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  1. DD has decided on Acadia University (NS Canada) she's been waffling about her choices for a while but I think she'll do well there. Small school, close to home : ) but great academics, ranked #2 for undergrad degrees in Canada. Added bonus is I have a business in that town so she can work week-ends for me. Happy days but I'm sad to end my homeschool days although it's been pretty hands off the last 2 years.. Acceptance has been formalised and applications for residence made. I logged into the forum today to express my thanks to all as a group. My dog-eared copy of WTM will stay forever in my bookcase. Oh she is studying Sociology with a minor in French. Thanks to all for the help from K-8 board all the way to the high school and college boards and heartfelt thanks to SWB : )
  2. First year for me...so I guess I'll see how it goes. Perhaps I should be getting some freezer meals ready lol.
  3. I did a business degree but didn't have the opportunity to take many literature & humanities classes. So I've decided to do a great books study. I have the Well Educated Mind as a guideline but I've added a bunch of books as I move along. I am really enjoying this. I don't have a ton of time to devote to my own studies as I run a business and still need to school with dd, but I fit my school reading in when she is doing hers. I'm planning on improving my French over the Winter, but I'm not sure what I'll be using. I think the real benefit is my daughters seeing that you never have to be done learning and that it's enjoyable.
  4. Good for you- The local school board will only let dd write 1 so I'm still on the look out. I may have to drive to the city.
  5. I'm also doing the Intro to Mathematical Thinking and Start the Greek & Roman Mythology next week. I had finished most of the course readings for the Mythology class already (through my Well Educated Mind lists) and then started working on the others that I didn't have read over the summer. I'm excited to hear the lectures : )
  6. The cut off here when my youngest was to start was Oct 1, her birthday is Sept 29. If I hadn't h-s I might have considered holding her for another year. The option is up to the parent. At the time I felt it was too long of a day for a 4/5 year old- bus pick up at 7:30 and drop off at 4:10. We homeschooled and DD will enter university as a 17 year old. I had an October birthday myself and ended up starting University as a 17 year old as well.
  7. Thanks for the links- sad but I'm still working on our biology lab plans for this year. Mom4peace I'm liking the look of the look of Biology Inquiries.
  8. This for us too, which is fine but does make for a difficult time when you just want to let off some steam.
  9. Here's the workbook ... http://www.classicalhomeeducation.com/How-to-Read-How-to-Read-a-Book_p_188.html I'm about halfway through the Adler but am thinking about getting the workbook for DD.
  10. I too work home based mainly and out of the house 2 days per week... we tried a few small on-line classes last year and have signed up for 3 full-year classes (grade 11), that leaves me teaching 2 classes and DD doing her electives on her own. I'm planning 2-3 hours daily for our 2 classes and checking in on the rest.
  11. My oldest (16- home school) is thinking about Psychology right now...I don't know though, she gets a little frustrated when people don't do what she thinks they should lol. She has also considered being a Dietitian. Honestly, I think she should do music- but she tells me that's her fall back on plan haha. Busking her way through University. DD 2 (15- public school) want to be a surgeon, for 2 years now. The only thing that's been optional is field, although she is very interested in genetics too, so we'll see, things change. I can see her as a surgeon. She is very artistic and detail oriented. At first I couldn't reconcile the artistic talents with surgeon, but it actually goes together in a weird sort of way. She's on a STEM path so doors are open anyway.
  12. Off the top of my head, I would have to say Plato....in that Socrates was the "speaker or main character" in The Republic, but Plato the writer.
  13. I have a rescue Border Collie and she has integrated very well with my other dog and cat. The cat was the issue at first haha, but it's fine now : ) She wouldn't let me out of her sight in the first month, but now is content to be left alone, and will explore in the yard on her own. Depending on the age of the dog and previous situations I think some quirks in the animal may always be there. Some will get better over time and it's difficult to know right away. Our B-C had obviously been kept confined to a small space and she is still quite timid, although extremely good natured, even 2 years later. I am still having to coax her on stairs, up is ok, down is still dicey for her and outside stairs are not as much of a problem. Not sure if she had been injured on stairs in the past or if it was just a lack of exposure but we just keep at it : ) Good Luck!
  14. AP Lit- PAH AP Psych- PAH AP Environmental Science- PAH Biology-Miller/Levine with labpaq(ordered a microscope yesterday yeah!) Grade 11 Math- Lial's/ Holt/ some Khan (in Canada the maths are united together so I'm trying to follow the curriculum outcome for this area...somewhat) Logic- Discovery of Deduction French- not sure what to use yet, she will be at French Camp again this summer so I might leave decision on this till after. Music-continuing lessons vocal & guitar
  15. Hi Colleen- We're doing a quick pass over ancients this year (limited time) but I am including Plato's Republic as I want to do The Communist Maifesto and also Mein Kampf next year. I think it will be a great discussion.
  16. What else did you do/ buy? Did you just follow through the text and did you complete the text in a year? The authors state that it is not meant to be a curriculum, so I'm wondering what else to add. Was there a particular lab kit that worked well with this book? thanks
  17. We are planning 3 AP's for next year. DD will be doing AP English Lit, Psychology and Environmental Science. (all with PA homeschoolers) For AP's in Grade 12 she's planning English Lang, European History and Biology.
  18. The teacher's manual not only has the answers to the questions but also has quizzes and final tests ready to go. I really appreciated the teacher's manual mainly as a time saver for myself.
  19. Here is a link to all the products- http://classicalacademicpress.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2
  20. We are using Art of Argument as well. DD (grade 10) is enjoying it and says she can't watch or look at print commercials the same way anymore : ) This subject is mostly done on her own. I've outlined what she needs to do each day and I check in with her daily as a discussion for 5-10 minutes, going over the exercise answers or just getting her to tell me what she read. It takes her maybe 15 minutes a day and then our discussion. We began is January and she will be finished the book by the end of June. I do wish I had bought the DVD to go with it, but dd doesn't like watching things very much so I didn't. I will be buying the Discovery of Deduction for next year.
  21. Unsettling is seeing a head in the oven to set the paint : ) As for creepy, -chacun son gout.
  22. My youngest DD was interested in them a few years ago- I thought the craze was over haha. For her it was an art project that developed into a little business. She made some very good $ doing custom dolls, especially since she was 12 at the time. Her customers were mainly older ladies, but she did have one lady buy 3 in replicas of each of her children as toys for them, and one young mom had one done as a memorial to a lost child. The detail and reality of making the dolls has led into her interest of becoming a surgeon. She still has a cupboard full of supplies, doll pieces and paints and was mentioning that she was going to box them up and sell. I'll have to tell her there is another trend on it, so now would be a good time!
  23. Thanks for the thoughts. So far Lial's seems to be a good fit, especially for what we are doing. I like that there are a lot of mini lessons, within a concept so I can see what she's got down and what she has problems with. At least that's what has happened so far. Today, we managed to breeze through several of the mini lessons- she put together prior knowledge with a few missing links and it was great.
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