My kids aren’t going anywhere but grandparents out of necessity, but also I am not wearing masks and goggles and gloves to the grocery store like some people. My EMS friends in NYC are getting hit so hard. They’re exhausted. Just absolutely drained because so many are sick as well as their call volume has jumped exponentially.
  3. Honestly the people I know who are downplaying the social distancing are ER doctors. Most of them have looked at the data and seem to believe it’s not as bad as we first thought, and are allowing play dates with each other’s children and such. I suspect that part of this is realizing that everyone in healthcare is exposed and they aren’t going to great lengths to keep it from their families. On the other hand I do have some coworkers and know some nurses in coparenting situations that aren’t even seeing their children. We’re taking a middle of the road approach, I guess. We haven’t sent our kids away and grandparents are babysitting when we work, and we are socializing in homes with coworkers, but we aren’t hanging out with people we don’t work with or see daily.
  4. These studies were what I was reading. There are unknowns, of course, depending on what the immunity begins to look like. Dr. Fauci has also indicated a belief that summer will be better with a resurgence in the fall.
  5. We don’t have any, since we mostly just camp, but even if we did I wouldn’t cancel yet. I think the theoretical trend is that the virus will be seasonal. Summer is looking good; I suspect we’ll be back to social distancing in the fall. My 39th birthday is in October and I really wanted to go to Maine this year for it, but those are the plans I’m sketchy about making yet. We’ll still at least go camping over the summer. We were planning a trip for this week since it would have been my kid’s spring break, but obviously that’s odd now.
  6. We looked for about a year for a doodle mix. I think due to the poodle guarding tendency a lot of the rescues had dogs that weren’t suitable for small children, which we have. I think rescues are noble but I’ve also found some that just plainly lie. We eventually researched breeders and found a good, quality breeder for our second and third dogs. We didn’t go with a mix but wound up with just purebred golden retrievers. I won’t get a rescue dog now until I no longer have kids in the house. My sister did get a goldendoodle from a rescue a few years ago. The story they gave her was that the dog was a Hurricane Sandy rescue who’s owners couldn’t keep her due to being homeless after flooding. The rescue also blatantly lied about the dog’s age. The dog is reactive with severe guarding behavior. She is sweet and loving with my sister’s kids but can not tolerate other people, especially kids, in the house. My sister and BIL have poured thousands into dog training and dog behaviorist consults. A few weeks ago a neighbor child burst into the house and the dog bit it. The local animal shelter won’t take the dog because it’s “aggressive” and the rescue they got it from isn’t answering phone calls. It’s a bad situation all the way around and could have been avoided if the rescue had either (a) actually done the behavior testing they claimed or (b) just not out and out lied.
  7. My kids each came home with a packet. To be fair, teachers only had 24 hours to put things together. They’ve already done most of it. Its a really difficult situation all around. There are federal laws about equity that haven’t been waived. Yet now in my area we have many children who are home alone—high poverty rural area where many parents work at Walmart, fast food, or low paying CNA/healthcare jobs—with no internet access. While some companies are offering free access right now, that doesn’t help when you live in an area no internet companies service and there’s no cell service for hotspots. Then you also have many teachers in my area who don’t have home internet access because it’s just not available. My second grader’s teacher called yesterday, as the district is doing a survey of who has devices and internet access, and she mentioned that she and her husband are working off hotspots with poor signal. Her husband’s boss is getting annoyed but has no better ideas. My area is heavily reliant on internet access provided by the school and the library. Our district emailed yesterday that they are trying to figure out what to do to continue instruction; whether it be some form of online distance learning or daily packets dropped off at the door. There are no good options and no one ever sat around and envisioned or planned for a possibility like this. I’m homeschooling from scratch and it’s almost impossible, even with numerous devices, internet access, time and financial security. A large number of the students in my district are home alone or babysitting younger siblings, no internet access, parents who may not have the time or cognitive ability to help them(we have a lot of really low functioning parents here as well), or who have special needs and need a lot of 1:1, hand over hand. Nobody has the answers. I suspect there really aren’t any.
  8. I asked and they are not offering pass/fail. My professors are understanding and giving me extensions, but I see falling further and further behind as the time goes on. Especially if my area does get hit or I get deployed to NYC. Like I said, small problems, I know, but I’m overwhelmed.
  9. I’m considering it. It feels like a terrible idea, but if we happen to get hit as hard here as NYC has I won’t have a choice. I know my problems are small compared to so many people, but I am frustrated.
  10. It’s Liberty University. All they say is that it’s a federal requirement about federal financial aid(which is true) and they do not yet have leeway to offer exceptions, though the department of education may eventually offer something. Personally I think they could offer an Incomplete or something to get around the federal requirements for class completion.
  11. Alcohol. Even my husband, who has never drank alcohol in his life, is enjoying some Electric Lemonade.
  12. No. The kids are in public school and while they didn’t really send much home, my oldest has ASD is thrives so much in routine that I need to keep some type of academic routine going. Plus now my daughter’s teacher is emailing stuff. I know the assumption is that parents are home, but I’m not. I’m just extremely stressed and venting. I can’t see a way out right now.
  13. No. The kids are in public school and while they didn’t really send much home, my oldest has ASD is thrives so much in routine that I need to keep some type of academic routine going. Plus now my daughter’s teacher is emailing stuff. I know the assumption is that parents are home, but I’m not. I’m just extremely stressed and venting. I can’t see a way out right now.
  14. I did. I was told no exceptions; if I withdraw I have to pay back financial aid that I can’t afford. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and don’t know what to do. I worked a 36 hour shift, came home today and am trying to homeschool, I just want to go to bed and I have to go back in tomorrow morning for a 24. I just want to cry. Part of this is my fault. I chose to take two math classes, my hardest subject, over this 8 week period because my kids had the fewest breaks in school and I thought I’d have four or five hours a day to pour into it. Instead I’m way behind and drowning.
  15. I am not an anxious person, but I am completely overwhelmed. I am trying to withdraw from grad school this semester because I just can’t do it between work and now homeschooling, but it looks like the financial aid penalties will be too much. I have no control over anything, so I am trying to just take everything one moment at a time.
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